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  1. Not necessarily true. If Galax had committed to the run game earlier in the championship game in December, Galax very likely would have won the game. Even Riverheads coaches and fans admitted as much in post game interviews. But as they say, if if's and buts were candy and nuts........... As for the fans, the ones I have encountered have been completely realistic and very polite. The community support they have rivals anything I have ever seen in far SWVA.
  2. If I understand this correctly, VHLS is considering a 4 class system with the lowest class being at or below 375? But that's only counting grades 9-11? If approved, VHSL will be handing John Marshall the Class 1 state basketball championship in perpetuity! Not a chance another Class 1 school can compete with a "feeder program" like that!
  3. Never understood the need to keep every classification equal in number. Especially for the lowest classification.
  4. At the state championship game in December, I would argue strongly that the number of football players and band member on the field for Riverheads would come pretty close to the high school enrollment of Galax. Just saying, it was noticeable!
  5. sixcat


    Folks east of Richmond think SWVA = South - West Virginia
  6. sixcat


    Al Gore's interwebs work in SWVA too. Just because you're sitting behind a keyboard in Virginia Beach doesn't validate your opinions. And ours aren't invalidated because we are in SWVA. The point is, you're perfectly entitled to be wrong even though you're in Tidewater!
  7. sixcat


    Virginia Beach is a world apart from Norfolk, Hampton and Newport News. The programs on the peninsula between the York and James Rivers are shrinking and producing less and less talent. The point is simple, the talent coming from the 757 is coming from a much smaller geographic area than it did two decades ago. Smaller geographic area equals smaller pools of talent! I would also challenge you to research the rosters of some of those Pop Warner teams to see how many of those kids are still playing today! https://www.virginiabeachmustangs.com/success.html https://www.virginiabeachmustangs.com/aascholars.html
  8. sixcat


    As an ODU graduate, I can give my perspective on life in the 757. I also spent 8 years with a Norfolk based company before relocating back to this part of the state. Most people living east of Williamsburg between the James and York Rivers would rather be anywhere else. Corruption and gambling within the youth football organizations have led to a drop in talent production. When kids and parents are being shaken down and brutalized so gangs can fix outcomes, participation dwindles. Those that still participate become corrupted by the environment before having a chance to reach the college level. The quick cash proves to be too tempting. Another key contributor is baseball. The Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach area is producing more high level baseball players than football ever produced. Which is drawing focus away from football at every level.
  9. sixcat


    I'm aware. But wouldn't an ACC program already have those guys in place by late June? Seems unlikely given Mark Dixon couldn't find a coaching position at the college level in 2017 and he began in early March.
  10. sixcat


    Wouldn't college programs like UVA already have their staff nailed down this close to the beginning of the season? I find it difficult to believe a major college program would be looking for a high school coach to fill a spot in late June!
  11. Maintaining half-capacity on buses and restrictions on cross-contamination between student groupings on campus will be a huge hurdle. https://www.richmond.com/sports/high-school/along-with-virginias-schools-sports-will-be-phased-in/article_a30991c0-5bc9-5ec1-b310-073cc28a608b.html
  12. I refereed the JV game between Grayson County and Fort Chiswell. It was played on my birthday in September and ended in a 6-6 tie. Maybe your buddy is a bit full of shit!
  13. Every assistant coach at Galax was a coach in name only. Dixon controlled every aspect of the football program. I don't recall the exact schedule but the district opponents GW, Grayson, Auburn and Fort Chiswell, to go along with Glenvar, Carroll and Martinsville I believe.
  14. It was the logical choice, yes. But I don't envy anyone filling the shoes of Mark Dixon.
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