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  1. I’m glad I think nothing like you.
  2. You think I’m worried because I said the loser shouldn’t be left out? If the Blues win — and it’s a big IF — then Graham shouldn’t be sitting at home. Same as Richlands. Both would be/will be favored over Central.
  3. This. It's what I've said all week. This is a game where the team who commits the least penalties and mistakes will win a close game. I just don't see a big win either way. I could be wrong -- and I'll admit it if I am.
  4. Yep. But that has zero to do with what I quoted. He said the ONLY team in SWVA that can beat y'all is yourself. I just pointed out that Union has already won that game. So his argument -- as are most of them -- is invalid. Wasn't a slight at Graham at all. Blues fans have no room to take shots at Graham. Just taking a shot at his posts.
  5. Ridgeview Ft. Chiswell Giles Radford Central Gate City Virginia Tazewell Galax Narrows Chilhowie Patrick Henry Holston Rye Cove JI Burton Thomas Walker Rural Retreat Bluefield No. 3 Ohio St. Marshall No. 2 LSU Virginia South Carolina No. 8 Note Dame Philadelphia Tennessee Jacksonville Houston Green Bay GotW Richlands 52
  6. CUMBERLAND Castlewood (VA) at Burton (Norton, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Burton [John I.] (Norton, VA) 35-12] Walker (Ewing, VA) at Eastside (Coeburn, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Eastside [Coeburn/St. Paul] (Coeburn, VA) 28-27] HOGOHEEGEE Rural Retreat (VA) vs. Northwood (Saltville, VA) at TBA, 7:00pm [projection: Rural Retreat (VA) 35-6] MOUNTAIN Lee (Jonesville, VA) at Central (Norton, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Central [Kelly/Pound] (Norton, VA) 56-14] Gate City (VA) at Battle (Bristol, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Gate City (VA) 28-19] Abingdon (VA) at Ridgeview (Clintwood, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Ridgeview (Clintwood, VA) 41-26] MOUNTAIN EMPIRE Fort Chiswell (Max Meadows, VA) at Grayson County (Independence, VA), 7:30pm [projection: Fort Chiswell (Max Meadows, VA) 21-12] Auburn (Riner, VA) at Galax (VA), 7:00pm [projection: Galax (VA) 44-14] Narrows (VA) at Craig County (New Castle, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Narrows (VA) 62-0] SOUTHWEST Graham (Bluefield, VA) at Richlands (VA), 7:00pm [projection: Graham (Bluefield, VA) 30-28] Tazewell (VA) at Marion (VA), 7:00pm [projection: Tazewell (VA) 26-13] Lebanon (VA) at Virginia (Bristol, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Virginia (Bristol, VA) 35-20] Giles (Pearisburg, VA) at Alleghany (Covington, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Giles (Pearisburg, VA) 31-21] Radford (VA) at Glenvar (Salem, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Radford (VA) 35-28] Grundy (VA) at Chilhowie (VA), 7:00pm [projection: Chilhowie (VA) 48-7] Honaker (VA) at Henry (Glade Spring, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Henry [Patrick] (Glade Spring, VA) 48-14] Hurley (VA) at Holston (Damascus, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Holston (Damascus, VA) 31-20] Twin Valley (Pilgrims Knob, VA) at Rye Cove (Clinchport, VA), 7:00pm [projection: Rye Cove (Clinchport, VA) 42-28]
  7. Um....Union has already beaten Graham. So....
  8. What in the world are you talking about??? Lets go back the last 6 seasons (2014 through this season) and see if your theory pans out: Richlands vs. M7: Abingdon 1-0, Central 2-0, Gate City 5-1, Battle 1-0, Ridgeview 1-0, Union 1-5 --- So Richlands is 11-6 agaisnt the M7 in the past 6 seasons. You can argue that Union has had Richlands number, for sure. But not the rest. Graham vs. M7: Central 2-0, Gate City 0-1, Battle 1-0, Union 1-3 --- Graham is 4-4 agaisnt the M7. Still not "kicking the SWD's ass" as you like to put it. Tazewell vs. M7: Union 0-1 Virginia vs. M7: Abingdon 1-2, Central 2-1, Gate City 0-3, Battle 5-1, Lee 2-1, Marion vs. M7: Gate City 2-1, Battle 1-0, Ridgeview 1-1, Union 1-1 Lebanon vs. M7: Central 1-3, Gate City 0-1, Battle 2-3, Lee 0-4 So extrapolating that data you get this record for the SWD vs. the M7: 31-33. I don't know what your metric is, but "Kicked the SWDs ass up one side and down another" doesn't seem to apply when the M7 has won all of 2 more games against the SWD than they've lost. Also, if you take Lebanon out for the SWD, it's 28-22 for the SWD. Lebanon is the anchor that is dragging the SWD back. Without them, the SWD has owned the M7 (Except for Union). Also, last year's Region 2D final was two SWD teams, with the state champion coming from the SWD. Richlands (the 5 seed) upset top seeded Ridgeview last year to get there. Union has saved the Mountain 7 district. Without them, it hasn't been a great league for a while, imo. Adding Abingdon will help. So please, take your trash elsewhere.
  9. You think the Richlands/Graham loser should be left out of the playoffs?? HAHAHAH
  10. They may. I’m just basing my opinion off of watching Webb outrun the entire Bluefield secondary, when they had the angle. He just outran them. And that, to me, is impressive given Bluefield’s dynamic speed.
  11. We may see more Webb in the backfield in this one as a way to get the ball into his hands more. Just a hunch.
  12. I think this is gonna be a barn burner of a game. Graham has more team speed, but I think Richlands has the fastest player on the field in Webb. He outran the Bluefield guys when they had the angle. But outside of him, it's average speed for the Blues. Graham's D is strong. There's no doubting that. I do think Richlands continues to grow and get better. Steele is really having a nice season at RB and doing so quietly. Simmons also has the ability to get rushing yards. If the Blues can have some success behind that big line in the run game early and get Graham off balance, the passing game could open up with Webb, Tarter, Spencer and crew. Could be a good place to get the TE's involved again after a few weeks absent from the gameplanning. I think it all comes down to how well Richlands can contain Lester. He is the key to Graham's success. Hold 5 in moderate check, and you have a chance to win. This game is HUGE for both teams in terms of seeding. One of us will travel to Central in a few weeks. One will host Tazewell.
  13. Yeah. I would feel that way regardless. Even the best home field advantage can’t make up for otherworldly talented. That Appo team was part of a dynasty. I was at that game and it was one of the most fun atmospheres that I’ve ever been a part of. A few examples of the magic not working doesn’t taint the decades of stories and big games that place has seen and won.
  14. Yeah but that was a special Graham team that could not be stopped. Bullitt has a magic that Graham certainly has felt in the past.
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