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  1. Welcome to the site @Hard Hitter. Bland petitioned VHSL to move to the Hogohegee District in 2020. That request was denied, leaving Bland the tough choice of willingly foregoing the possibility of postseason play to help save the program by not playing a full district schedule. They notified the MED schools of their intentions at that time. Bland decided to play a schedule consisting of programs of similar stature hoping the change will help the program build a little momentum. What alternative do they really have other than to shutter the program? Every MED school knew Bland's intentions prior to last season. Which is why Galax picked up a home-and-home series with West Stokes, NC. Giles, Grayson and Fort Chiswell also added a home-and-home series to replace Bland. I'm not sure what happened with George Wythe. Turnover in the Athletic Director position? Incompetence? Procrastination? I think it's reasonable to assume GW dropped the ball in some fashion considering every other MED school was able to schedule a two game series with another opponent.
  2. For the record, nobody at Galax is upset with Bland and have actually tried to be supportive. It's completely understandable, they are in a difficult situation where playing teams like Galax would be demoralizing for a program trying desperately to stay alive. They don't want to cease football operations but that's definitely the next step if they can't get some momentum. Galax is happy to have a tougher opponent anyway. I don't say that to slam Bland. The reality is, Bland kids will get greater benefit from playing Eastern Montgomery, Rye Cove and Castlewood than Galax, GW and Giles. And Galax will get better prepared for state competition by playing West Stokes. In my opinion (and this is only an opinion), George Wythe should have been better prepared considering Bland was upfront with every district opponent prior to last season. It strikes me as being pretty obvious Galax, Giles, Grayson and Fort Chiswell all schedule home-and-home series with other schools in preparation. The anger toward Bland should be directed toward George Wythe's Athletic Director for lack of preparation.
  3. All I know is, Bland petitioned VHSL to move to another district in 2020. I forget which one (Hogohegee maybe). They were denied. Their in-house solution is to decline to play Galax, Giles, Fort Chiswell and George Wythe knowing it will prevent them from playing post season football regardless of record.
  4. Bland refused to schedule Galax for the two-year cycle that ends this season prior to last season. Galax was able to schedule a home-and-home with West Stokes as a result. Galax has a full slate of games for the upcoming season. At least until Auburn cancels half their season.
  5. Galax had a dismal regular season by their standards, finishing 4th in the MED. Today, they won their 6th state championship in 8 seasons. They won their last 6 games of the season to finish 14-8-2.
  6. FCS = Football Championship Subdivision (Formerly D1-AA). ETSU, North Dakota State, James Madison, William & Marry, Sam Houston State, Eastern Washington, are considered FCS schools. FBS = Football Bowl Subdivision. Virginia Tech, UVA, Alabama, Marshall, Appalachian State, are considered FBS schools. Division II has always been D2. UVA-Wise, Tusculum, Catawba, Concord, Glenville State, Fairmont State are considered Division II. It's been this way for as long as I can remember. The NCAA changed the name of D1-AA to FCS and D1 to FBS in 2006.
  7. That's a nice mention for Riley Jo but not very realistic if holding true to the "Power 5" mention in the second sentence of the article. He's as strong as an ox but the kid is maybe 5'-8" tall and doesn't weigh anywhere near the 220 pounds Galax lists him at. He could play somewhere like Ferrum or Emory & Henry but he isn't playing at a higher level than that.
  8. Galax soccer had a dismal regular season by its own standards finishing 3rd in the MED. They did, however, win the Region C crown last night over Auburn 1-0. I believe this is something like 16 times in 20 seasons Galax has advanced to the state tournament in soccer, winning 5 state titles. Carroll County softball lost to Cave Spring last night 4-0. Grayson County defeated Auburn 3-2 to win the Region C baseball crown. If anyone wants to see a future ACC player in action, check out Grayson County. Andrew Shaffner is headed to NC State in the fall.
  9. I've played golf out that way a few times over the years. I can vouch for Vincenzo's being some really good Italian. I've never had Los Banditos but Don Jose is very good Mexican. There is a new place not far from the high school near Target called Sedona Tap House. That place is exquisite!
  10. Norton GIS show the entire school parcel, minus the tennis courts, being in Norton. Wise County GIS shows the property being in Wise County. Both Norton and Wise County show a tax identification number for the property. Given this is in my professional wheelhouse, I would suspect Wise County bought the property from Norton prior to the school being built. Wise County has updated their tax map records as well as GIS. Norton has never removed the parcel from their tax map records and GIS was never updated.
  11. Wise County GIS suggests Central is not in Norton. Walmart is but Central is not.
  12. I failed to mention it specifically but you are correct. The financial hardship and lost revenue were largely driven by loss in population and two separate governments fighting for years for the same table scraps. Working together really became a necessity if they were both going to survive. They were often caught having to compete against one another for the same opportunities. Truthfully, Covington may not survive yet as an independent city. Galax has had to work hand in hand with Carroll and Grayson for decades to remain viable. A lot of locals complain about the cooperation but without it, all three would suffer.
  13. My thirty-mile-view of the Narrows/Giles situation mirrors Covington/Alleghany. Insular communities with generational rivalry and political hurdles. It took a lot of financial hardship, lost revenue, increased taxes and lost population to get Covington and Alleghany to the point of consolidation. They eventually got so beat down fighting to stay separate, they gave up and let nature take its course. After that, the process went pretty quickly. I don't see Narrows and Giles at that point yet. Granted, I don't know as much about Scott County politics but I don't believe Gate City has ever been rivals of Twin Springs and Rye Cove. It might not be as difficult to get all parties on the same page not having to negotiate across a rivalry divide going back generations.
  14. Grayson County product Chris Shreve was an absolute standout at VT and played for the Green Bay Packers. Pulaski County product Gary Clark was a star at James Madison and played 12 seasons in he NFL. JJ Kelly product Carroll Dale was a star at VT and played 14 years in the NFL.
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