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  1. Monday, Feb 22, 2021 Game 7:00PM Away vs. Castlewood Castlewood High School Saturday, Feb 27, 2021 Game 1:00PM Lebanon Honaker High School Fuller Field Saturday, Mar 6, 2021 Game 1:00PM Away vs. Hurley Hurley HIgh School Saturday, Mar 13, 2021 Game 1:00PM Patrick Henry (Glade Spring) Honaker High School Fuller Field Saturday, Mar 20, 2021 Game 1:00PM Twin Valley Honaker High School Fuller Field Saturday, Apr 3, 2021 Game 1:00PM Away vs. Grundy Grundy High School
  2. Narrows 2/22 Bath Co. 7pm 2/27 @ Parry McCluer 1pm 3/13 @ Eastern Montgomery 1pm 3/20 @ Covington 1pm 3/27 Craig Co. 1pm 4/2 Giles 7pm
  3. Take it from a Va High grad. By culture, I mean the lack of emphesis. At schools that traditionally have strong histories in various sports, it's because the community, the admin, and ultimately the kids there care, enjoy participating, and the support structure is there for the continued support. At VHS, the only sport that applies to consistantly is baseball. The talent pool has always been consistant and reminds me of being Radford's southern clone. The difference is Radford always had the program that got the kids to come out, especially for football and basketball. Va High never has.
  4. VA High has the resources talent wise to be a Radford clone most of the time. They've never had the culture to make it work with baseball being the exception. When you have the culture they've always had, you get these results and will continue to do so.
  5. southwestdistrictva.org This site will have all schedules for all teams as long as the schools update them. Pretty much works for any district I've tried around here. Pioneerdistrictva.org threeriversdistrictva.org mountainempiredistrictva.org etc.
  6. I would even say it's been Point Pleasant.
  7. What happens between Holly Brook and anyone else is no one else's business.
  8. With questions like that, you'll end up going down Wolf Creek without a paddle. And its good ways to Narrows.
  9. Such a Bastian of discourse, this thread.
  10. Wouldnt expect them to be. On a serious note, a couple years ago when both programs were having strong tennis seasons the coach at Narrows was explaining to the kids how far of a bus ride it could possibly be to Ewing. They ended up having a round trip to John Battle and got smoked by a loaded team there that season. But the point that hit home to the kids was that TWHS was actually further west than Detroit, MI on a map and it would be a long, full day and trip.
  11. The folks from Buena Vista and their average level of disdain for the athletics at Narrows are impressive, if you want to consider things like that impressive.
  12. meh... Throw in Huffman and the number of kids who travel the other way down 42 and hit a regularly plowed 460 to Pearisburg makes this pretty much a mute point anyway.
  13. Don't try to bargain with ignorance. It'll only drive you to it's level then beat you with experience.
  14. Political commentary from Monroe County and high school football message board. Not exactly a combination I would think would go together too well. This proved correct.
  15. Good to see that we have 2 coaches that have had success and deep tourney runs in their careers. We welcome him aboard.
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