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    Enjoy read any football news. Prediction is interesting to me. Gives different opinions on how game may go. I'm also into old muscle cars.
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  1. Did mount view find a 10th game??
  2. Richlands looking good too.
  3. Or I like black diamond steamrollers with black and gold colors.
  4. Didnt smiley Ratliff do look for Buchanan co. What about smiley Ratliff steamrollers with color of black and silver or black and white. Streamrollers for coal heritage.
  5. I like keep everybody but princeton. They are 3A but they havent won enough game to really help with points.
  6. Didnt know if they dropping or picking anybody up.
  7. Is tazewell schedule going be same for next season?? I know its early.
  8. When graham was at 26. Why not try a fg to get closer. I know extra point was block. It would make it 22 to 16.
  9. You can watch the graham vs appo game on cheryl Ellis fb page. It's up and live right now.
  10. Bridgeport 21 Bluefield 14 Final
  11. Take care business when head to appo. Go gmen!!!!
  12. Will tazewell-Graham play friday or saturday next week??
  13. It may not be my hometown stadium. All I can say is "we are the champions, my friends".
  14. I vote from 11 to 2 last night. Then I sent like 500 votes this morning. My fingers are cramping. Try wife to massage one hand at time and use other to vote lol.
  15. Good football here but I would enjoy warm weather lol.
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