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  1. Lots of factors go into the success of High school programs, community, players, wt room, Assistant coaches and Admin. There are other factors but these are the biggest....
  2. Where is sturgill at right now.
  3. It could be a great place, sounds like! How good were the JV and middle school teams?
  4. It looks like they have a really competitive County with the other schools there. Hard to believe a school that good at basketball and track can’t field a good team
  5. Who is next at Chilhowie, sounds like there could be a good future there- according to the former coach?
  6. Very True! Congrats
  7. They were really good a few years back; what happened graduation? Well went dry? Can they find there groove back
  8. Been real slow in SWVA, I guess the coaches and Administration like where they are, March and no movement yet
  9. Just Curious, it always seems the hot stove heats up around this time!
  10. When will swva and East Tennessee football jobs open up!
  11. So Northwood, Central still open on Va side, Any still open on Tenn side?
  12. Nothing will get serious until playoffs are over in Tennessee and Virginia right?
  13. Where are the openings at? Thanks
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