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  1. Strictly from a development standpoint, he’s certainly going to a much more impressive and accomplished coaching staff. Ewing may be accomplished as a player but he’s not a very impressive coach. Just my opinion.
  2. It’s hard to say at this point. I don’t believe anyone in Galax is surprised by this so wheels should have been turning for a while now. Dixon all but accepted the head coaching position at Monticello a few months ago but couldn’t convince his wife to move that far away from her family. Shane Allen (Tazewell) and Steven Peoples are already on staff. I’m not sure either are interested in that responsibility at this point. Allen has small children and Peoples is a year out of college. Not sure he’s ready at this point. When advertised, it will get much more attention than it got when Dixon took the job though. Much more attractive position now than it was a decade ago.
  3. Good for Brady! It's been a not so well kept secret in Galax all week. With Pulaski's athletes and facilities, he can do some incredible things as long as administration supports him. Edit to add; I wish Dixon well. He certainly changed the culture for all Galax athletics. The coaching position will be a far sight more attractive now than it was when he was hired in 2010.
  4. If we do, it's possible teams in our area won't have enough players to finish the season with all the injuries.
  5. I sent you a PM with information regarding Galax.
  6. Pulaski's principal recently took a demotion to come to Galax. Lot's of folks leaving Pulaski in a very short space of time. I'm wondering if it's coincidental or a sign of a larger problem.
  7. Fleming is 5 minutes from his house. Pulaski is an hour plus.
  8. I know Kevin pretty well. I don't see him leaving Glenvar. His family is deeply rooted in the Salem/south Roanoke area. But if I'm an AD, I'm still reaching out to him.
  9. Southwest Times article mentions that. What's the over/under on "Roon Nation" screaming for James to replace Harner? https://www.southwesttimes.com/2020/05/james-steps-down-as-cougar-football-head-coach/
  10. The truth is, Dixon all but took the head coaching job at Monticello High School in Charlottesville back in December before his wife changed his mind for him. Pulaski isn't very far of a drive from Galax and Mrs. Dixon can remain close to her children at Virginia Tech. Not an inevitability but something that makes a lot of sense on several levels.
  11. I was at the D6 state championship games in 1992 and 1993 with Shayne Graham's uncle. He was the plant manager of the glass/mirror plant in Galax where I worked every afternoon all through high school. Pulaski beat Thomas Dale in 1992 to win the state championship 35-20 in something of an upset. Ken Oxendine was Dale's superstar. Ox had a very good game if memory serves but Pulaski played a solid game. Pulaski lost to EC Glass and Salem early in the 1992 season. They beat James Robinson 12-10 on four Shayne Graham field goals in the state semifinals that year. If memory serves, Dale had throttled everyone all season and was ranked in the USA Today pole before Pulaski beat them. Which likely led to Pulaski's ranking going into the 1993 season. Annandale beat Thomas Dale in the semifinals and Pulaski in the finals the following season and would win 26 consecutive games along with the 1993 and 1994 state titles. I remember those Annandale teams being very balanced and almost impossible to score on. Seems like they only allowed a shade under 200 points for the entire 1993 and 1994 seasons. And that includes giving up 41 points to GW Danville in the 1994 state championship game. No high-end D1 talent on those two Annandale teams but 20+ players going on to play at places like Georgetown, Towson, Bowie State and Howard if I remember correctly.
  12. sixcat

    Mike Compton

    You're replying to a 9-1/2 year old thread. Good luck with that!
  13. Welcome! Pretty good group here. The BS gets "hammered" pretty quickly!
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