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  1. Galax 51 Rural Retreat 7 6:55 remaining
  2. Galax 31 Rural Retreat 7 Halftime
  3. Pulaski Co. Abingdon George Wythe Floyd Co. Radford Central Ridgeview John Battle Patrick Henry Graham Galax Grayson Co. Grundy Hurley Twin Valley Chilhowie JI Burton Thomas Walker Florida Wisconsin Texas A&M Louisville North Carolina Kansas Virginia Georgia Buffalo Kansas City Minnesota Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Rams GotW Narrows 35
  4. I guess it’s possible he could have been sucked through a golf hole to a parallel cartoon dimension and forced to play the cosmic all-stars in a winner take all basketball game. It just seems unlikely given his track record. Time will tell I guess!
  5. The least surprising news of the season. Turner has quit everywhere he’s been!
  6. I don't know who you are referring to exactly. I can assure you, Galax coaches and administrators are on here often! Shawn Knight from the VHSL was on record in an article in the Roanoke Times pointing to complaints from Glade in respect to the Galax game being moved. He is in charge of competition for VHSL. It's his job to determine when and where playoff games will be played. I don't believe anyone is disputing the fact that Chilhowie didn't want to play Galax on turf. Not sure why though. They were clearly the better team. I understand the ship has sailed in terms of public opinion on where complaints came from. Believe what you want. I couldn't care less. My only point is, if you believe Mark Dixon isn't up for a challenge, you clearly don't know Mark Dixon! Complaints didn't come from him.
  7. This was spelled out chapter and verse both in the Roanoke Times as well as the Bristol Herald Courier. The initial complaint came from Chilhowie's regional final opponent. Nobody from Galax ever complained. Dixon would play anybody in a Walmart parking lot if he had to!
  8. Galax Radford Graham Ridgeview Gate City John Battle JI Burton Union Grundy George Wythe Tazewell Tennessee Grayson Co. Honaker Patrick Henry Castlewood Hancock Co. Twin Springs Lord Botetourt Penn St. Tennessee Virginia Tech NC State UCF Marshall Florida Clemson Virginia Green Bay Tennessee Pittsburgh Dallas Los Angeles Rams Philadelphia G(s)otW Pulaski Co. 52 Chilhowie 49
  9. Not exactly how Dixon runs a program. He has probably 25 players who are basically interchangeable. The “second stringers” have played half the first two games. Score was 44-7 so, JV’s got a look.
  10. Riverheads 21 Glenvar 14 Halftime
  11. Galax 21 Martinsville 0 End of 1st quarter
  12. Galax with a 6 play 75 yard drive to begin the game. Galax 7 Martinsville 0 10:20 1st quarter
  13. Pulaski Co. Abingdon Carroll Co. George Wythe Christiansburg Central Battle Ridgeview Graham Narrows Galax Grundy Honaker Hurley Twin Valley Patrick Henry Holston Rural Retreat Bluefield Virginia Boise St. Virginia Tech Missouri Clemson BYU LSU Miami Cleveland Philadelphia Kansas City Los Angeles Chargers New England G(s)otW Union 52 Chilhowie 55
  14. I believe the rule is, you can’t turn 19 before August 1st. Plenty of kids turning 19 shortly thereafter though!
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