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  1. I have to agree with that. Worst experience I ever had at a game was due to fans (mostly students) there.
  2. Not that I like the idea but you would just about have to do a Tazewell East and West school
  3. I say no benefit game as no team is going to show what they really are trying to do. Main thing is just trying to knock some rust off. To many people say well we ran all over them or they weren't anything regarding the benefit they played against them. We won a benefit against Chilhowie one year and went 0-10 regular season so they mean nothing. I like the idea of the jamboree having multiple teams scrimmaging against each other with no real pressure on anything. I also read in the article that they were considering only counting enrollment from 9-12. I thought that was already the case. Why would you want to boost your numbers up to a higher level when you don't have the students to back it. This season is a bit odd as well as the season is running a week later due to the way the calendar fell. Normally last week should have been the last week.
  4. Scrimmages ok, but not a fan of the benefit game at all.
  5. It can be summed up pretty simply in most cases I think. They all follow the Golden Rule. He who has the gold makes the rules. I know this political fact was the case several years ago at Tazewell with one coach in particular. Also a certain sideline doctor got ticked off about his girl not playing volleyball after she was rightly suspended for something and he defected up the road. Makes me sick that he is back now. Very easy to get rid of a coach not doing what you want him to do if the team is average or even above average when the purse strings are overflowing from some high members of society. Much easier to ignore when you are bringing titles or championships back. Problem is most coaches aren't given long enough to turn the program.
  6. The county has to pay for all the usage at Mitchell. One of the biggest reasons people want Graham to have their own stadium. On another side note, I have been told that city of Bluefield also charges for parking. The way they collect this is by taking $.50 of each ticket sold
  7. Tazewell had more yds than that on the starters lol
  8. Somebody remind me how/why their consolidation never happened to begin with
  9. Glad he made the right decision on where to go play 🙂
  10. My $.02 on this is that Graham will come away with this one by ~14. They have fixed issues they had at the beginning of the season just like they did last year. My concerns for Graham is that they come out flat since when did they last have to play 4 quarters. Edge speed is quick with them and if you penetrate and get to the QB then you better make sure you get him. If you miss or he makes a single move then it's off to the races with him. Best defense is to sit and hold the line and make him beat you with his arm. Not that his arm is a weakness however. That's why you play the game, anything can happen. Kills me but got to pull for Tazewell Co in this one and hope to see Graham be Reg D champs.
  11. Exit 64 much better route and faster as well
  12. Graham 42 Tazewell 14 Final Good job to the dogs on a good season and looking forward to next year!
  13. Myers with about an 8 yd run 2 pt pass good Gra 42 Taz 14 9:29 4th
  14. Jordan with 83 yd reception 2pt run fails Gra 42 Taz 6 4:03 3rd
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