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  1. I hate it for those boys; I would love to see them (CHS) achieve something that most of us dreamed about as players but the adults have made this such a mess for them. Hopefully both teams come out without injuries and may the best team win.
  2. Bottom line is had Narrows pulled off the upset last week Chilhowie would not have complained a bit about the game being moved to E&H. For the 1st time this year I think the Warriors are somewhat worried about an opponent. IMO
  3. There was a huge brawl that happened at the end of a basketball game in the 87/88 season. I know this to be true because I was in it and remember it like it was yesterday.
  4. It goes all the way back to Rich Valley and R.B. Worthy days this is not something that just popped up when we became Northwood. Both schools hated Chilhowie before they combined as to why nobody could ever answer that.
  5. What sense does moving the game to Saltville make? How many weeks has it been since a game was played on that field and is it even ready to host a game that will happen in less than 24 hours?
  6. Wouldn't you need them by 12pm tomorrow since the 1st 3 NFL games are tomorrow?
  7. 1. Bluefield 2. Pulaski Co. 3. Graham 4. Abingdon 5. Chilhowie 6. Ridgeview 7. Union 8. Galax 9. Radford 10. Grayson Co.
  8. Goochland King William Poquoson Amelia County B East Rockingham Clarke County Luray Central-Woodstock C Radford Gretna Appomattox Glenvar D Ridgeview Richlands Graham Union Goochland Poquoson East Rockingham Central-Woodstock Radford Appomattox Ridgeview Graham Goochland East Rockingham Appomattox Graham East Rockingham Appomattox East Rockingham 44
  9. Franklin Essex Rappahannock Northumberland Riverheads Atavista Central-Lunenberg William Campbell Galax George Wythe Parry McCluer Narrows Chilhowie Thomas Walker J.I. Burton Patrick Henry Franklin Rappahannock Riverheads William Campbell Galax Parry McCluer Chilhowie J.I. Burton Franklin Riverheads Chilhowie Galax Riverheads Chilhowie Riverheads 54
  10. Abingdon Princeton Ft. Chiswell Glenvar Union Grundy Ridgeview Graham Tazewell Richlands George Wythe Narrows Hurley JI Burton Eastside Chilhowie Patrick Henry Rye Cove Virginia Marshall Georgia West Virginia Michigan Boston College Tennessee Alabama Minnesota Pittsburgh Houston Los Angeles Chargers New England Galax 50
  11. 1. Bluefield 2. Pulaski Co. 3. Graham 4. Abingdon 5. Chilhowie 6. Ridgeview 7. Union 8. Galax 9. Radford 10. Grayson Co.
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