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  1. That gets my seal of approval.
  2. Hard to keep that going when you lose as much as that dynasty did.
  3. Thoughts on Richlands/Grundy. 1. Simmons is the QB. He started the game and played every series in the first half except for two. He looked much more poised tonight than he did last week. Went 7-9 for 181 and 4 TD. A couple of those throws could have easily been intercepted against a Bluefield or Graham. Also had a few footwork issues on a couple of throws. He also had a nice 28 yard scramble on the only time he really flashed his legs. He'll continue to improve as the season goes along. 2. Sage Webb has gotten faster I think. He had two TD's tonight. He was wide open several other times. Teams double teaming him have to be prepared for the other 7 receivers that caught a pass. Whited and Medley are TE/WR kind of like a Bucky Hodges role at VT. We lined them up outside a few times and you just know the fade in the endzone will eventually be thrown their way. Logan Altizer and Will Tarter looked good in the slots. Jake Altizer also looked good in the slot. 3. Running game needs work. Pass pro was just fine. But sometimes Steele was hit in the backfield at the handoff because the line missed assignments. It's a big line and they have the potential, just need to get better at run blocking. Steele looked good when he had some room. Also, give Gillespie the ball some. That kid's a bowling ball with knives. 4. Fle is a weapon. Anytime the Blues get past the opponent 45, points are on the table. He hit one from 34 that was good from 64. He also went 7 for 7 on touchbacks kicking off -- with two going through the uprights and a third bouncing off of the upright. 5. Run defense is STOUT. I can't see too many teams beating Richlands up the middle with the run. Pass protection with the starters looked okay, but it was also a Grundy team with an entirely new backfield. Either way, Whited and Phipps will be household names by week 11. Those are my general thoughts. I still say 7-3 is about right on the mark. Bluefield is Bluefield. But I think Richlands CAN win every other game on the schedule. We'll have to see. Getting Abingdon, Graham and Radford at home helps.
  4. I’ll write something up later tonight. We still have 8 min left in the 4th lol. Stupid lightning delay.
  5. The hit at Hidden Valley is the Wicks hot we are talking about.
  6. Ryan4VT


    It's down in the fantasy section. Go back out to the list of boards and scroll down. It's near the bottom.
  7. Ryan4VT


  8. He’s being sarcastic because he’s not happy that a GC team that has less wins than Hurley and Twin Valley the last 2 years would ever stoop so low as to play them.
  9. Sadly, no. Just something I did for fun that I wish was going to be real.
  10. Wicks hit Isiah Goins I believe. And that would be my vote. I honestly thought that kid was dead.
  11. Richlands Football 2019. Let the games begin.
  12. Actually just talked to one of them and they said they will probably broadcast at least part of the game. But not all of it.
  13. No. I think they will be there and do a dry run, but not actually broadcast it live. Just to finish up any kinks and stuff.
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