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  1. sixcat

    Mance news

    My brother lives in Cornelius. His kids attend Hough. I've been to many, many games over the years. Richlands would be lucky to win more than one I-MECK conference game per season. That's not intended to be a knock on Richlands in any way. It's just the reality of rural small-school football in Virginia versus Charlotte area programs. The I-MECK is easily the toughest conference in North Carolina and my opinion is, tougher than any conference in Virginia as well. There's a reason the head football coach of one of the ten best high school football teams in Virginia (Indian River) left to coach at Vance!
  2. It’s a shame but the governor only had one real choice here! It’s not something we can afford to get wrong and it’s not about politics.
  3. My brother was notified that his kids school district is preparing for school closure to last a minimum of the remainder of this calendar year. So yeah, it's not going away anytime soon. If this does happen in Virginia, at least we know something will finally end Riverheads reign!
  4. Nope, schools are already preparing for closure through the rest of the school year.
  5. The question is, do we declare @Ryan4VTthe winner given the work put in to getting it set up?
  6. Can we all agree Gate City is a basketball school now?
  7. Radford and Martinsville have a combined 11 state championships since 2000! Both are Region C!!!!!
  8. Along with other inner-city Richmond schools, JM has lost a lot of enrollment in recent years. But they didn’t lose anything on the basketball court. JM will likely win handily. Regardless, Gate City has exceeded most expectations this season. They should be very proud of what this group has accomplished.
  9. The majority of pre-season/early-season predictions were that Central would win the M7 and Gate City couldn’t get back to this stage without Ervin and McClung. Those kids are getting pretty damned good at serving up crow!
  10. I get that. Just pointing out, I agree with your assessment. It’s a shame because at any other juncture of the game, a foul would have been called on either one of two players. End game situations shouldn’t be treated differently.
  11. sixcat

    Mance news

    Yeah, same guy. I’m not suggesting he isn’t somewhat “off“ himself. With that said, objectively reading the letters and listening to the recordings provided about the FC incident can easily be separated from the source making the information public. Besides, rumors surrounding “initiation” rituals at FC we’re going around during my playing days.
  12. sixcat

    Mance news

    That second name is in a mess of legal trouble along with several others at his current position. Look up freelance news reporter Orly Salinas on Facebook and enjoy the reading!
  13. sixcat

    Mance news

    It’s not important. Sort of an inside joke I assumed you would know given you’re from the area.
  14. sixcat

    Mance news

    I didn’t realize CJ had left.
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