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  1. Since 2013, over Half of your wins have come from that weak conference. You might want to put the stones back in your pocket.
  2. Ridgeview in not beating Pikeville. They are finally 100% with only ridgeview to go.
  3. So you are saying, I need to prove a governing bodies intent when they rezoning their districts. You know as I do that proving this act is not possible due to the fact that a single trivial lie would upend any prosecution. But where there is smoke and heat there is fire. edit: Getting away with this is simple, proving this is near impossible. Its like holding your finger to your sisters face and saying Im not touching you. It looks bad on your school and district. You rezone every ADM year.
  4. What part about manipulating their enrollment did you miss?
  5. We dont use such blasphemous words like that in this long county.
  6. Losing to Castlewood killed them
  7. Just to expand on what a board can and cannot see 1. Admins can see any info that you have entered yourself. Ie. Email, name, etc. Why they have a sign up 2. Admins are able to see the internet protocol which is basically your home internet address. 3. Depending on how good their back end is some phpbb or mybb can keep records of the media access control address which is even more specific and usually how you tell if someone is the same person. They cant access your webcam or see what's on your desk top from the board alone. They need more malicious means for that.
  8. Harlan independent had a hard time seeing the white hats signals to start the clock when behind. But, that eyesight magically improved once the lead changed hands. White hat looked like he was taking off once or twice at the end of that game. In basketball I will take seky refs over tssaa in football I'll reverse that.
  9. https://scoreboard.12dt.com/scoreboard/khsaa/kyfb19/?id=81693 That is outside this area and I doubt very few people here watch football in or around Hazard, Kentucky.
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