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  1. Looks like no matter who wins Region C we are going to be traveling to D again. Holaton or Chilhowie.
  2. Iove watching games at GW field. Great view from everywhere in the stadium. There was some hits being threw last night. Don't know if the stadium amplifies the sound but there was some loud pops. Although I hope the GW lineman didn't mess his knee up to bad. It looked like he was in alot of pain. Galax looked good last night Allen certainly called off the dogs mid way through second quarter. The third string TB number 7 can absolutely fly. Wow, he needs to get the ball out to him in space more. On that long run he made one of the prettiest cuts I have seen all year.
  3. Pulaski is very very young. They lost a lot of talent last year and have a lot of talent waking the hallways not playing this year as well. This will still be one of the best prepared and talented teams Graham will have seen all year.
  4. I tried watching the GC/Giles game on NFHS. Either there was a massive amount of fog or the screen was so dirty you couldnt make out the visiting sideline or any of the players numbers. Galax feed is bad as well. The schools need to at least wipe of the camera before the games. Lol
  5. The announcer last night said that they played Rural Retreat on Tuesday.! Crazy
  6. If the AD is the same guy who has been there for the past few years, I agree whole heartedly with this. A complete moron with a Napolean complex. And that is being nice.
  7. Lee came to our field in 90 or 91 can't remember which and hammered us 44-14 and had a couple of massive linemen. We went there the next year and was supposed to get blown out. Their coach tooknusnonna tour of the facilities and field as a group and was an outstanding host. We ended winning 14-8 and I remember their coach coming onto our bus as we was leaving and he told us not to let anyone to tell us it was a fluke win that we just out played them. I gained massive respect for that man. What was his name?
  8. To be fair Coach Allen has ran the defense for several years now. And Dixon gave him all the credit to stopping your very Dynamic QB in 2019 both games. Alot of coaches can narrow down to what you are going to run by studying film and knowing tendencies of plays on certain formations and downs and yardage situations. What made Dixon so good was his adjustments as to how those plays was blocked and especially on how to make adjustments to the blocking scheme on offense to what the defense was doing. Casto is outstanding at this on the offensive side. He would run the same play over and over multiple times in a row and adjust till he got what he was looking for. Lol he ran off tackle left repeatedly against Riverheads for a full Quarter and was gaining multiple yards each time. Even though everyone in the stadium knew what was coming. He just adjusted how he would block it every little bit. Although with a month off GW certainly has an advantage to prepare for Galax
  9. Galax 28 Ft - Chiswell 0 at the Half
  10. I thought the RB for Graham was impressive. He was very shifty and fast.
  11. Does Bradshaw usually get that limited amount of touches per game or was he just saving him?
  12. Good game Gmen. Good luck rest of the year.
  13. I think you are spot on here.
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