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  1. Something about Bullitt Park that is just different when you walk through those gates around playoff time. It really is one of the best atmospheres I have been in. Watching a game there honestly feel like you are watching the most important game in the state. Coaching there feels like you are down 2 scores from the get go. I love it and hate is all at the same time. Gate City has best turn out I have ever seen for a small school. When you are walking out on the field for pregame and you look behind your own sideline and see nothing but blue.. that really makes you feel like you are in for a dog fight. Mitchell Stadium fells like you are playing at a college game but its so big I have a hard time believing it would be packed unless they are playing Richlands or Graham Honorable Mention for goes to Chilhowie. When they are good that is a very hostile environment
  2. that is what I was afraid of... this is just sad honestly
  3. Honestly I am very worried about the possibility of even having a season at this point. It is going to be very hard to tell the difference between COVID and the flu. I do not think schools will be up and running by February. I really hope basketball works out so we have a chance at this. There are too many good athletes in the area who are getting absolutely rob of the opportunity to play ball and if you take that away from them I fear that you will see graduation rates drop as well. This whole situation has sucked hopefully we get over it sooner rather than later.
  4. The way I understand it is the top 4 team in the region go to the playoffs not the top 2 in each
  5. I think the main reason is that playoff seeding is going to be based off the power points we have used in the pasted. The mountain 7 gets a big points boost because they have to play 3A Abingdon. So instead of taking less points by playing a 1A school they are just gonna play each other.
  6. They should be a handful then as long as they stay healthy
  7. I knew yall had a lot of skill guys come back. Did that mountain man yall had at tackle back or did he graduate? I will tip my hat to who every took over the Oline last year they did a hell of a job that is the best I have seen that unit look in a while
  8. Tazewell is going to get a big test early for sure. I think with the athletes they have coming back (if they stay healthy) they have a chance to make a run at it. I have said it on here before though they have to win up front that has been their down fall in recent year I have no idea what they have coming back as far as big boys but if they returned a lot it should be an interesting game to say the least.
  9. The timing makes since anyway they are starting to slowly let kids back into the schools
  10. Jags52


    @redtiger the farm boy kids are gonna work hard regardless if you have lifts or not. You cannot replace busting your ass throwing iron around in a hot box with your team mates. I still think its just stupid we cant even work the kids out.
  11. Jags52


    6 extra months in the weight room is great for schools systems that are scared to death of this crap. For the school that are all virtual right now that means there hasnt been any weight room and there hasnt been any weight room since March 13th (besides the 3 weeks where VHSL gave a us a little hope only to say never mind). I worry that we might see a record high in injuries this year because of that. I hope I am wrong because I just want to play ball but we shall see
  12. I just want to play I could care less when or where. The sooner we stop running scared the better! I have a feeling playing in cold is going to bring back the old school hard nose football you love!
  13. I don’t think anyone is going to have an issue fielding a team. These kids will have gone almost a year with competition of any kind unless they play basketball. They are foaming at the mouth to get back out there. In the 2 week off season we had in June had better numbers than we ever had. Marion football will be just fine. Lebanon might have a drop off because their baseball team is LOADED! The Rona really screwed Doc out of a state championship or two. Most of there studs for baseball don’t play football anyway. I just hope come February the “back in my day we won because we wore our helmets on the sideline” people stay at home because is too cold for them.
  14. everyone that logged in is co champions
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