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  1. I was under the impression that becoming the "heir apparent" is why Tiller left Fort Chiswell to come "home?" Is that not the case?
  2. Glenvar fielded a very young team this season. They have a lot of size and talent coming back. Central Wise should be very good as well. They improved significantly from August to November.
  3. Caleb has told me wrestling taught him how to be a better football player several times. The Galax Wrestling Club opened a facility in 2017. Kevin’s days don’t end after the high school releases. He goes to the club and teaches elementary age kids for another couple of hours. Awesome family!
  4. If you are referring to the kid from PH, hell of a football player!
  5. Class 1 is the only one loaded on VHSL.org at this point.
  6. Congratulations to everyone. SWVA is well represented. https://docs.google.com/file/d/1qzzhe7ccryLrtJpj1LhF34Vy1Y-n2yKA/preview?rm=minimal
  7. I don't believe consolidation is always the answer. Ask Carroll County. Personally, I believe Class 1 should be further reduced to those schools with enrollments under 350 or so regardless of the number of schools that entails. The remaining schools can be evenly divided into 4 more classifications. There isn't a ton of difference between a school with 450 students and a school with 650 students. But a school with under 300 students trying to compete with a school with 450 students is another story altogether. Riverheads and Galax can compete against Class 2 schools. In my humble opinion, either would have had an excellent shot at a Class 2 championship this season.
  8. I overheard some talk after the game, he may be from Region A but I don’t know for sure.
  9. Agreed, it is supposed to be but the play was never blown dead. Therefore, the result of the play should stand. An error such as failure to blow a play dead can’t be retroactively fixed!!!!!
  10. “Santa Claus” was brutal! He made several very questionable calls and even overturned the side judge on that first down turned 2nd and 5. And everyone who knows me on this site, knows I don’t bash officiating. Riverheads was offsides on defense but the result of the play was a 20 yard gain by Denver Brown. Dixon refuses the penalty. Side judge and umpire began spotting the ball and chains. “Santa Claus” came in and overruled them and marked off a 5 yard penalty against Riverheads from the original spot. Resulting in 15 yards of lost field position for Galax. Dixon was livid! I still don’t understand that one?!?!?
  11. Just prior to halftime, Galax punted in a 7-7 game. The punt fluttered in the wind, landed and bounced directly into the midsection of a Riverheads player. The ball careened toward the Galax sideline and was recovered by Galax. The referees converged for several minutes and ultimately gave the football to Riverheads. Riverheads ultimately kicked a field goal at the end of that possession. The ensuing possession for Galax was the pick-6. Does the pick-6 happen had the correct call been made on the punt? Galax should have had the football inside the Riverheads 35 yard line. It’s hard to predict what could have been but in my mind, that blown call gave Riverheads 10 points. To me, that was the depressing play.
  12. Two absolutely brutal blown calls. That can’t happen in these games. Galax punt hit a Riverheads player, recovered by Galax but given to Riverheads. Second Galax blocked a punt, refs called roughing the kicker.
  13. Galax answers. 24-21 3:17 remaining 3rd quarter.
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