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  1. When I was in band we played in the final in Lynchburg my sophomore, junior and senior years. They let ALL Richlands band students go first so we could make the game. I believe maybe GW or GC was in the title game one year as well and they let them go first, too. I don’t see why they stopped doing that for kids who need to get to state title games. If you aren’t gonna change the date of auditions — at least let them go first.
  2. This is absolutely amazing. Chefs kiss.
  3. If only we knew who was represented on the SWD team...
  4. Sources tell me the next coach is gonna be named tomorrow as Coach Rick Vice. We'll see.
  5. You did, and I 100% didn't believe it could. Now... I think you're right. Props to you for having the vision to see how wild this thread could get haha.
  6. Oh I'm dumb, but not dumb enough to interview for a coaching position in Tazewell County hahahha. I don't need that hex put on me.
  7. Does anyone have the actual full list? It's impossible to find.
  8. They started today, but from what I've heard, it's just doing them to check off a box. They already know who is getting it...
  9. I remember when Erick Green was named ACC POY in a season where VT had a losing record and finished last in the ACC. Oh, and he was a 3rd team All-American. The best player doesn't always have to come from the best team.
  10. It's also one of those programs that on this side of Blacksburg, the name has a prestige around it. So when a Richlands, Graham, Union, JI Burton, Gate City, George Wythe, Galax, etc come open -- people want to see where that is gonna lead.
  11. We're back! Playing ESPN Confidence again. Here is the link: https://fantasy.espn.com/free-prize-games/sharer?from=espn&challengeId=235&context=GROUP_INVITE&edition=espn-en&groupId=80f112ff-bb61-4b16-bcfd-c8713f82022b&joinKey=e16aadf9-4681-30f9-bfa7-a25d37e3c8c9 The password is: Hammer Good luck everyone!!!
  12. Not for long hahaha. This one may just beat it somehow... The biggest difference is that thread took 67 twists and turns, and this one has stayed fairly on point for the most part lol.
  13. Use the other thread! We don't need two for this.
  14. Good luck!! I need your picks by Friday at 7pm! Liberty Christian vs. Lafayette Phoebus vs. Salem Maury vs. Stone Bridge Freedom vs. Highland Springs Army vs. Navy Indianapolis @ Cincinnati Jacksonville @ Cleveland Minnesota @ Las Vegas Denver @ Los Angeles Chargers Philadelphia @ Dallas G(s)otW Galax vs. Essex Riverheads vs. Radford
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