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  1. Cave Spring Rural Retreat Radford Gate City Union Grayson County Narrows Grundy Honaker Hurley Twin Valley Chilhowie Week 1 GotW: Central 49 Week 2 (Saturday): Pulaski Gate City Floyd County Tazewell Honaker Chilhowie Grundy Central Ridgeview Galax George Wythe Narrows Hurley Twin Valley Patrick Henry Week 2 GotW: Graham 43
  2. Good to hear from ya, and glad your doing well. Sorry to hear about your losses! 🙏
  3. Spilboss is not trying to watch it online if he don’t have too. He’s got son’s on the team.
  4. I'm only quoting you because I noticed your avatar. HTTR
  5. That's a tough one... Be interesting to see how things come this fall when it comes to sports.
  6. When we talk about Tazewell being contenders this year, we are not making it up. This a senior loaded team, all of who has started since day 1 as a freshman. Now against Richlands/Graham it mental thing that Tazewell has to overcome. I'm not saying Tazewell is better than Richlands or Graham, but what I'm saying is mentally Tazewell is beat before they get off the bus against these two schools. If they can stay heatedly I honestly believe they can make a deep run into the playoffs. But the main key is we have to beat both Graham and Richlands not once but twice!
  7. Just needs that time to recruit! lol He will have that program on top before it's over with.
  8. I'd still whoop who's ever ass was at fault. Guess you just had to be there. I will say this, IMO if that Tazewell team that year had any discipline they could have went on a deep playoff run! Now that I think about it may have been the season after this one. It's when they started 5-0 maybe?
  9. Everyone is returning minus a handful that started last year! They will need someone to step up big time at the linebacker with losing Myers and Cam The Hammer Taylor graduation.
  10. And to be honest I really didn’t know if there was any playoffs other than the 1 extra game! 🤷‍♂️
  11. My question on Graham and Richlands playing twice, couldn’t they find a 6th team? No one wanna play them? Also could they possibly end up playing a total of 3 times in one season?
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