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  1. Enjoyed playing for Coach Hart and Coach G!!!
  2. I just wish they would fix the schedule were we don't play 5 home games or road games in row, mix that shit up! Please! lol
  3. Don’t know much about Central, but I may be bias. But I think J Harris is a top runner for COTY!
  4. If they don’t move it maybe they can borrow your shoes? I kid, I had to get a least one jab in before the end of football season.
  5. Hard to beat a good team twice in a year!
  6. Hell Tazewell played with 20 a couple years back.
  7. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be there rooting on my Bulldogs as long as I’m not dragging a big one out of the woods. But you’re right!!!!
  8. I don’t expect Tazewell to win this game, but I feel this is a statement game for them to gauge the improvement throughout the season and preparing for next season.. just hope the dogs put up a good effort!!! Go Dawgs!!!!
  9. Just seen the video, that is not targeting!
  10. It’s 1 game suspension, unless it multiple ejections.
  11. If you say so. I was giving the kicker props with my reply!
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