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  1. Jones may be getting some looks in baseball as well. He is having a great season
  2. That would make the most since. It would even up the 2A schools and travel wouldnt be as much as a pain
  3. New prediction.. Castlewood goes 1-9 for 2 season then makes the playoffs for the next 3 years
  4. The talent he had a PH when he got there was.. well not talented at all. Humphery really helped turn that around and even after he graduated that continued to roll. If he can get that same production I can see Castlewood making the play offs in a very weak 1D. Overall I really like Mark. He did a lot with FCA when he was at PH and the kids really seemed to buy in to him. I also never saw his teams get a lot of personal fouls or run their mouth too much which says a lot about the culture he was able to build. I wish him the best at Castlewood. If he had got the Ridgeview job that would have probably blown this board up though.
  5. Former PH head coach?? I guess that gig in Kentucky wasnt working for him
  6. Well that is just a scary thought the rich just keep getting richer.. not that they really needed that help. I guess enjoy beating Graham on the diamond in the spring because its not happening on the gridiron come fall.
  7. Lebanon graduated 6 guys off that state championship team. Looking at the stats from the Richlands game I looks like Richlands hit Buchanan well which shouldn't surprise anyone Richlands has always been able to swing the bat. 12 Ks killed them at the plate though putting the ball in play is the best way to beat Richlands. As for the Hogo Holston has one good arm but he is wild everyone else is eh. Northwood has a good team by their standards but they dont have an ace. Chilhowie has the best pitcher in the district out side of Buchanan but Marion and Grayson had great days against him. I dont know much about PH or RR but Lebanon should be fine Doc will whip them into shape when it matters the most come may.
  8. Northwood went with Greg Prater who stepped in as head coach the last when their last 2 coaches left in the middle of the season. The guy deserves in I mean he has been on the staff for years and has stepped up twice. With that being said I think they fumbled this hire. Nothing against Prater I am sure he will bust his tail but he isnt in the building and if your head coach in not in the building especially with football it usually doesnt work out well. I am sure there where applicants with teaching license that could have been hired and if there was not a job open then make one if you care about the success of your football program. As for Lebanon. I heard that they hired from with in but I havnt seen anything in the paper about it.
  9. I agree that schools need to do a better job of keeping coaches around. it would suck to have 3 coaches in 4 years that is just not good for the kids or the program as a whole. I am also afraid that the era of coaches like Coach Hubbard staying some where for 30+ years may be over. It seems like every year there are 5 to 8 head coaching jobs come open. Who is the longest tenured coach in the area right now? I guess it would be Palmer at Graham in the southwest with 7 years. Im not sure about the mountain 7 or the 1A schools but lee, battle, GC, wise, and RV have all come open in the last 4 years.
  10. Marion returns a JR QB and a pretty deep receiver core from last year. They spread the ball around a lot with 4 of those guys catching 20+ balls. I dont know what the offense will be with the new head coach but the potential is there for that group to have a break out season if everyone is healthy and on the same page.
  11. IMO its not a good look to up and move just because you dont like the coaching staff. I know its been done in this area and the transfer portal at the college has absolutely ruined any loyalty that kids have to a program. I really hope this doesnt happened because I can see it becoming the norm and it is very annoying.
  12. Admin is a joke at Marion the only sport that has a chance is basketball because the powers at be like it but even then there they still have to fight to get anything. Don’t get me started on any sport that isnt played in the hurricane house. They really don’t stand a chance
  13. If we are talking about the same thing fire him.. I mean you can’t do all that and it has nothing to do with politics
  14. Hell I’m all for swva teams doing well after region if it’s not my team it might as well be someone close. I have been and always will defend the Marion kids on this board god knows no one else will especially if they have a Marion icon. These boys and girls bust their ass and deserve what little praise they did especially with the cards stacked against them to succeed at Marion and I have seen it first hand. I go no personal issue with any team in the region, but I will go to bat for these kids behind this keyboard by god!
  15. @Unchained I didn’t say anything about Union they are the favorites to win the M7 Graham will give them a good game IMO. I just think it’s funny that @BigWinners is butt hurt over kids from the SW having a good tournament so far and the fans being proud of that. Graham is solid and a win is a win once you get to this part of the season it doesn’t matter if it’s by 1 or 40
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