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  1. A SWVA team screwed by officials in a title game vs Riverheads. Where have I seen this movie before? FFS
  2. Oh Im fully aware of that and agree. Still would've loved another W before they got that that one L.
  3. Where was this fumbling shite last week?! Damn it, man.
  4. This is the first game where being short the injured and suspended players caught up with us. This wasn't the team that beat Chilhowie and Giles, not in the trenches anyway. THey've been able to make do with the level of competition they've played in district. Can't outrun that at this point in the playoffs. Still proud of the boys and how they played and what they accomplished. Hope for more of the same next year.
  5. Hasn't been the same since they changed the pump for the sprinkler system back in the mid 90's. They went from a pump that had a lot more ass pumping straight from the creek to a much weaker pump using town water.
  6. Too many athletes for GW. Narrows down 3 starters didn't help. Really missed Fleet and Bowman up the middle tonight especially. We've got gutted up the middle because of it. Congrats GW and good luck next week. Pulling for whoever wins it to take down Riverheads. Congrats and thanks for the Narrows seniors who played their last game tonight. You've been fun to watch and represented yourself and your school well.
  7. Chase Blaker 1 yard run GW 56 Narrows 28 48.5 4th
  8. 65 yard scramble for Simmons GW 56 Narrows 21 7:30 4th
  9. Next play pick 6 GW 42 Narrows 21 10:05 3rd
  10. GW blocked punt for a TD GW 35 Narrows 21 10:23 3rd
  11. 2 yard run for Wythe GW 28 Narrows 21 48.4 2nd
  12. 1 yard McMillan TD run GW 21 Narrows 21 5:50 2nd
  13. 2 yard Wells TD run GW 14 Narrows 21 9:21 2nd
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