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  1. Probably won't make a difference if Galax doesn't clean up the mistakes and open up the play book but we'll see. I do believe Galax will be one of the more physical teams Radford has faced so far so we'll see how that plays out as well.
  2. Trying to look on the bright side here and I'm hoping the coaching staff is just trying to do enough to win without showing alot to future opponents, hoping they open up the playbook a little more against Radford. I still believe this is a good team but we have to clean up the mistakes and be more diverse on offense.
  3. Galax will definitely need to clean a lot of stuff up if they want to compete in this game. Way to many mistakes the last few weeks and a good team will make them pay for the mistakes.
  4. Talking about him being legitimate division 1 recruit, not sure what your trying to imply?
  5. Carroll at Galax...Carroll has moved the 4 star recruit to QB so we'll see how that plays out and before everyone starts saying they don't have a big time recruit go look up Benji Gosnell
  6. Any news on starters for this week?
  7. If I remember right there was a couple on here talking about how they would put it on Radford so to me some on here think they are pretty good....
  8. I didn't know they had that many starters out, curious to see how they look with all the starters. Maybe they will he closer to the Giles of old with all the starters.
  9. From what I seen Friday night Giles is not quite back to being the Giles of old, they still got a lot of work to do to get back to there old dominant days. GW should probably handle them pretty good if GW is as good as some some they are.
  10. Guess we'll see...I'm not going to come on here and claim we will roll them but when Galax isn't making the mistakes they are a solid team and the more practice time they get together the better they will be. Now me saying they can compete with Radford without the mistakes is merely speculation on my part. Galax better be worried about Carroll this week before they can even think about Radford.
  11. Galax can compete with them if they clean up the mistakes.....mistakes are killing them right now.
  12. If Galax doesn't make all the mistakes which a lot were self inflicted this game may have been a 55-7 drubbing but that is merely speculation on my part. Galax has a very solid team if they can stay healthy and eliminate the mistakes. Better teams will capitalize on the mistakes so they have to get it cleaned up.
  13. Glenvar 14- Galax 7 halftime
  14. Thoughts on this game? Does Galax have a shot in this one with the amount of practice time they have missed?
  15. Getting Radford had a good time considering the amount of practice time they have missed, curious to see how this on goes.
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