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  1. Richlands beat Lebanon. So Richlands to Central and Lebanon to GC.
  2. Missed a layup at the buzzer. Highlights are on WCYB.
  3. It’s a cobra for sure. But I wasn’t about to dig for a neon green rattlesnake that looked scary haha.
  4. Cobras is Council. So you couldn't do that. Black Diamond Rattlers would be coo. Black and lime green is a color scheme we don't see anywhere. Maybe something like this?
  5. Eww. I think I like the MV ones better than that lol.
  6. Ryan4VT

    Mance news

    I may be in the minority, but I love Myrtle. When you have a 5 year old (and now a nearly 3 month old) the beach gets old after a little time. Our older boy plays in the ocean/beach for a few hours then wants the pool, then wants putt putt or something fun to do. We love the Pirates Voyage show. I just feel like if you have kids, it’s hard to beat Myrtle with all it offers to keep children (and adults) entertained. I’m happy Mance is getting a chance to prove how good he is down there. He’ll be battling with Dillon every year and I have no doubt he’ll beat them sooner than later. Go Lions!
  7. Announced tonight he’s stepping down as coach of Central after the post season. wow.
  8. Richlands played at Hurley my senior year and I went. I didn't think the gym was that small. Could easily hold a BDD tournament, I'd think.
  9. Guessing BDD just rotates hosts regardless of standings? Maybe?
  10. That was my thought, too. And you may see some Twin Valley kids go to Richlands. Maybe.
  11. Poplar Gap is where Grundy plays soccer. I used to work at a call center up there. Not sure that’s the same place, though.
  12. Ryan4VT

    Mance news

    Oh calm down, T.O. This thread isn’t about Graham.
  13. Have to factor in losing some of that by normal attrition plus kids going elsewhere. I could see a world where some Council kids go to Honaker or something TV kids going to Richlands if they don’t want to drive to SG.
  14. SWD dates are announced. Quarters on Monday with Graham and Richlands having BYE’s. Higher seed will host. Semis at Graham on Wed. Finals at Graham on Friday.
  15. Ryan4VT

    Mance news

    Just stop. Dear lord.
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