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  1. Ive been on the Jones bandwagon all year and I think he is a great play but I would still lean towards Brown just because even though Jones did a lot of the heavy lifting he still had some help with Poku and Worley outside and the being able to hand the ball off to Burks to get some tough yards. Now I think VA high is 6-4 or 5-5 without Jones because he makes take big of a difference. Honestly Richlands would have had a hard time winning a game without Brown. The Tazewell game would have been a running clock in the second half if he was not playing.
  2. I agree Roberts is a freaking beast! Best player and most impactfull. If im not mistaken they do offensive and defensive POY not just one overall POY. I would bet Roberts get defensive and Clements gets Offensive. And for a lineman to get any POY would be huge considering the lack of love they get especially on the offensive side of the ball.
  3. It depended on what you define POY as. If POY to you is the best football player on the field every time he put a helmet on then is goes to Clements that kid is pretty special. If POY to you is has the biggest impact on a team then its Brown from Richlands and I really dont think its close either way.
  4. I pull him on my list as deserving and the SWD has done something like that before in other sports. Last years girls soccer POY was from Marion and they went 0-8 in district play. Now they team did end up making little run and making it to the region tournament but that is easier to do in sport not football
  5. Yes I think Jones has a great shot I dont think they will go co 1 because that doesnt look as good moving on to all region voting but I dont think I will matter at that position. The only team that really got to see him play a full game in person was Central and from the newpaper write up he pretty much put the team on his back for that win. That could be the deciding vote there.
  6. Yeah thats what I was saying. SWD meets today all region would follow after that. Those teams arnt supposed to be released to the public until after everyone that has a kid on that team in eliminated. But for sure there is bond to be a lot of disagreement when these teams come out. Its going to get real fun when we get to all region because the Mountain 7 will have 6 votes compared to the SWD only having 5. Which mean IF 1st team QB comes down to Creasey and O'Quinn then there is a good chance O'Quinn gets it just because the mountain 7 have more votes. Unless SWD has stats that are way better than the M7 kid the M7 kid is going to get the nod every time. Until Lebanon comes back and evens those numbers back out
  7. All district wont be released until every team in the district is out of post season play. Same goes with all region. So unless some coaches get loose lipped we wont know anything until SWD is eliminated from the playoffs. You are right though coaches do meet today to hash all that out
  8. I agree he is good. There are a lot of teams that would take him but I dont think he is the best QB in the district. Those number are also inflated by the air raid system they run along with jet sweeps they give to Harris that counts as a pass because he under hands the ball 6 inches to his "receiver". Like I said he is a good player but those numbers would not be as high if he played for anyone else. I think Clements will end up getting because he is the best player on the best team. After him I would go Jones, Brown, then Harris/Creasey
  9. I agree with you I dont think Creasey has a shot to be POY he isnt even the POY on his team much less the district
  10. I agree with you on that the only thing I can see hurting his chances for those few games he missed
  11. I didnt know his name I figured they had a dude though they usually do
  12. Central and Ridgeview are carbon copies of each other.
  13. No disrespect to Creasy I think the kid is a darn good football player but the system he plays in helps his stats a lot and if his receivers are off then he suffers. IMO a great high school QB in this area is a threat with his legs and at the end of the day Jones is a better runner Creasy is the better passer but If I was a DC I would rather face Creasy than Jones that the main reason I went with Jones. Tazewells line play is much improved than what I have seen over the years. The issue is there are not stats for lineman so those slots usually go to the teams that finished that had the most success during the season. I know Tazewell technically finished second in the district so you can throw some of those guys in there. Defensive POY is easy for me its #56 for Graham I dont know his name but I see that kid all over the field every time Graham plays and its been that way for 3 years now. I know that award doesnt usually go to a lineman but hands down that kid is a game changer Offensive POY may be the most debated slot at the all district meeting. I look at this awards as what is this team without this kid. VA high loses to central and PH without Jones may even Honaker so that puts them at 6-4 5-5. I dont think Richlands wins a game without Brown and I know for a fact they are blown out against Tazewell with out him. He probably means more to Richlands offense than anyone else in the region. I think if Creasy didnt miss games early in the year he would have a good case for QB and POY. Harris is the Focal point of the offense so his name should for sure be up there I think we will really know how much that kid means to Tazewell next season. Clements will probably get it even though he missed a few games. He is the best player on the best team and thats usually how these things go.
  14. I think Gate City will hold their own in this one. I dont think they will win it but I dont think it will be the blow out that most people are expecting. Offensively Gate City is running a power spread that want to run the ball and CAN throw it they just choose not to. If Graham does not respect the pass and loads the box I feel like Gate City is more than capable of taking advantage of numbers. Now I did not see what Ridgeview did to hold GC to zero if they loaded the box and played man then this prediction is going to be way off. I do know the the past that has been Grahams game plan when they feel they are more athletic on the back in is just to put 7 in the box bring those OLB every play and just play cover 0. Does that work against 95% of SWVA absolutely, but it also hurts Graham down the road when those backers have not been asked to play coverage and they run into a team down the road that has comparable athletes that can scheme those guys open and hurt you. Graham should be able to win this one I just hope for their sake they do it playing sound football.
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