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  1. No idea when it started. But I know it gets loud and fun in there when the team is good and it’s a good opponent coming in. Its just a nickname. Not sure there’s much more to it than having a little fun.
  2. That’s quite the realization for someone who has been on the board for 2 days... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Oh I 1000% agree. If Richlands or Graham is the best the district has to offer this season, it's not a good year for the SWD, or SWVA. The sport is better when Graham Middle is loud. Or the House of Hustle is packed and the teams are good. That said -- I'm still pumped to be at the game tonight. Rivalries are rivalries, no matter how good or bad the teams may be lol.
  4. We’ll find out Friday lol. Graham @ Richlands.
  5. Graham won 79-35. Tazewell is still at the bottom it seems.
  6. Horrible, horrible look. I don't know anyone on that team or even care about them. But that's a kid -- and that's out of line.
  7. Trolls gonna troll, y’know?
  8. I think you’ll soon see the SWD is not a great league this year.
  9. Helluva result for Richlands. 💪🏻
  10. I don’t think so. Union up 16-12 after 1.
  11. Richlands and Union play tonight in the semis. These teams usually produce nail biters lol.
  12. Final standing!!! VFL4 74 Ryan4VT 73 Canes00 70 swva_havok_fan 70 UVAObserver 58 Chappy 53 Gridiron60 46 sixcat 35 falconfan1 35 Junkyard 30 dinkman 14
  13. Final standings!!!! Congrats to Chappy!!! He also won the Pick'em! Chappy 75 Canes00 74 sixcat 74 swva_havok_fan 74 Junkyard 72 Ryan4VT 71 VFL4 70 falconfan1 60 UVAObserver 59 1inStripes 55 dinkman 28
  14. Chappy!!! He wins by virtue of nailing Riverheads AND the correct score of 55. Chappy 22 UVAOberver 20 Congrats to Chappy and UVAObserver -- and to all who played this year!! See ya in August!
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