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  1. I didn’t say it was the starting lineup, that’s just my opinion. Like you or someone said, it’s day three of 2-day so?
  2. Carter will get the start at QB for Tazewell, Mullins may play slot some but will primarily be defense. For QB, this is where experience needs to take over, especially with the schedule this year. The test will come with a young Carter. The line lost a lot of experience, but could still possibly hold their own. I think Tazewell will be competitive but will struggle against the well coached teams.
  3. I believe only one kid that has held back is out there. These are truly young kids, real 10-11th graders. When I say young I’m saying the 14-15 yr olds like @Real Sasquatch mentioned.
  4. I believe 39, what I was told.
  5. Tazewell won 5 of 7, came in 3rd which isn’t bad. Lost to Pikeview and Bluefield.
  6. I believe it’ll be Union and Graham. I don’t see Tazewell gaining any ground.
  7. I only know of a few that's scheduled, nothing definite of course. For June Tazewell will host Bland and possibly two other teams, July has two in Galax.
  8. Tazewell is supposed to have a 7-7 on June 22 at Honaker. Blinked and football season is back.
  9. They did a 7-7 a year or so ago but I believe that was it.
  10. Can’t have too many na na na’s. 😂
  11. He has some green in those veins.
  12. In my Herm Edwards voice, “you play to win the game”! It’s all good.
  13. I had heard someone at Va High had tested positive.
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