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  1. My wife is in Plan 1 so we are very familiar. We have talked about it often, wondering if would we make the same choices had these Plans been in place when she was beginning her professional career 20 years ago.
  2. This is part of the changes that were made in 2014. VRS currently has three plan options. Plan #1 is geared toward those who began VRS prior to July 1, 2010. Plan #2 is for anyone who began VRS between July 1, 2010 and December 31, 2013. Plan #3 is for anyone who began VRS post January 1, 2014. https://www.varetire.org/pdf/publications/vrs-plans-comparison.pdf
  3. Is this supposed to be some sort of veiled threat?
  4. No need to fret! I’m sure Uncle Percy will let you continue to live in his basement.
  5. This thread has become a case-study in semantics!!!
  6. Just because you "retire" from one career prior to 30 years of service doesn't mean you aren't going to do something else. Casto can go into administration for a few short years somewhere else and increase his VRS retirement a significant amount.
  7. My brother and I were having this discussion over the Holidays. The high school his son attends near Lake Norman was designed and built to house 2,250 students. The first day the school opened it's door following construction in 2010, the enrollment was 2,495. They have 2,638 this year and are already using a dozen trailers to combat overcrowding. A new school in the area is already being planned. The juxtaposition to what we experience in SWVA (and other remote parts of the country) is astonishing. Galax population has declined 10% since 2010 and the school system has lost approximately 5% enrollment in that same time-frame. If those trends continue, Galax will have some difficult decisions to make within the next two decades.
  8. Great point on the expanded playoffs. That doesn't diminish what Tester was able to accomplish at Hurley though. Hurley hasn't had a winning season, or made the playoffs since he left. As I said earlier, Mark Dixon felt two opposing coaches understood line-play as well (or better) than he did.......Greg Tester and Robert Casto. I completely agree, nobody from Norton is leaving as long as JI Burton is open. I just don't see a scenario where Norton is able to maintain that school with declining enrollment and population. Eventually, finances will dictate a change.
  9. He did a fantastic job at Hurley. He led them to the Region D playoffs 7 times in 12 seasons. Doesn't sound like much but when you consider Hurley has fewer than 175 students, and had played 10 total playoff games in school history prior to Testers tenure, it's quite remarkable. People said the same thing about Covington going all the way back to the mid 1980's. That finally changed considering they are consolidating with Alleghany. Eventually, dwindling population and dwindling finances force these small independent cities into unwelcomed change.
  10. It would be difficult to find a better candidate. The kids already know him well and he is an outstanding coach.
  11. For the record, I'm not suggesting anything toward coach Casto. He likely had nothing to do with the entire situation other than to retire. I value Mark Dixon's opinion, and he has a very high one of coach Casto! That's good enough for me. From my 30-mile view, those with decision making power within Augusta County School Board failed to do their due diligence.
  12. My wife and I have both been involved in Boards in some form or fashion for 20 years. It's invariably a mixed bag. I can see where certain members of a school board wouldn't understand how these questions could be so important to any coaching hire. With that said, the AD and principal should have been involved from the outset and if they weren't, that's another glaring weakness in the Augusta County School Board. That is, of course, assuming the AD and principal understand the importance of these questions prior to making a hiring decision.
  13. If this is factual, it screams of piss-poor leadership. If those "issues" are important enough to the school system to get rid of a coach a week after hiring him, those questions should have been addressed in the interview process prior to hiring anyone.
  14. Let's just hope the Augusta County School Board doesn't hire someone from the eastern shore, have him move his wife and children across the state, find out Casto doesn't approve and un-retires, leaving the supposed new coach without a job. Other than that, things went pretty seamlessly three years ago.
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