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  1. Say what you want, at least Virginia actually had championship games though.
  2. It is a shame, regardless of reason.
  3. First time since 1944 Radford hasn't had someone from Giles County on the schedule.
  4. Speaking as a VHS alum and former off/on Bristol, VA resident, the issue wasn't and still doesn't seem to be coaching. It was the culture. The culture there basically looked at football as sport for the kids to play while waiting on baseball season to roll around. From the little leagues up, if they put 1/2 the effort and resources into football that they at least used to baseball, VA High could easily be a Radford type clone in deep SWVA. A whole lot of similarities there between the two as far as talent base goes. It's the support and growth structure that isn't up to par.
  5. Damn.... that's cold killa.
  6. Coach Lee was still there when I graduated. One of the most good and solid people you could ever meet.
  7. https://roanoke.com/sports/high-school/radford-hires-virginia-high-coach-and-blacksburg-native-crist-to-fill-football-vacancy/article_2bdf7644-b330-11eb-9407-7f93eab9cea7.html
  8. Spitting facts, not jokes. Only joke is your athletic department and history of. Get ya another supreme court case for keeping football players eligible after being accused of sexual assault just to have a winning record with a Bill Synder football schedule.
  9. Damn... starting to lose count. Gracias amigo.
  10. Reminds me of James Monroe/Bluefield in 07 in Wheeling. Witt went nuts trying to throw the football when he had no need to and basically handed Bluefield the game in the process.
  11. The greatest laugh I ever had from JB&B... They switched it up from Dumb Crook News to Dumb Cop News one time. One of the stories they found and talked about was when the Cheif of Police (aka the only cop of) the town of Rich Creek was in the restaurant his wife run because something happened that required the law to show up. TL/DR, he gets knocked out by a guy with a peg leg by said the man using said peg leg to smack him upset the head. Just one of the many Keystone Cop stories surrounding the police in Giles Co.
  12. 28-0 The equivalent of Alabama and Clemson football now in various sports over the years. Meanwhile Blacksburg's never seen a 1 by their name ever in anything. You'd be better off being a Vol in that part of the country... Gobble Gobble
  13. Was there for this. Can say it was better it happened in that game and not to the loser of the first game. Those officials would've needed every cop in the joint to leave the field. I've seen both of us in this county do it.
  14. All I'll say is this: I've seen more than couple of kids that are sons of close friends lose their love of competitive sports because of him and how he treats people. I'm also privy to a fair bit of information that I won't share or go into here because it's A) not my place and B) not my business but let's just say that once again, we agree on the subject matter and a change in that office chair would benefit Giles HS greatly.
  15. FFS, I hope Galax shuts these clowns up.
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