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  1. It is. I had it backwards. Game still cancelled either way.
  2. Ryan4VT


    I hadn’t seen the tweet. Someone at work said it was TN High. My apologies.
  3. Ryan4VT


    Add Tennessee High to the list. Game vs Halls High cancelled.
  4. The Tennessee High game tomorrow is cancelled. THS has too many players in quarantine.
  5. I'd be shocked if Central didn't take the football crown. Union is the favorite for basketball from what they return.
  6. I thought they were a part of the district for a few years. Huh. Learn something new every day.
  7. We’re those matchups with Lee when Lee was in the SWD? Cause there was a time when the SWD was Richlands, Graham, Tazewell, Grundy, Lee and Carroll Co.
  8. It was kinda common. Richlands played up for years. I’m pretty sure the state title we won in 06, we were playing up from what we could have been.
  9. No. 18 UNC West Virginia No. 10 Notre Dame Florida State No. 1 Clemson No. 15 Oklahoma State Las Vegas Minnesota Miami San Francisco Dallas GotW Tampa Bay 41
  10. We can try this if y’all want. We can pick the college and NFL games that actually take place. We will do 10 weeks, then 3 weeks of playoffs with the top 8 pickers making the playoffs. No auto bid for winners like we normally do. 1 point per pick. 3 points for the correct GotW pick and and extra 2 bonus points if you pick the correct COMBINED score. Good luck, everyone! We’ll play again in the spring when the VA schools play. Syracuse @ No. 18 UNC Eastern Kentucky @ West Virginia Duke @ No. 10 Notre Dame Georgia Tech @ Florida State No. 1 Clemson @ Wake Forest Tulsa @ No. 15 Oklahoma State Las Vegas @ Carolina Green Bay @ Minnesota Miami @ New England Arizona @ San Francisco Dallas @ L.A. Rams GotW Tampa Bay @ New Orleans
  11. I (wish I could vote for this) 77(times).
  12. There are kids who read this board. Don’t use that kind of language, please.
  13. Let’s all try to avoid any tunnel vision, y’all.
  14. When you admit on a bus that you’ve “grabbed them by the p****” and say that you don’t ask, you just do it... that is about as textbook sexual assault as you can get, no?
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