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  1. That’s the worry. Football pays for every sport not named basketball. So if you don’t have football with fans (cause football without fans puts you further in the hole than not having the sport at all(, can you have any sports even if the pandemic subsides.
  2. Galax’s Mark Dixon is now the coach at Pulaski. Brady with the scoop.
  3. You’re half right.
  4. Both Martins play for the Hornets. So technically Musselman has that in his bag.
  5. You can play well into your 30s in Europe and made good money. Malcolm Delaney and Zabian Dowdell still play over season. And Zabian graduated from VT in 05.
  6. Brady interviewed him on the podcast once. Seemed like a really nice guy.
  7. Hydrochloroquine didn’t help even 1%. It did nothing. They just released a study about it.
  8. Luckily most Americans have heeded warnings and orders and have flattened the curve a little. Im still skeptical that we will have a mass vaccine in the fall. I could see a treatment like remdisivir or something like that. But not a vaccine. Hope everyone is saying safe.
  9. Richlands/Stuarts Draft took 9 years off my life. Honaker/Sussex (maybe it was Essex?) in Honaker was an amazing game as an outsider.
  10. Don’t be so sure on that last part.
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