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  1. Just seems to me signs are pointing to him not sticking around long.
  2. Just doesn't make sense. I thought he was a teacher. Does he have another profession that will benefit him in Richlands? He wont be in the halls to be able to recruit either.
  3. Ive heard of volunteers but not head coaches
  4. So Thad is gone. What will Richlands do this late if there is a season?
  5. Westisthebest


    This is from The Voice. This hurts the program bad. Players will leave.
  6. Sounds like you're describing Cox and Webb
  7. Grundy will make state this year. Heard it here first
  8. Richlands will be better 😜. Ill predict it now...they make it to semifinals after beating Ridgeview at home. Gut feeling Richlands will be good this year and coach Wells will get Webb the ball. I see him in the backfield a lot more this year...if we even have football
  9. Miss March Madness and a little baseball. But most of all miss my girl playing softball. Miss coaching and the girls on the team
  10. Is it true about Mike Compton or just a rumor? I thought Dennis was let go. Also heard Davis might get it.
  11. Could this be the end of the spread at Richlands?
  12. I believe it'll be an East team this year. With the exception of maybe Radford if all their injured players and starters are back.
  13. Would this make sense for him other than maybe having family in the area? I mean hes already got the top offers in the country what could he possibly gain? Esp already having offers from Florida and Miami. Unless he wants Florida State. Either way wish him the best.
  14. Just seen where he posted that he will be transferring from Bluefield. Any news to where hes going? I initially thought Graham but i think they lose quite a bit. Cant imagine where he'd be going unless its out of the region.
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