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  1. Compton with 14 Ks in a one hitter 4-0 win over Richlands tonight.
  2. Jack Ginn named the head coach at Marion.
  3. Dang, an italicized emoji must mean serious biz
  4. The interview is pretty solid. I recommend anyone who is a fan of high school football in SWVA to check it out. Justin talks about his days in Clintwood and how solid the LPD was when he was going through. He also talks a lot about his playing days at VT which is interesting. Touches on his coaching career thus far as well. I recommend the listen. He did mention in the interview when directly asked if he, himself, was able to get down in SWVA and recruit he said he was not able to to the extent that he wanted to because of COVID. With all that being said, I am glad this new staff is getting into SWVA. Pry has done a wonderful job thus far planting seeds from Ewing to Arlington to Chincoteague down to Danville...you get the drift.
  5. Thank you for your service
  6. @BigWinners should be the next coach at Union.
  7. Spurlin is having a solid year at App State.
  8. Pulaski Abingdon Carroll County Radford Central Richlands Union Ridgeview Chilhowie Virginia Craig County Galax Rural Retreat Giles Grayson County Patrick Henry @ Grundy Lebanon Rye Cove @ Hurley Castlewood Thomas Walker Twin Springs Holston Princeton Nebraska UCLA GotW Graham @ Bluefield
  9. https://heraldcourier.com/sports/prep-basketball-new-castlewood-coach-wade-no-stranger-to-blue-devils-basketball/article_c4998f52-e5e2-11eb-817b-835415a1bc1b.html Congrats to PWade! Former Council boss and Richlands assistant lands a new gig in Russell County. Couldn't happen to a better guy
  10. Council and John Battle were in the same classification in 2001 when Council won it in hoops. Both were A schools. Just a note
  11. Rowdiest places I was playing were Union, Giles and Gate City. A game I wish I could have been at to witness would have been Grundy and Hurley when they both met as undefeateds at the Cliff in 2016. I bet that was rowdy
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