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  1. Other than the score of the past few games the Bulldogs have played pretty well against Bluefield. Do I expect Tazewell to win this game? No!
  2. That’s 2nd string players when 15 kids are not in wheelchairs! Well played game by Richlands!
  3. Who the hell else is he gonna put in?
  4. No one has said anything to have to put out an excuse. We know what we have and DON’T have going into the game. I know Richlands has found momentum which they usually do this time of year after the schedule they have.
  5. The Honaker kid and JoJo and been going at it the whole first half. ( jaw jacking not fighting) But #32 got lippy with the ref which got him tossed. JoJo got ejected for saying something to someone, who knows what it was. But it sure wasn’t for tossing someone to the ground by there face mask!
  6. Because it didn’t happen. 32 for Honaker had already be ejected, Bulldogs run a play to Tigers sideline and #32 starts running his mouth to JoJo and boom reaction gets an action.
  7. Well your life is in jeopardy! Because both players that were ejected was for running their mouths!
  8. I believe if they appeal, they will win. The refs let both boys stay on the sidelines!
  9. Pulaski Co. Abingdon Glenvar Auburn Giles Lee Union Graham Marion Chilhowie Grayson Co. Narrows Hurley Castlewood JI Burton Thomas Walker Patrick Henry Bluefield Iowa Auburn Texas Miami Marshall Georgia Ohio St. Chicago Baltimore Los Angeles Chargers Green Bay Kansas City Games of the Week: Radford - 60 George Wythe - 48 Tazewell - 49
  10. All I can say is it was #6.
  11. That’s 5 or 6 from this team alone with bad knee injuries....
  12. Wanna wish Mike Jones and quick recovery on his ACL as well!
  13. During the handshake one player, 50 or 55 pulled away and started flipping the Tazewell crowed off. Don’t wanna wish injury on anyone but #6 for Princeton karma is bitch man! To do what he did and then walk up to him and say that’s what you get bitch.
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