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  1. Riverheads doesn't have much weakness from what I've watched but the way to move the ball on them and score is the pass. That plays into our offensive scheme perfectly. However with that said Riverheads doesn't make mistakes and if they play the way they normally play, it will never be close. I do think the Dogs get to put up some points with their air raid style offense.
  2. Also what happens when you pillage athletes from other schools... Talent has carried him a long way further than his coaching abilities in my opinion. I'm not saying he is a bad coach by any means but I'm not ready to put him at that upper echelon just yet. We have had lots of the same equal or greater talent wasted over the past 15 years at least. Harris is a good coach but let's see him use the talent that is there and make a real threat. Injury adversity has struck over the past 3 years so anybody can get a pass on that. I'm still holding out for judgement on him for now. I will say he is the best coach we have had in a long time though.
  3. Talk about Graham finding a golden horseshoe with that fumble earlier. They were dominated in this game
  4. Maybe so but bands, ours included, need to learn DO NOT PLAY when you have the ball!
  5. I find several bands in the area do the same thing
  6. I'm not knocking him in the least because he is a special player but hiw much more effort would he have to put into his play to get the same recruiting if his name wasn't Bradshaw?
  7. Better watch it, Palmer is close to Mance level almightyness with Graham fans.
  8. Sounded like horrible clock management by Graham there letting all that time run off on that one play
  9. Sounds like nobody has a clue what is going on
  10. Maybe with luck they will be able to reschedule it
  11. If you want some great Italian look on the WV side at Portabella's. Two locations one down on the avenue and one in the mall. La Fiesta has or used to have great Mexican. Shogun is decent as well with Japanese and some Thai food as well there. There is an Applebees and Bob Evans close to there as well, nothing special but they are there. All are within 10 min of stadium
  12. Understand the 2 day thing but the others I just laugh at. I mean seriously it's not like we are a powerhouse rolling through this year.
  13. Thought I saw where the last 4 had rescheduled those games. Nothing against Chilhowie but really don't want them unless last option since we played them in benefit game. Hate rematches the same year regardless.
  14. Abingdon Carroll County Galax Gate City Tazewell Patrick Henry Ridgeview Rural Retreat Floyd Co. Narrows Honaker River View, WV Twin Valley JI Burton Thomas Walker Bluefield Princeton No. 8 Cincinnati Tennessee No. 15 Virginia Tech No. 1 Alabama Marshall No. 22 Auburn Virginia No. 23 BYU Buffalo Pittsburgh New Orleans Seattle Kansas City G(s)otW Graham 63 Central 48 (would have been)
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