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  1. Can’t wait to hopefully check that out!
  2. Interesting if any of it happens!!! I need some type of normal back in my life
  3. In my 15 years of being on this board, this is probably the deadest I've ever seen it... Hopefully one day this ole world will get back to normal. Hope everyone is staying safe and having a good summer!
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if they didn't play till spring time. High School football gains money for the other sports programs to happen.
  5. This is the year we been waiting for since those 20 plus freshman joined the team 3 years ago! I just hope all the guys we lost last season with all the blew out knees can come back and play!
  6. Tazewell County might as well get in line because it's gonna happen here in the next few years.
  7. He’s a legend, but I could bet ya there a few Bulldog fans that will gladly help him pack!!
  8. Tazewell had three of there guys to sign with Bluefield last week, Cam Taylor, Isaiah Rife, and can't remember the other at this moment.
  9. Enjoyed playing for Coach Hart and Coach G!!!
  10. I just wish they would fix the schedule were we don't play 5 home games or road games in row, mix that shit up! Please! lol
  11. Don’t know much about Central, but I may be bias. But I think J Harris is a top runner for COTY!
  12. If they don’t move it maybe they can borrow your shoes? I kid, I had to get a least one jab in before the end of football season.
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