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    Enjoy read any football news. Prediction is interesting to me. Gives different opinions on how game may go. I'm also into old muscle cars.
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  1. Last I seen. Ridgeview 26 Central 20 Idk time. It went blank.
  2. That was score and think Richlands beat tazewell by one. Thing is va high has struggled again run. Spotwoods was hurting them on the ground. I say Richlands is moving it on the ground.
  3. It's up to the qb creasy. They may design plays for him. But creasy finds open target. Next week may have use him very heavy.
  4. That what I was thinking.
  5. Showed on nfhs Marion 41 and va high 14 is that right?
  6. Va high vs Marion score?
  7. Ain't rv over Central since central lost to ridgeview.
  8. Rural retreat 23 Northwood 0 Final
  9. Rural retreat 23 Northwood 0 4th 2:16
  10. What opinion on this game? I seen Fort been in some close games this year. Tazewell passing has been on fire this year.
  11. Va high 53 Chilhowie 14 final Is this correct?
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