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  1. Carroll was 2-0 against GC while he was at Marion. His offense put up 96 points in those 2 games. He seems to have that offense and lee clicking even those it is against lesser competition. I think it will be a high scoring affair. Lee-42 Carson Jenkins- 49
  2. I agree the cost is crazy! But if you have the money I dont see why you wouldnt unless you have a great grounds crew that can keep Bermuda grass in top shape then I would go turf if you had the money. I dont think loose turf is going to hurt tazewells passing attack honestly that would probably hurt both teams the same where Sage Webb is Richlands best players. A wet ball on the other hand would probably be bad news for the dawgs in this one
  3. I personally loved playing on turf you know you will have solid footing all the time and you dont have to worry about slipping and sliding in mud or worst after a mud game having ruts all in your field. Now has there been some kids try to cut and there foot get stuck yes but they same sort of thing can happen in a mud bowl game. Honestly I have never seen the dust that you are talking about. There are rubber pellets by the hundreds that you pour out of your cleats but thats it. The turf field allows you to practice and play in any kind of rain which is worth the extra money. Also every turf field I have seen actually has hashes in the middle of the field. As far as the game goes I am interested to see which Richlands team shows up, The one that hammered Gate City or the post covid team. If its the one we have seen the last few weeks Tazewell could be able to hurt them with their passing attack which by the numbers is deadly. However I havnt seen either team play in a while.
  4. The have a lot of speed all over the place and the QB can sling it
  5. Lebanon wins this one by just having more numbers alone. Northwood has a scrapy team but it is very hard to win with 18 on the team. I just hope they get to finish the game and its not a throw in the towel at half time situation like Rye Cove had last week
  6. Im all for giving a a big guy that kind of love. Thats what I played in backed in the day and I agree the game is won or lost in the trenches most of the time. However 1 guy doesnt make a great O line you have to have 5 dude that work together on every single play. I think Stevie does more with less than anyone in in the region. Hell that kid gets touched in the back field and still is capable of scoring every time he touches the ball. An O lineman will never get POY mostly because you have to look at a unit as a whole
  7. IMO Stevie is should be the POY in region D that kid has done more for the VA high program in the last 4 years than any kid I have seen. Now that he has some help with a passing game he is even more lethal. He might be the hardest kid to tackle in the region because he is so hard to get a clean hit on him.
  8. Their best chance is to feed Jenkins keep the ball out of Lomax's hands and not throw the ball at all. If they have to throw it the game is over. GC has to dominate TOP and have 10 to 12 play drives. GC is a tough team that has the best player on the field most nights. That might not be the case this week I havnt seen Lomax play at all but I would say closer than people think
  9. This inst the worst Northwood team they have ever fielded but depth is a major issue.. Chilhowie continues to win game after they graduate studs from the year before. Not having Gilley will not hurt them in this one.
  10. I was just looking at the games that were postponed due to covid. It didnt say if they had made moves or which team had it. But I do agree rematches kinda suck
  11. Chilhowie, either bland or rural retreat, and JI burton or twin springs
  12. I would agree Chilhowie is tough to top as far as community support. It is crazy how much school in the same county differ... I also think Tazewell and Richlands are up there as well both of those towns are green and blue respectively. Gate City is usually up there as well considering the away stands usually have more blue than the opposing teams color. As far as the game I would like to say Tazewell walks away with this one and should win it big. From what I have seen battle is way down 4 short years ago they have 40 to 50 on the team but the last few year the numbers have been way low and a lot of kids have quit mid season. However they did start the year off strong in the spring so crazier things have happened.
  13. Richlands has some beef up front and from what a heard so does Abingdon. So I guess the question for this game is whos big boys are better?
  14. Come off that way though 🤷‍♂️ The kids bust there ass everyday, coaches do too, and the parents are super supportive with the booster club. I will agree on the lack of support. I don’t know if you know this or not but Marion is a basketball school!
  15. Yeah I can see where pulling for a team that under Harner only won 70% of their games and won 11 playoff games and is over .500 against 2A teams would be really hard.. Harner is a damn good coach, sometime is a prick, but still a good coach. He has never made it to Salem but that would just be to get your hopes up because no body on this side of the state is beat Riverheads. He actually does a great job with his pass concepts in recent year from what I have seen but there is no telling how they execute those concepts at practice which could be a reason they dont get called much in the game. Everyone has bad years look at Richlands in 2017 where the got into the playoff with a losing record and still almost beat the region champs in the first round. GW will be fine, I wouldnt be calling for the coaches head though that has had that much success.
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