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  1. Digital Scout, much like MaxPreps, is only as accurate as the user providing information. Point being, it’s not vetted information cross-verified by the media members in attendance. Digital Scout is a decent tool but has limitations due to inaccuracies from unverified content. It’s Wikipedia for high school football. The stats provided by @Single A westare from the Roanoke Times. I’d be more inclined to believe them over anything I see on DS.
  2. sixcat

    Week 4 updates

    Hamilton (AZ) was down 24-7 to Bishop Gorman (NV) with 1:09 remaining in the 4th quarter last night. Hamilton won the game 25-24!!!
  3. sixcat

    Week 4 updates

    The thing that hurts Carroll, they haven’t developed anyone to go along with the Gosnell kid. They have talent. Just rely too heavily on one kid.
  4. sixcat

    Week 4 updates

    Three weeks in a row. Had Grayson down 14 and lost by a score.
  5. sixcat

    Week 4 updates

    Title IX doesn't apply to fans in any form or fashion.
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