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  1. That could also be partly caused by people leaving this area. Not many towns in SWVA have grown since the 80s. Less people in town means less butts in seats on Friday nights. I know that’s not all of it — but I feel like it makes a big difference.
  2. Ryan4VT

    Holston job

    Saw on Twitter that FC hired Robert “Spider” Thompson. Anyone know who that is?
  3. It’s brand new. It’s like a little festival on the field. Fans pay $10 and get a BBQ dinner. There will be live music — games, food, vendors, new merch, etc. And the team will be there, too. It’s more of a community event than a sporting event.
  4. Richlands beat: Wyoming East, and Pikeview twice. Lost to Tazewell on the last play and then lost to Princeton and Martinsburg in the bracket.
  5. Richlands preseason is: 8/6: Blue Tornado Festival 8/13: scrimmage against Central & Belfry, KY 8/19: benefit vs. Grundy
  6. At least they get last 4 at home. Could help for the playoff push. Next year will suck, though.
  7. You mean until Gate City @ Richlands? 😂
  8. Ryan4VT


    Not heavily, no.
  9. Ryan4VT


  10. It wasn’t a true 7 on 7 in the sense of a championship and such. In that one Richlands beat Honaker and Tazewell and lost on the last play to Ridgeview. Blues won the Eastside 7 on 7 today beating Tazewell in the championship game.
  11. Richlands 7 on 7 as of now: 6/22 @ Honaker 6/24 @ Eastside 7/17 @ Concord WV 7/20 @ Princeton Could be another added the week after dead period.
  12. That’s it. I was thinking 99 but wasn’t 100% sure.
  13. The better question is when was the last time either Richlands or Graham **didn’t** win the district? Maybe Abingdon in like 2013? Outside of that, I think RHS & GHS have won them all since Grundy in the late 90s.
  14. I feel like you’re taking it a little far now. Comparing politics and beaches is like apples and Mustangs. Politics work to divide us. I’ve never seen a beach divide anyone. We all like different beaches, but no one is going to think less of others based on their beach preferences. The same can’t be said about politics. But you’re right. This is about football — so I will stop posting about beaches and food.
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