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  1. *laughs in Giles in the late 80's/early 90's*
  2. Smooth late night at work and this popped up on my YouTube recommended vids.
  3. Tough way for the season to end. From the GW onward, something happened within that team that I can't put a finger on. No idea what but something. You could see it in how they played on the floor. Was still a fun ride. Hate it for Kolier and Levi for it to end like this. It's baseball season now.
  4. Narrows @ Parry McCluer on Friday for both the boys and girls tournament championships.
  5. 18-4. Gotta get to the champ game at least to get a regional spot.
  6. Me, personally? Holy shit, I hope not. I'm wayyyy too old for that shit. You are too for Christ's sake. We left that life 20+ years ago man.
  7. As you well know by now, we're on the same page here. But what do ya do? Although, I will concede, the perk of host district tournament in your barn when you win the regular season is nice. Still yet, hopefully we get out of it when the contract runs out since it's starting to become appearent neither side is particularly happy with the arrangement.
  8. No. Narrows was wanting to play at East Mont. East Mont voted with Narrows for them to host. The rest of the district, whether it be principals or AD's, voted that down and voted for PM's proposal. Travel time would've been the same for both and East Mont already had a game scheduled there already anyway. Instead PM gets to travel 20 mins down the road to a gym they've played in twice already this year. So, it screws Narrows on travel, and screws a fellow member school out of potential revenue. Dirtbag move by the other schools IMO but I know, if I was a Narrows coach going foward in any sport, I'd remember it.
  9. 18-3, 9-1 Rd 3 with Parry McCluer Monday at James River to determine the regular season champ. Not much of a neutral site but that just confirms what I knew of the Pioneer District.
  10. 17-3, 8-1 with a long bus ride to Highland tomorrow. Setting up for there to be a Rd. 3 with PM just to see who claims the regular season in the Pioneer.
  11. Agreed with all points in this conversation. At the end of the day, 1C is GW and Auburn on one step, Narrows and PM on the next one. The margin for error for a team like Narrows against that top step is virtually nil and they've got to bring their best. Anything less and it can get away from them quickly. We've seen it twice this year. Onward to a home game with PM on Friday. Looking forward to see how they respond. Especially given the opponent and where it's being played.
  12. Credit to Patrick for trying his best to make up for that in the non-district. But 4 weeks of cupcakes minus PM does curtail the effects of that. It's not deniable.
  13. Yep, I didn't get to gox due to work. Heard it was 51-23 at the half. I've said before, for Narrows to keep up with the likes of GW, Auburn, etc., all 3 scorers have to be hitting. I'm guessing all 3 must've been off.
  14. 17-1, 8-0 George Wythe tomorrow in Salem.
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