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  1. I come from a family of teachers so yes all teachers deserve more for sure! But in Virginia it is paid by county, so unless you are one of the Tofu eating faires that make the decisions on money ..... shut up or move to another county!
  2. Stop it, all teachers are valuable! But most are gone at 330 and he and his coaches are there until 7 three nights a week and 12 or 1 am the other two. While also playing daddy, guidance counselor, bus driver, cook , custodian , field manager and many other duties - coaches earn there money!
  3. Who has a kid that will be Oc, principal or new coach
  4. all in the family well except for.......
  5. Good luck to all involved with wise program wish them the best, there are many good folks in the area. With the influx of talent they will have the next couple of years , it will be a good watch from a far!
  6. This 👆 100%, maybe post of the year! Parents listen
  7. Search, multi state? No way then
  8. so i cant get the article to open, how long was he a coordinator and coaching at Wise. I remember him playing i think at Powell Valley ?
  9. Heard a lot of good things about him, he will do great
  10. If you only knew, good luck to all involved!
  11. By the way I don’t have any more side info, just a guess
  12. My thoughts are they don’t have a teacher position for there guy because they won’t move any of the old guys…. So they are having to circle the wagons to keep everyone happy
  13. This whole situation bad for an outside hire, it has to be an inside hire, it is way way to late . I don’t care what anyone says , a new coach needs plenty of time to install weight room mentality and schemes. Pray for all involved especially the most important part…….players!
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