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  1. It all depends on your players honestly. If you got guy that can make plays in space then spread it out and let them go to work if you dont then the ground and pound formations work out in your favor. Look at Gate Citys last 2 games. They scored 57 points in the first 5 games running spread. They scored a 115 in the single wing the last 2. I know a lot of that have to do with who they play. Marion and Lee struggled of D most of the year and that helped out a lot but single wing and wing T comes down to 2 things, are your tougher than your opponent for 48 minutes and can the defense play assignment football. If you are tougher than the other team the second part really doesnt matter honestly. I think more team are going to the spread because it there is so much more that you can do as far as moving people around and getting a numbers advantage and that is what makes spread teams hard to defend IF you got the cats out side to make you pay for 1 on 1 coverage and a mobile QB to get the ball to them. If you are coaching against a single wing or wing T team it boils down to here are there 6 plays read your keys and be tough SOBs
  2. Tazewell count schools -379 rest of the SW- 50. The Tazewell county teams are in a league of their own this season and the crazy think is Graham and Richlands have a good bit coming back. Bad news for the rest of the district
  3. I heard Labanon is going to tap out of the plus one game to get ready to for baseball. Cant say I blame them they got a chance to make a run
  4. geez I thought this crap was almost over...
  5. It gonna be the "Bristol Baby Bowl" winner get a jar of dirt from the race last weekend
  6. 56 is only a sophomore!! Good lord I would not be shocked at all if he is playing at the next level
  7. Yes very scary for sure. Graham has to replace Fitz and Blevins and thats about it. I guess that could do what they did last season with Lester and put Bradshaw at QB
  8. Graham matches up very well with Tazewell probably better than any team in the district. For every stud that Tazewell has Graham has a kid that is just as good just younger. I think Tazewell may have the size advantage up front but Graham has more quickness. 56 for Graham is going to live in Tazewells backfield IMO he is very good and underrated as a D line man that could end up being a major X factor in the game. I think Tazewell has weak link on defense in the front 7 it will be up to Grahams coaches to find it and be attack it all night and the run game should be good for them. This should be a close game but I will give the nod to Graham right now. With that being said this Tazewell team is talented and hungry but did snapping the losing streak to Richlands fill them up? That could be the key. Who ever can handle to emotions of this game will come out on top
  9. I have always liked black jerseys.
  10. That has been an issue every where our education system has taken a HUGE hit due to COVID
  11. I am assuming that trophy looks cooler than that dragon holding a football right?
  12. Sage Webb is a difference maker for sure he is a stud out there but IMO stop him win the game. Tazewell has Harris running the ball Jordan catching the ball and 3 is a treat to run as well. Like I said on paper Tazewell doesn’t have the best player on the field it’s Webb hands down but I havnt seen a Robin to his Batman Tazewell has the better athletes on the field. But Richlands has out preformed what they are on paper time in and time out. Does that mean Tazewell wins out right no but I also don’t think the curse of the great Mance is hanging over Tazewell either so it’s a toss up.
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