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  1. That’s the key right there, have fun! When it’s fun you play better!
  2. This goes back to the post above “ line is blocking well”
  3. They will be there to test the equipment only, will not be on air! Apple users the app is now live!
  4. Long season still ahead, so who knows! Good Luck you guys!
  5. One of the Honaker boys! Not sure if it was his ankle or knee. Staying healthy will be the major factor to any success that the Bulldogs may have the season.
  6. Both teams where physical, Ridgeview had a few more turnovers, both teams had tons of penalties. Both teams are big and strong on the front lines. Both teams have some speed!
  7. When they went game style in the scrimmage it was 7-7.
  8. Actually just sent it via Facebook messenger
  9. I have the Bulldogs team photo, believe it’s to big to share here.
  10. Yes! Last year we had hotdogs, this year we had BBQ sandwich
  11. What’s your definition of y’all? I’ll wait!!!
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