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  1. Somewhere up near Harrisonburg tomorrow I think. Could be wrong on that. May be Thursday.
  2. That's not the way it is anymore. Teams like Alabama or Penn St. that stick to one helmet and never change are the minority now. Kids love flashy and new. And that starts in high school ball.
  3. This is my favorite thread of the year, I think. Nothing now from Richlands. No more white helmets though. Going back to the navy blue with white R full-time.
  4. Still wish they’d use white instead of blue inside the U. The last few years the orange blended in, now the blue will. Makes it look like half a logo from afar.
  5. What was her final line? Something like: CG shutout with 4 hits, 4 walks?
  6. Blues get a chance at Revenge, Pt. 2. They beat Page Co. today, who they lost to in the 2018 state title game. They play Madison Co. tomorrow, who they lost to in the 2017 state title game. Bring it home, girls!!!!
  7. Graham and Richlands played twice. They split. Richlands and Graham both beat Eastside.
  8. Nope. Just used a weeks worth this week and used one vacation day and the Memorial Day holiday to go to Disney a few weeks ago.
  9. Yep. It’s a black fantasy helmet I mocked up last year. Gonna make it for a mini helmet here soon. Wish Mance would let us wear it lol.
  10. They played well in those helmets. Went to a state title in them. Don’t think there was much bad mojo. And if I’m not mistaken, weren’t both of the comeback wins against Graham a few years ago in the white helmet? Hahaha. Just messin with ya.
  11. Richlands has gotten rid of the white helmets. I’m not happy with this development lol.
  12. I’m at the beach, or else’s I would.
  13. That school board meeting tonight will be appointment viewing. IF the stories that are out there are true, will be interesting to watch the town divide.
  14. Logan Steele is going to be a player at RB. He’s bulked up quite a bit over the offseason. He was tough as nails last year, just small. Big Oline to run behind, too. Could see a return to a more ground based Richlands attack.
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