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  1. Council and John Battle were in the same classification in 2001 when Council won it in hoops. Both were A schools. Just a note
  2. Rowdiest places I was playing were Union, Giles and Gate City. A game I wish I could have been at to witness would have been Grundy and Hurley when they both met as undefeateds at the Cliff in 2016. I bet that was rowdy
  3. 2013 Virginia High at Richlands. 37-34 Richlands wins in 3 overtimes in the second round of the playoffs.
  4. Gray Baker at Richlands. 2012-2013. Would have rewrote the record book for passing at Richlands. Three ACL tears later...
  5. rvtne216

    Mance news

    No way that the hire will be at the March school board meeting. That has to be too quick of a turn around
  6. Congratulations to Noah Sage from Lee High who is also furthering his career at Virginia Tech.
  7. Congratulations to Richlands kicker/punter Levi Forrest on signing with Penn State today.
  8. Congratulations to Richlands senior Lauren Earls who eclipsed the 1,000-point mark last night in Richlands win over Lebanon.
  9. 1. Bullitt Park 2. Ridgeview 3. Twin Valley 4. Richlands (blue on blue) 5. Richlands 6. Patrick Henry 7. Central 8. Gate City 9. Union v. Graham 10. Gate City over Richlands or Central over Union
  10. And I think that is bogus because how does a team hypothetically get in with only playing nine games over a team who won the district...but hey what do I know.
  11. Salem Abingdon Radford Giles Central Union Ridgeview Graham Tazewell Richlands Galax George Wythe Narrows Hurley JI Burton Patrick Henry Bluefield No. 5 Penn St. West Virginia Virginia No. 2 Alabama No. 16 Wisconsin Tennessee Chicago New York Giants Indianapolis Green Bay Pittsburgh Dallas G(s)otW Castlewood 28 Twin Springs 51 Chilhowie 62 Virginia Tech 39
  12. Devin Lester was just ejected from the Graham-Richlands contest. Targeting. Big time ejection
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