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  1. 99.7 The Fox was one of the few radio stations we could pick up in Fries that played something other than bluegrass or gospel. Brings back a lot of memories.
  2. Didn't John Boy and Billy come up with that line way back before they were a national show?
  3. But they do have this! https://twitter.com/emptytrophycase?lang=en
  4. That OL Galax had in 2019 was stout too. Three were 4-year starters, one was freshman Riley Jo Vaught and the fourth was Denver Brown's brother Josh. A fourth 4-year starter was out after tearing the ligaments in his knee against Auburn in the second round of the playoffs. I hold firm to my opinion that, had Galax ran the ball more, they would have won that game!
  5. Your program is impressive. I admitted as much in this thread two days ago. Your humility, however, not so much!
  6. Beginning with the division of the MED in the mid 90's to form the Three Rivers District, the MED was the worst district in Virginia for about 15 years. I don't think anyone can argue against that!
  7. Carroll County has averaged about a 30 kid decline each year for the past four or five years. They could potentially be Class 2 by 2023-2024 if this proposal happens. I'm all for reducing the classifications. I think six is too many. But it has to be done in a reasonable way. Having Graham, Radford and John Marshall in the same classification as Bland, Rye Cove and Castlewood is ridiculous.
  8. The proposal would only count grades 9-11. Therefore, Graham would theoretically have 364 based on the ADM figures you provided. That is, of course, dividing the ADM figures by 4 and subtracting that amount from the total ADM. To me, this doesn't help. This would be more problematic for more schools than just the smallest in the state.
  9. The article suggests Graham and Lebanon would drop to Class 1 under the new proposal. "Two current Southwest District and Class 2 schools, Lebanon and Graham, would fall into Class 1 under the proposal." How is that possible? What am I missing? Nevermind. I remember this now. VHSL would count grades 9-11 only, which makes about as much sense as screen doors on a submarine! Why can't they just create a Class 1 for the smallest schools in the state, regardless of the number of schools, and divide everyone else equally into three or four classifications? Well, I know why! Something about VHSL and sensical solutions!
  10. I'd be shocked if fewer than 1,000 people were at the Riverheads Galax game. But a lot were on the baseball field, outside the fence, looking down onto the football field. A few were also lined up on the fenceline sitting in the back of pickup trucks near the east endzone.
  11. After the fiasco in Pulaski and Carroll, I don't see Radford ever going in that direction. They have pretty good leadership at the administrative level.
  12. He's "retired" what, a half a dozen times now?
  13. He should be about ready to leave Chatham. He's been there for going on 12 months now.
  14. The whole team did a good job in protection. Riverheads didn't have a single sack. But the younger Smiley kid wasn't tasked with rushing the QB from what I saw. He stopped the run cold and was still able to beat DB's down field to tackle Galax receivers after they caught passes. Pack, McPherson and a coach from East Surry were talking about it after the game as well. That kid don't get the attention his brother gets but he should!
  15. All joking aside, they are as impressive a program as this state has ever witnessed. We will see what happens when Casto retires, supposedly after next season. But they have a wealth of talent. The older Smiley brother gets all of the press but the younger one may be the best player on the team. He was in on seemingly every tackle Saturday whether meeting a back at the line of scrimmage or tackling a receiver 25 yards down field. He was hands down, the best player on the field Saturday!
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