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  1. Simon's gave his guys some work. He also gave our young dawgs some work as well. I really was pleased with how game went. Class act by the beavers. They could of had more.
  2. Graham has lot of speed. How penalties will graham have to keep close for awhile?? I have never had any good luck going ernie hicks stadium. Graham pulls away late. Graham 38 Richlands 24
  3. I think nunley be good at wide receiver. He has speed. Him and jojo on opposed side of the field. Help spread defense out.
  4. I like see cade back at qb. He can throw and run. I remember back 2 years ago. He was tough to stop.
  5. I know of 2 in those pics are out for the season.
  6. I seen same play on jojo. I didnt see anybody throw down. But did see alot of running the mouth. I'm still confused on that one if supposedly throw a player down by his helmet.
  7. There was invisible flag last night. The refs were horrible. They didnt know what they was doing half the time. On play that they eject jojo. I didnt see anything on what he did. I'm still confused. On a fumble from honaker the boy was still moving. I seen ball hit the ground. It was clear recover by tazewell. But ref on side act like he didnt see it. But still honaker ball. I'm still confused on most of calls last night.
  8. Is rural retreat a dark horse??
  9. I'm all for graham taking princeton to the woodshed.
  10. I'm going say leg wins this one in close one. Rich 24 Radford 21
  11. Hurley 20 Grundy 6
  12. Yes it's the same player.
  13. Rich and blfd but you more welcome come sit with us tazewell fans and watch taz and princeton.
  14. My company takes one meal a month and donates to the schools that employees are from. But they do it based on percentage of each employee. Some schools get a little bit because some are shared between multiple county schools. Then there county the company is in gets all donations that week. It arranges from all the coverage area and some parts if tn and nc.
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