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  1. I wish we would go back to the green, white and gold. Those gold pants were awesome! We last wore them my Jr year. Sr year we were all green and white.
  2. No one gets his name right Rizo is turning into a good o-lineman. Only his second year playing offensive tackle and he's turning into a damn good one.
  3. Centra may win this game, but if they allow Tazewell to hang around late into the game it could be a one and done for the Warriors. Tazewell is young, athlete’s everywhere on the field. Tazewell makes great second half adjustments and will battle till the end! T - 18 C - 42
  4. Richlands? Wasn’t Tarter just a 1 year and done thing?
  5. I think I heard @UVAObserver say he needed 9 more after last night's game... I could be wrong, I was listening to the game on my phone, watching the Braves win the World Series on one tv and playing Warzone on another tv. lol
  6. V-High just run to the outside, Richlands is slow. When they were at their best they were fast everywhere.
  7. Just love how threads on here start on one subject and before you know were talking about something else. This board makes my head hurt!
  8. Pulaski Gate City Ridgeview Graham Richlands Bluefield Thomas Walker Galax Giles Narrows Grundy Honaker Castlewood Twin Springs Chilhowie Holston Princeton Marshall Oklahoma St. Virginia Georgia North Carolina Virginia Tech Ole Miss Miami Washington Carolina Arizona Seattle GotW Union 42
  9. Thought that’s what I seen the other night.
  10. Actually I did! Mullins fumble the kick went to both knees to recover, which by rule means he’s down! Then someone comes flying in and drills him. So every time that’s gonna be called a late.
  11. Abingdon Radford Central JI Burton Virginia Galax North Cross Grayson County Parry McCluer Grundy Twin Valley Lebanon Oklahoma Ole Miss Tennessee Baylor Marshall Virginia Georgia Penn St. Notre Dame Tampa Bay New England Las Vegas Arizona Buffalo GOTW Union - 46 Graham - 49 Patrick Henry - 48 Tazewell - 42
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