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  1. I'll get the exact rule from the ref I work with. But offsides is an automatic penalty in high school.
  2. Can't decline offsides in high school. Should have been half the distance to the goal replay the down. Also should have been blown dead immediately.
  3. That could be said for a lot of places. We face that daily here and is why we are always hiring. Shame though as they were the best hotdogs anywhere
  4. Really?!?! When did that happen and why?
  5. Pulaski Co. Abingdon George Wythe Floyd Co. Radford Central Ridgeview John Battle Patrick Henry Graham Galax Grayson Co. Grundy Hurley Twin Valley Chilhowie JI Burton Thomas Walker No. 9 Florida No. 13 Wisconsin No. 8 Auburn Louisville North Carolina West Virginia No. 21 Virginia No. 3 Georgia Buffalo Baltimore Minnesota Houston Los Angeles Rams GotW Narrows 34
  6. Tazewell 42 Mt View 18 Final
  7. Nunley 26 yd keeper Taz 42 MV 18 2:00 4th
  8. See it affecting him a bit but started and continues to play
  9. Harris 1 yd run 2 pt pass to jordan Taz 36 MV 18 6:13 4th
  10. Harris 10 yd run 2 pt pass fails Taz 28 MV 18 11:50 4th
  11. Tazewell 22 Mt View 18 End 3rd
  12. Tazewell 22 Mt View 18 Half
  13. Jordan with 45 yd int return after a interception by mt view 2 pt run fails Taz 22 MV 18 :11 2nd
  14. Mt view with 2 yd qb run after high snap on punt xp no good MV 18 Taz 16 :59 2nd
  15. Mt view 30 yd pass 2pt run fails Taz 16 MV 10 6:58 2nd
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