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  1. AJ Ashworth is not only the best player on the team, he’s the hardest working, most selfless, dedicated player as well. So was his older brother Ian and their cousin Cade. God that has to be a luxury for a head coach when a kid like that takes the young-uns under his wing.
  2. I'd be shocked if the majority of the people in Tazewell County know who he is. He's been gone from Tazewell for nearly 28 years. By all means, hire him. Should be entertaining as hell for the rest of us!
  3. Men like Coach Beale are rare. Communities can never replace what men like that have to offer. A retirement well earned but something tells me, he will never be too far away.
  4. It's a variation of the Pistol H-Back similar to Oregon, simplified of course. They move the H-Back around a bit depending on the opponent. Not necessarily double tight ends but provides additional blocking and an outlet out of the backfield. Usually with 2 WR's out wide and another in the slot. They even have a wrinkle or two where they will use double H-Backs in something of a double wing formation. It's effective. I just think they could use the athletes more they have on the outside. Colton Coomes is as gifted an athlete as you'll find anywhere at the Class 1 level. Very few times over the past two seasons has Ayden White not been the fastest player on the field. Damien Heath isn't far behind him. AJ Ashworth is the H-Back. He has been an All-State player the past two years and most certainly will be again this year.
  5. I'm an old New River District guy. Fond memories, fun times. If I'm being honest, I'm pulling for Graham. Want to see them go head-to-head with that bunch from Greenville.
  6. Saturday is supposed to be near 60* in the New River Valley. Looking forward to spending the day on the golf course.
  7. That ship has sailed. He's perfectly content riding his bicycle around downtown Blacksburg. Leave the man alone!!!
  8. Some obvious holes in your plan, there. He's 66 years old and hasn't coached in 27 years, 28 by the start of next season. He never once managed to last 3 years in his brief coaching career without being suspended or fired. Not sure how his past transgressions help anyone from out-of-town respect the Blue Tornado? Likely the exact opposite. But for sheer entertainment value, what the hell? Hire the man. Should be a hell of a ride. Could even lead to threads that rival the one about Chris Akers.
  9. I watched Galax scrimmage Glenvar last week and play the first regular season game against Alleghany (NC) last night. Galax is still missing three players who are on the football team. Two of those will likely start on the basketball team. Still, Galax more than held their own against Glenvar and beat the brakes off of Alleghany last night 61-34. It's hard to tell how good Galax will actually be but I think it's a marked improvement over what's been on the court the past several years. I'm sure Glenvar was missing a few still playing football and Alleghany didn't look very good. Galax will play Christiansburg next week.
  10. Not that it really matters, but CalPreps shows me Galax 28 - Honaker 27.
  11. There was a small project going on when we were there in September. It didn’t have any impact on parking though. That may have changed now but it wasn’t in mid September.
  12. It's a very easy walk from the parking lot to the ticket booth, especially from the handicap parking. There is a slight downhill grade from the parking lot to the ticket booth but nothing difficult. The visitor stands are beyond the ticket booth to the right and nearest to the parking lot. The whole way is nice fresh asphalt and concrete. One of the easier stadiums to get into and out of I've ever been to.
  13. Recruiting happens everywhere, including RH. I don’t believe CCC spent his formative years in Augusta County schools. I suspect several more in recent years didn’t either. I will admit, “don’t hate the player, hate the game” applies here. VHSL should have a smallest classification set aside for schools like Bath, Craig, Bland, Burton, etc. The smallest schools in the state should’t be competing with Riverheads, Galax, or George Wythe. Solve this whole issue by setting aside a division for the tiny schools, then divide the state into 3 or 4 even divisions.
  14. I’m not a hater. You can look at other recent threads on this site where I’ve openly rooted for Riverheads to be successful this season. I’ve also been front and center suggesting RH would have been very nearly as successful in Class 2 the past 8 years as they were in Class 1. But professionally, I have seen the county legislative agendas over the past 15 years. Redrawing boundaries seems to be a common occurrence in Augusta County. Something that isn’t very common in other counties in Virginia. Seems a bit suspicious to me when that coincides with where the county high schools compete. But I digress….
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