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  1. You literally said we should have been playing power football for 20 years. If you do that, you lean away from the passing game, something that was clearly Mance’s strength. You can’t play the spread and the power game. So you have to ignore one of them to some degree.
  2. Lolololol. Sure. On a team with the 2 time state POY and 2 All-State WR, we should have ignored all that and ran in the power I. 😂😂
  3. Love the Martinsville fan in the grey hoodie on the left near the end mocking Tunstall fans when his team lost. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Yeah this is over. Telling someone to “die in a fire” is about 6293 miles over the line. You two can not like each other and still be more respectful to one another. I’m locking this before it somehow gets worse than it already is.
  5. He ain’t been on this since in nearly 9 years 😂
  6. Well this thread was dug up from the grave lol. I would venture that most of these lists are so obsolete now. Just since 06, the Blues have had so many “Rushmore” type players. Fuller, Jennings, McCracken, Thomas, Strong bros., Johnson, Asbury, Howie, Ball, Webb. Top 5 is much harder now than it was 15 years ago.
  7. I think Graham gets at least 1 win.
  8. I tend to agree with this. They’re the best the SWD has to offer — but that’s not saying a whole heck of a lot if you’re looking big picture. SWD is way down.
  9. Agreed. I was just saying it’s the two of them and then a large drop off to the rest of the region, IMO. Graham is the only team in 2D that **could** see pressuring Union. But I’d still take Union.
  10. I wouldn’t favor GC over Graham. I think it’s a two-horse race for the region.
  11. To be fair — my original comment wasn’t meant to cause drama. It was a TIC rib at some of those on here (who I consider friends) who called Richlands the SWVA All-Stars back in the day. Never meant for it to go where it did. 😅
  12. True. Didn’t start getting transfers until 09-10.
  13. I’m not mad at all. We had an amazing 15 year run. Went to multiple state championships. Got a ring. Named one of the top 10 teams in the state for an entire decade. And now the cycle swings the other way. That’s just how it works. I choose to be happy about the success we had and still support the hell outta the boys out there now. They’re still Blues, after all. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, man. No need for all the hate and vitriol. Just love from me.
  14. Boy someone is sensitive today. Man, y’all really enjoyed calling us the SWVA All-Stars when we we’re getting transfers and you really can’t handle it when someone ribs back. Why so serious? It’s a message board. Lighten up a little, bother.
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