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  1. Just verified on four season site this fall 2022 Pulaski will have its 5th coach the past 14 seasons.....kinda shocking.
  2. S Allen did a very good job at Tazewell ....he had them on way up. He just go squeezed out by local politics. He also was an excellent ass't at Carroll for years.
  3. All 3 Russell Co schools will now have a new HFC in 2022
  4. How many Region C titles has Auburn won the past 5 years? How many state titles has Auburn High School won the past 5 years? I know it is an impressive number?
  5. It should be a little easier with Casto completely retiring and not being in building. I feel they have an internal candidate who I assumed they have been quietly prepping and you will see minimal changes in process......results on other hand may be different. His DC leaving will be huge also.....he is in total charge of defense
  6. Principal is the Super's proxy....
  7. During Grayson Co win over Giles last night the Superintendent was ejected for berating the officials. Principal had to come over and ask him to leave per officials request. Super sits at scorers table next to Head Coach. Super walked out of gym and repeatedly poked head in to check out game.
  8. Grayson County has a secret weapon....the Superintendent is on the bench basically running the show.
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