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  1. My $.02 on this is that Graham will come away with this one by ~14. They have fixed issues they had at the beginning of the season just like they did last year. My concerns for Graham is that they come out flat since when did they last have to play 4 quarters. Edge speed is quick with them and if you penetrate and get to the QB then you better make sure you get him. If you miss or he makes a single move then it's off to the races with him. Best defense is to sit and hold the line and make him beat you with his arm. Not that his arm is a weakness however. That's why you play the game, anything can happen. Kills me but got to pull for Tazewell Co in this one and hope to see Graham be Reg D champs.
  2. Exit 64 much better route and faster as well
  3. Graham 42 Tazewell 14 Final Good job to the dogs on a good season and looking forward to next year!
  4. Myers with about an 8 yd run 2 pt pass good Gra 42 Taz 14 9:29 4th
  5. Jordan with 83 yd reception 2pt run fails Gra 42 Taz 6 4:03 3rd
  6. Minus the one fumble I agree with you completely.
  7. 12 yd pass for Graham. Would love to see replay on catch in endzone. Was either spectacular job of catching inbounds or a bad call by refs. Far side so can't tell Gra 35 Taz 0 4:02 2nd
  8. I'd much rather lose legit than to have a win aided by refs...
  9. Horrible miss by refs. Nunley was down and rolled before ball comes lose and refs allow it to be returned for TD Gra 28 Taz 0 11:35 2nd
  10. Pick 6 from the 23 for graham Gra 14 Taz 0 2:54 1st
  11. Graham strike first on 3 yd run Gra 7 Taz 0 3:48 1st
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