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  1. This, eligibility for a "True" age appropriate 8th grader begins their freshman year. In KY and TN it has only recently changed, and even they dont know the rules.
  2. Small Ball and position-less offense have took over thanks to the And1 movement. Instead of pounding it inside and letting your post be a force, we are opting for space, speed, and fastbreak to be the majority of our offense. Teams would play at a slow methodical pace and use their strength to pick you apart. Now we are wide open and the use of offense or lack of offense is being pushed more and more leading to open drives and open three.
  3. It would go to west Virginia then
  4. Man, I know we give Refs a hard line on here and in the stands but I can handle someone doing their best. From my viewpoint, I can handle and sometimes even enjoy bad officiating but, what get me fired up is when its is blatantly one sided. Go to SeKY or NET as a VHSL team and you will find out QUICK.
  5. It would be but not a 4 team bracket with 1st and 2nd place from each district
  6. Let's water down a system and produce Region D teams that aren't prepared.
  7. Nostalgia does not equal logic. The current system allows for the best games no matter how down a district is perceived.
  8. And you would have the same log jam that we have currently...
  9. https://tssaa.org/article/school-classifications-by-sport-2017-2021
  10. Girls THOMAS WALKER 48, CUMBERLAND GAP 39 girls Thomas Walker 65 Hancock co. 26
  11. What I will add is that TWHS is starting to get some momentum at the lower ranks that will be on display this year on Varsity, JV, and our Middle School affiliates. The coaching staff of the last 3-5 years has put an emphasis on M2MDefense / Motion offense at the middle school level. This has started to produce, not just players, but groups that know the game. Hopefully this will keep us competitive for a 5-7 year stretch, if not longer
  12. Predicated yes, proven no. Out of respect for the coaching staff, I can say nothing more than we will see and we are working, not my place.
  13. Its 0 questions, I would probably say the Cumberland is better than the SWD in girls basketball.
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