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  1. I wasn't pointing specifically toward you with my comments. It was intended to be more of a blanket statement supporting my daughter. Her STEM camps thus far have been Wake Forest, Emory University, and Johns Hopkins. If she chooses to attend next summer, it will likely be Stanford. Her disgust with athletics as a whole comes almost exclusively from her experiences within her school system. The issues that lead to her disgust are far more frequent than they should be. Especially at Galax where the rules don't apply to athletes until local law enforcement is forced to get involved. Those same issues have lead to a 20% average yearly turnover rate for school system staff. From where I sit, lack of quality leadership and a "good ole boy" system prevail at Galax! I agree completely with the assertion that many, many factors contribute to kids not playing sports. But my larger point is, it should also be viewed from the opposite direction. How does the negativity that often surrounds athletics affect academics? I would make the argument, much more than we stop to consider!
  2. Because my daughter isn’t in the park, gym or playing field doesn’t mean she is somehow lazy. Learning to play guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and saxophone at a concert level while maintaining an advanced classroom schedule and the extra work required for her to be invited to STEM camps involves as much or more dedication, sacrifice and practice as any sport! I would challenge anyone here to maintain my daughters schedule for a week! After letting her read through the last page, she says this thread is one big reason she despises sports.
  3. My wife’s parents cannot relate to my daughter. They see her as lazy, distant and ungrateful. They have taken to calling her “Daria” and wonder why she is so distant with them. At 14, she has been to some pretty prestigious “invitation only” STEM camps. As a 7th grader last year, she wrote the entire code for the Galax high school robotics team. She plays 6 instruments fluently and is featured on the current FloydFest lineup poster. Where her band of misfit teenagers will be performing next weekend. Because someone uses technology as a tool to a better life doesn’t necessarily make them lazy. It often makes the highly intelligent. Much more so than the previous generations that don’t understand them!
  4. Not Class 1 or 2 but worthy of mention. Carroll County got a pair of transfers named Stephen (SR) and Benji (SO) Gosnell from North Carolina. Stephen is 6'-2" tall, around 215 pounds and has signed to play WR at NC State. He was the number 30 ranked player in North Carolina as a junior last season before transferring. He accounted for more than 2,500 yards last season for East Surry who lost in the state finals to Tarboro. Benji is 6'-3" tall, a shade over 200 pounds and plays DE. Although rumor is, he is going to concentrate on basketball and baseball and drop football. https://www.roanoke.com/sports/high_schools/carroll-county-transfer-commits-to-n-c-state-to-play/article_05647d5d-00d9-5cfa-a63a-49002dbe10c5.html
  5. I know a current all-state caliber player that once played sandlot in two different leagues simultaneously. Two practices per day, two games per week for multiple seasons. Dad is a bit of a psycho!
  6. The Twin County area of Galax, Grayson and Carroll has become a retirement community for northerners who spend the winter in Florida and the summer in the mountains. Especially Grayson County! They retire from Michigan, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut or New York, buy cheap land in this area and a condo in The Villages and divide their time between the two. This has become so common here that the median age for this area is well over 10 years above the state median age. Checking the online stats for 2017, the median age in Grayson County is 10 years higher than Norton and about 7 years higher than Wise, Dickenson and Russell. Scott County is the only median age approaching Grayson's.
  7. Galax has a new track coach and assistant football coach most will recognize. #WeThePeoples
  8. I can't speak for Lebanon. In the case of Grayson County, the ADM figures changed dramatically halfway through the 2-year cycle. Grayson's March 31, 2018 ADM figure was 489. They lost around 45 students by the end of the 2018 school year dropping them well under the 475 cutoff for Class 1. It's my understanding, Grayson's enrollment has dropped even further since last summer. I suspect Lebanon is in a very similar situation.
  9. According to the VDOE website, Lebanon had 467 enrolled in grades 9-12 in 2018-2019. The March 2018 VHSL ADM figures have Lebanaon at 503. That puts Lebanon in a similar position to what Grayson County was in last year. They were granted permission to drop to Class 1 as a result.
  10. This situation is sad and doesn't affect me in any way but I have two daughters. I'm not giving anyone the benefit of the doubt! Especially when 16 different young ladies are making similar claims against Adams. Galax recently fired 3 administrators for circulating unflattering memes featuring another administrator. The situation in Norton is far more serious. If the Norton school board wanted him out, they have the ammunition to do so. Inappropriate behavior shouldn't be tolerated or excused for the sake of the athletics department or to protect the good ole boys club! Just my opinion!
  11. How quickly people forget when Dixon got to Galax, they were a laughing-stock in virtually every sport. The Galax football program had 5 total playoff victories in school history prior to the arrival of Dixon (1916-2009). He broke that playoff win total in his second season! Galax had a total of two team state championships prior to Dixon's arrival......both in golf! Dixon may have some advantages in Galax. Most notably, Galax is the engine that supports Carroll and Grayson County and to a lesser extent, Alleghany County, NC. Those residents come to Galax to work, shop, eat and for entertainment. Many bring their kids and drop them off at the school while they are here. It's been happening this way here since long before I was in school. Most other communities see their residents leave the area for work, shopping, dining and entertainment. Dixon may have some advantages but he also has a talent for what he does that is rare in SWVA.
  12. What you're seeing differs from what I'm seeing, at least locally. Kids are working jobs to offset the lack of family funds. Many of these kids are my daughters age (14). I see several Twin County (Galax, Grayson, Carroll) athletes working all over the place. Some even work in the Christmas tree farms from daylight to dark. Several of these kids forgo athletics when school starts back and keep the job to help the family. I had someone tell me recently, "fumes" hurt high school athletics more than any other single thing. Gas fumes and perfumes! Galax began 8-man football at the sandlot level over a decade ago. The proof is in the pudding as they say. The results can be seen at the high school level every Friday nights. More kids actively involved at a younger age means less quit at an older age. Don't discount 8-man football as something that can greatly benefit SWVA. Especially when used properly in the feeder systems.
  13. To elaborate a bit further, consolidating Wythe County schools would result in a high school enrollment of 1,296 based on the March 31, 2018 official VHSL ADM figures. To put that in perspective............ Proposed Wythe County High 1,296 (4A) Salem 1,282 (4A) Pulaski County 1,279 (4A) Blacksburg 1,191 (4A) Amherst 1,159 (4A) Carroll County 1,096 (3A) Christiansburg 1,046 (3A) Lord Botetourt 1,028 (3A) Abingdon 924 (3A) This is a smattering of the schools that are somewhat SWVA based and would all be considerably smaller than a middle of the pack 4A Wythe County school. The smallest 4A school in Virginia is Bassett at 1,133 and the largest is Menchville at 1,528. With an enrollment of 1,296, a 4A Wythe County school would be almost perfectly in the middle of 4A enrollment with no shot at dropping to 3A. Good luck with that!
  14. Wythe County doesn't have 3 Single A schools!
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