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  1. Wise seems to be the most complete team coming back. Graham will be younger this year than in the past but they had a pretty good jv team so if they grow up you have to throw their name in the hat. Richlands will make the play offs and then who knows the Webb kid may emerge as the best player in the region then. Ridgeview currently has the best player in the region if he doesnt run off to IMG and if the new coach can use him as a decoy to create big plays down the field then they have the opportunity to make a run. I know these are all region D teams but I dont want to speak on teams I dont know much about.
  2. a lot of it have to do with putting 7 guys in the box and playing man from 15 yards against 10 personnel. You can rack up 200 yards easy if your qb and throw a hitch or quick screen
  3. Mark Palmer would be an interesting hire for sure. He has had a lot of success as of late at PH but I remember some of the bad teams they have had over there too. I wonder what he would do with that kind of talent on a roster..
  4. 1. Wise- if they only one kid AND they dont let success get go to their head a continue to work then I would give they will have to 1 seed 2. Ridgeview- if they can keep Atkins from running off to IMG then they will be at the top and most like lose at home 3. Graham- Graduated a ton of good seniors that have played had played a lot in 2 long playoff runs but just like Chilhowie this year all those young kids got an extra year of practice because of play off practice IMO that is like a red shirt and it helps a lot 4-6- Richlands, Union, Tazewell- not in any certain order but these guys will probably hold down these spots Richlands and Union will because they are Richlands and Union they are well coached they have a system that works and they have kids that buy in. I am not 100% sure what Tazewell has coming back but I know they werent bad even with a ton of guys missing. They will build on a good season as long as their best players dont jump ship to Richlands or Graham. 7 Gate City- could be the the group before but I dont know what they have coming back. I know they do have a great staff as long as they hold on to that continue to improve then they could get back to the GC of old in the next few years 8-10 VA High, Battle, Marion - VA high has one of the best players in the region but has nothing around him. Battle and Marion will be working on year 2 with new coaches. Their season rides on can these young head coaches get their players and staff to buy into their philosophies now that they have a full off season to do so. 11-12 Lee and Lebanon I really do hope both programs can have more success next year and improve and add some more balance to the region over all but until I see it they will stay down here. side note Parents that think they know better than their kids coaches and have never played at the next level or coached above pee wee need to just try it one year and see how easy it is...
  5. I think consolidation is the best chance for this area with Riverheads on their run I mean how good would Marion and chilhowie consolidation been 2 seasons ago
  6. I think its an interesting match up for sure. Central had a good plan to stop Atkins but Graham isnt line up and run it down your throat team. They have other weapons out side of Lester even though he is the best. Even though Graham has those monsters at tackles that are pretty weak in the middle of there o line IMO. Central should be able to take advantage of that. its hard to run trap when the d lineman beats the puller. Now can they tackle Lester? I have no idea. On Offense Central has to play keep away. I agree with you here that you counters and eye candy historically have killed Graham in the past and that is something Central does very well. This Graham team may be better than last year. I am interested to see what happens over the next few weeks
  7. Jags52


    that whole situation was just dumb. why would you want to play at Saltville and risk running into a sink hole when you could play at a college field.
  8. I disagree that Lester at Graham
  9. I dont see Burton improving by 21 points I know that was a long time ago but Chilhowie has the experience advantage and a darn good coach that very rarely gets out coached. They will have a plan. I say Chilhowie but it will be closer than last time.
  10. You can cover the receivers all you want you better have a spy on Simmons because he will scramble for days. The kid is the best true QB in the area I dont know if they have a good enough team to beat Galax by looking at the score earlier in the year but they should win this one
  11. Graham wins Region D the main reason is because of speed they have more than anyone else left playing. Union seems to be going in the wrong direction from what I have read, RV secondary will be destroyed if they make it, and Central is having a great year but they do not have the cats that Graham has. You still have to play the game and anything could happen if they dont take an opponent seriously but with a group of 16 seniors and the fact that they have done it before means the G Men should be in Salem
  12. central may be undersized up front but they play very low and are very fast off the snap. Ridgeview has some beef but in high school football I will take a quick lean 230 lb kid over a slower 280 any day of the week. With that being said Adkins is very good and RV has speed if they can get the ball there. #7 can flat out fly and reverse or end around to him and he can score from anywhere. The run D for RV is very good mostly because they load the box and play man though I am not sure what centrals passing attack looks like. If central can throw for more that Adkins rushes for they win
  13. Graham is the most complete team in the region hands down. Ridgeview is going to get beat by anyone that can tackle 6 and complete a hitch because that pass defense is not great for a 1 seed. Wise Central has hit their stride they are a good team and they did beat a down Richlands team by their standards. GC and Union are tough hard nose teams that play football like "the good old days". But Battle and Lee?? The top side of the M7 is better with the exception of Graham but the bottom is the same. Plus as long as Abingdon is in the M7 any team that can beat them is going to out point a team with a similar record in the Southwest.
  14. agreed Riverheads will win it again PH is good for 1D I would be surprised if they made it to Salem at all with Galax standing in there way. I think Union and GC is interesting #45 for GC is a pretty darn good line backer and so is the Polier kid I would expect a lot of good collisions there if GC can slow it down they have a chance. I dont think Wise is going to be afraid of that R on the side of the helmet considering they took down Union. Richlands had 2 of the best interior D lineman I've seen all year and Sage Webb is a game changer. Mance will have a plan but Richlands has had early exits before with good teams.
  15. I dont know stats for sure this list is for the most part an eye test 1. Simmons GW this kid is lights out and by far the best true QB in the region even if you cover well he is capable of breaking a 40 yard scramble 2. Lester Graham - one of the top athletes in SWVA. He is playing out of position at QB that is the only reason he is 2 on the list 3. Simmons Richlands- Mance has a great system and this kid has learned it as the year has gone on. It doesnt hurt that he has the webb kid to throw it up to 4. Thomas VA High- I know he is a running back but he does catch the snap for them more times than not. If this kids was on any other team he would be an all state kid for sure. If he can get some help look out he could be future POY in the southwest district 5. Pickett Galax- I havnt seen him play but they stats yall keep throwing up are pretty darn impressive.
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