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  1. That's what I heard, hopefully we'll be able to attend these games, They'll go by quick.
  2. I've heard them but don't see it happening.
  3. Tazewell started today, kids excited to get it going.
  4. Doing great, ahead of schedule.
  5. Only one I've seen. https://wvva.com/2019/12/09/all-southwest-district-football-teams-announced/
  6. Graham hosts Tazewell on Saturday (11/16) at 1 pm.
  7. Has to be the sloppiest 34 points I’ve seen, seems like they’re all over the board.
  8. I was impressed with the respect that the Bluefied players and coaches showed throughout the game. There was no cheap shots, trash talk, late hits or anything. Even walking over and shaking hands with our injured players after the game. Outside of the score, I felt the game was just opportunities for Tazewell kids to really play against competition for measure. I thought Tazewell had a good flow offensively compared to previous games.
  9. You'll probably get to see part of that.
  10. Richlands-24 Abingdon-14 Abingdon is getting the same treatment they gave 1Q, getting run over.
  11. Abingdon just chewed up almost 9 minutes on their first series, ran the ball all the way. Abingdon leads 7-0.
  12. Personnel and plays won’t change. Hope for a good rest of the season, injury free and continued support.
  13. Tazewell rarely adjusts, especially on offense (it seems). I believe Graham felt they could press the receivers because they knew they could force the QB to throw early or run, which what happened for Tazewell so it was a good plan. Tazewell got smacked good I would like to see how they respond Friday, hopefully last week is a memory and they move forward and be ready. As for my opinion on transfers, nothing is going to stop it and if the schools are going to roll with it then I believe everyone else should as well.
  14. Impressed with tonight, hopefully they can carry this over to next week. Tazewell’s defense is much better.
  15. Supposed to by Thursday morning if not sooner.
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