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  1. Happy trails to those guys. Played against Coach Brown's teams. That man was always a class act especially.
  2. Holston would've been playing their playoff games on the road is they were in a Region C district this year.
  3. 🤣 Tell that to the British Empire. There's a reason the separation of church and state was big thing.
  4. When you've got to fight to be 2 TDs better than this Narrows bunch of youngin's this year (not knocking them given they didnt have a single senior at that point in the season), if you went 10-0, you didn't play anybody.
  5. Been saying this exact thing for weeks.
  6. Yeah... pretty sure those of us that had seen Holston and Galax play saw this coming.
  7. And religion got a couple thousand year head start on milking and taxing their followers. 🤣
  8. You just described organized religion through thousands of years. And you aren't wrong.
  9. Going with what I've watched with my own eyes, I still say Holston would have to tangle with GW for the 4 seed if they were Region C because I don't think they would beat a healthy Giles, much less PM or Galax. Them and GW would be a great game depending on which GW showed up. Galax having to travel might help them a bit, and I don't know if Holston will get blown out but I'll go Galax by 2 scores.
  10. Holston hosted Galax last year. Pretty sure D goes to C this year.
  11. Should've heard his commentary when Narrows fans were demo'ing their chain link fence that separated the visitor's side and the side line. Good times.
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