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  1. My brother played against him in high school and he always stood out in my mind. He was as dominant a high school player as I've ever seen. We are in the same profession also, so our paths cross on occasion. Very nice guy!!!
  2. Didn't Brandon Steele end up having a pretty nice career at Penn State?
  3. I can provide the definitive Top-3 for Carroll County/Hillsville. Nobody could possibly argue against those. But I couldn't find a fourth. Maybe someone could offer some suggestions. Frank Beamer - No explanation needed. Lynne Conner - Started all 11 games as a redshirt freshman at Wake Forest. Led the Demon Deacons in interceptions, punt return yardage and kick return yardage. Finished his career as an NAIA All-American at Ferrum for reasons I won't go into here. Supremely gifted athlete. Kim Gillespie - Played at Richmond and was team captain in 1983. ???
  4. My "Mount Rushmore" for Galax football might surprise some folks. I'm sure others will disagree. Austin Pack - QB on the 2011 state runner-up team. Mark Dixon has told me several times, everything Galax football has accomplished over the past decade started with Austin. He's a natural born leader. People gravitate to him and follow him not fully knowing why. He was instrumental in getting this program off the mat. He was a really damned good athlete too! Steven Peoples - Not sure I need to explain more. Caleb Spurlin - See above. Brandon Brown - Brandon was supremely talented but unfortunate to play during an era when Galax football was nothing more than a doormat. IYKYK
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Dodd
  6. My neighbor was the football coach at Galax throughout the 1960's and 1970's. He is now in his 90's and as spry and feisty as you could imagine. He is always telling me stories about Tim Beamer. Beamer played college football at Johnson C. Smith before transferring to the University of Illinois. He was drafted in the 5th round by the Buffalo Bills, where he was a DB. It should also be pointed out, Bobby Dodd was born and raised in Galax. His family moved to Kingsport, TN when Dodd was 13.
  7. Queue the Roanoke Valley Spartan fans complaining about Glass recruiting the greater Lynchburg area!
  8. During the Galax game, a Fort player was clearly in trouble. He got up, fell, got up, fell, got up, fell, and his body was doing some crazy things. He was hand-fighting the EMT's on the sideline who were trying to help him. He ultimately spent 3-weeks in Roanoke Memorial with a severe concussion, spinal contusion, and possible brain bleed. The brain bleed turned out to be precautionary but still, very serious. He had some atrophy on his left side that persisted for several weeks. Prior to the play that left this kid visibly distressed, Spider put him back in the game after he was already determined to be concussed! His roommate in Roanoke Memorial for the first few days was a teammate with a severe concussion and shattered collarbone. Apparently, Spider couldn't be bothered to go visit either kid in the hospital even though other area coaches did, including Shane Allen and Brandon Harner. He deserves more than simply being fired in my opinion! He should never be allowed to coach kids again!
  9. 1. Stephen James (2005-2013) 2. Tom Hale (2014) 3. Todd Tiller (2015-2017) 4. Josh Wingate (2018) 5. Chris Akers (2019-2020) 6. Spider Thompson (2021-2022) 7. ??? (2023-???) I hope they get it figured out. That's tough for the school, community and kids.
  10. Beginning next school year, VHSL is changing the way they calculate ADM. They will no longer be counting the senior class. They will only count grades 9-11. Thus, 475 becomes 350.
  11. Reading comprehension isn't a strong suit on this board at times. Suggesting GW doesn't have the athletic advantage some might think somehow becomes "oh, you're an idiot if you think Grayson has better athletes than GW." Grayson has more than enough athletes to compete with GW. Grayson also has a clear-cut and sizeable advantage in the coaching department. This game was 27-22 a few weeks ago. James and Doss are more than enough to reverse a 5 point game the second time around.
  12. We learned Friday night, giving Stephen James a second crack at you can be a game changer. In addition, I don’t believe GW has noticeably better athletes. These two teams are strikingly similar with Grayson having a coaching advantage. Grayson 31 George Wythe 28
  13. That’s a tremendous amount of territory for one region to cover. I suppose it makes sense considering it was prior to the mass-consolidation phase we’ve been under the past two decades.
  14. It was 48-28 according to FourSeasonsFootball but the point stands, I suppose. How was James River, Grayson and Lebanon all in the same region? I’ll rephrase my original post. Grayson has won two playoff games in a season for the first time in school history. With only 5 seniors, they should be excited for next season.
  15. The fall of ‘91 was my senior year at Grayson. They lost in the second round to Lebanon by a bunch after beating James River the week prior. You only needed to win one playoff game to reach a regional championship in those days?
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