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  1. That in fact that Pickett crossed the line on the first try(you can see it on the film) as well as the punt that was tipped by a Galax player (you can here it and see the ball get redirected because of it) but they call roughing the punter on the play. The kids shouldn't have to deal with incompetence by the refs. That was three huge game changing plays they missed.
  2. I hated it for the kid, you could tell he was In a tremendous amount of pain. Yes it was very surprising at how lackadaisical the emts was coming onto the field, especially with coaches begging for them to hurry. I give PH alot of props as they didn't give up when alot of other teams would have. And I thought PH out schemed Galax today in alot of aspects. I thought Galax did a tremendous job on defense. Holding PH rushing attack to 34 yards is a huge accomplishment. Although I thought PH held our offense in check better then anyone had all year except Northside. I have not seen us miss that many blocking assignments all year combined compared to today. That is a huge credit to PH coaching staff and the scheme they used against us.
  3. The score doesn't reflect how hard PH played today. They played with ot of fight and have some good athletes.
  4. Not sure PH is the underdog here. Huge across the front. PH hasn't trailed a game all year.
  5. Not alot being said about this game in the news or social media . Really quiet compared to other years.
  6. Sorry sir, my quote was misleading. I meant the RB from PH. He missed some games this year and the paper said he had to come off yesterday due to reaggrevating and ankle injury.
  7. I have watched them play three times this year. Once in person (Rural retreat). Twice on film. Not that it matters for this game but I watched them last year against Chilhowie in the finals, when the kids from PH was standing in a couple inches of water on the sidelines. You couldn't tell anything about them in that game, it was an old fashioned mud bowl. Lol PH isn't just a run team, they can throw the ball when they have to. That's what broke them game open for them at Rural retreat when RR was containing the run. I hope RB gets to play, I would hate for him to miss out this game after 4 years of hard work.
  8. 1. I don't think anyone thought or said that last year. If anyone thinks anyone in Galax thinks that this year, especially Mark Dixon, then they clearly don't know Galax. 2. Last years team has nothing to do with this year. Far enough along in the season that everybody knows this. 3. I hope the RB is ok to play. Hate to see any kid play 4 years through nagging injuries and not get to play in a game like this. 4.Look forward to a great ballgame Saturday at Emory.
  9. Sorry didn't mean that towards the Narrows GW game. I was talking about today.
  10. Good season GW, you have a couple players that had a phenominal season this year. I really enjoy talking to your fans I have meet watching you guys play several times this year.
  11. To be honest, I don't think it would of mattered. They couldnt do anything with it when they held on to it.
  12. Hearing this game has been moved till this evening. Is this correct?
  13. OK for the uneducated (me). Why is Central called the Walmart warriors?
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