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  1. Wow I didn’t know they had him for another year. However it is hard to build a team around one great lineman. Easier to do with a great skill player
  2. I think they are going to have to move the lines for class 1 just to keep the classifications even right now Region 1D has 16 teams and 2D has 12 but Lebanon could drop down to class 1 at any time and enrollment for Richlands and Marion are dipping below the 600 mark for the first time in a long with the popularity of virtual home school on the rise. I know Graham is close to that class 1 line as well. I do not know what the other side of the state looks like as enrollment for class 1 but sooner rather than later we might be in a situation where 2D is down to 10 or maybe even 9 teams which would make the Region playoffs even easier to get into which I know a lot of people on here hate.
  3. Chilhowie lost a lot more than people think to graduation especially up front. PH has been more consistent even though I’m pretty sure Goodspeed and Barrett graduate. It’s hard to leave Honaker off this list especially with the portal being wide open and Rye Cove had a hell of a year
  4. I would say it’s hard to find a head coach that doesn’t teach 1. If they don’t teach they can’t be in the hallways recruiting 2. you better have a good paying job because the 5k-8k supplement isn’t gonna put food on anyone’s table 3. Very few jobs let their employees off at 3 so they can get to practice and games I know Palmer does it at Graham so their is an exception to every rule but I don’t know why you would want your head coach in the building
  5. It has been 68 days since this job has been open the fact that it has not been filled should be alarming to fans and players. If they are hiring from outside there is a good chance the coach cant get there until the end of the school year but why wouldnt you go ahead and announce it so the guy can get to know his players even if he can be there in person. I am not sure when the next school board meeting is but it has to be soon. regardless they have let at least 2 meeting come and go without putting up a name. At this point it is a lose lose situation for who ever gets this job. The hire is probably going to look like a bad one in year one just because the guy is going to have 3 months to develop his players where everyone else has been working since the end of last season. Hopefully the patient and understanding fan base of Wise Central gives this guy some time and is not calling for his head after one bad season.
  6. I would say they won’t make an announcement until the next school board meeting
  7. It is usually the top 3 or so that get a second interview
  8. I don’t know the landscape of WV football but I do know they have a great coach! Coach Taylor is absolutely a class act. He cares about the kids and does a great job spreading the word which is something that is lost in this day and age of high school sports. What other coach would wear a shirt with a bible verse on in during the playoffs instead of the school colors! That tells me that he care more about what happens in these kids life’s long after that clock hits zero of that last game. I would want my son to play for a guy like that over a coach that wins multiple state championship but the kids get nothing out of it. Princeton will be winners as long as he is heading up that program regardless of what their record is.
  9. Saw where the Compton girl from Tazewell is playing softball for Tennessee High this year. Tazewell county is losing kids left and right
  10. I’m telling you the lines for 1A and 2A are about to move because of virtual school after Covid so many kids especially at Marion would rather sit at home and “do school” online that physical enrollment at the actual school is way down. I’ve had kids tell me the virtual school is way easier and they would rather do that then be in the classroom. It happening all over the region and I really believe your Chilhowie Grayson and George Wythes are about to be 2a because they are going to have to drop the enrollment to keep everything somewhat balanced
  11. I agree numbers are dropping like crazy right now. I know Richlands and Marion have both dropped below 600 kids for the first time in a long time
  12. I can see sports like basketball, baseball, and volleyball going more home school/ club team oriented because of the travel system already in play it would be easy to do. However football is a different animal. The money needed to start that up is more that any of those other sports. The cost to play on a true travel 11 on 11 real football team would be insane. Helmets alone are getting close to the $350 range and that is for the Riddell speed (which the kids now a day think is a bad helmet) to get the "Cool" Helmet would cost you more like $500. A normal pair of shoulder pads are going to run you $200. When you add practice gear, jerseys, pants, ect. That adds up quick. Game Jerseys are around $160 for the top and around $100 for the bottom. At the end of the day you are asking these families to foot $1500 bill at a minimum just for equipment to play the sport. Then you have to think about insurance because no one in their right mind would run a club football team with out it. I am not sure what that cost but considering the nature of the sport I would say it is not cheap. The next question is where are that going to play? Its pretty easy to find a gym to play AAU basketball in or a massive baseball complex to play games at. However there are not as many Football fields that are open on Fridays and or Saturdays. If I was in charge of a high school you wouldnt be using my on campus field to play considering your club team is killing my biggest money maker. How are you going to fill out a coaching staff and where does that money come from. If you have been in the school system for lets say 15 years and you are a Head Coach right now you are making around $50,000-$60,000. That would probably be a minimum of what you would have to pay a current Head Coach to run your club team. You got to fill out your staff as well if you pay a supplement like that high schools currently do I would cost another $15,000 to $20,000. Honestly I do think you could pull it off in a large city where you may have a community field and enough people to fund raise but in SWVA I think we are safe for a while because we dont have the money or the infrastructure to pull that off.
  13. If he got it good for him! Good young coach IMO not enough young guys are getting a shot to run a program in this area. With the exception of Chilhowie no body has hired a head guy recently south of 40
  14. I think they have a shot. They played VA high close last Friday so anything could happen. The question is how many technicals will be handed out because Marion has been screwed over by some emotional officials the last 2 weeks.
  15. Wise does have better facilities, I’m assuming the baseball coach doesn’t talk the best athletes in the school out of playing football. Over the past 10 years wise has won almost 20 more games. He was also the AD at Battle he could be looking for a fresh start without all the extra stuff that an AD has to do. If a coach is gonna move with in a district you better be going to a better situation which I believe he is.
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