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  1. That is not very smart IMO good luck keeping those numbers when more than half are sitting on the sideline during practice and games
  2. What made Tazewell so good last season was their line play you can have all the skill you want if you suck up front you will not beat good teams. The fact that they havnt had a jv team in 3 season has killed there development up front IMO. Those big boys are gonna have to grow up quick
  3. Jags52

    2D Predictions

    Tazewell only had 8 lineman of their roster and 4 where seniors that could be trouble because the only difference in the 3-7 Tazewell team and the one from last year was line play they have always had speed but if you can’t block up front it does not matter
  4. I would say Lebanon should run the hogo. They had a very competitive group last year that could run the ball a shorten the game. Chilhowie still has the Gilly kid that can score from anywhere and I think the Martin kid that played QB was only a junior. Out side of the Chilhowie has an automatic kicker but that’s it. We will know how good Chilhowie is after they benefit Tazewell. Holston graduated everyone and I havnt heard much from PH. One team that hasn’t been mentioned is Grayson. They have a new coach who has a pretty good track record and they have always been a very tough out. I wonder if James will stick to the split back veer or change it up
  5. Jags52

    Holston job

    20 days until camp starts any new on would will be in charge at Fort?
  6. Getting to the playoff has become easier in this new format with 8 out of the 11 (73%) making the play off. Part of me wishes football was set us like baseball, basketball, and all the other sports where the top 4 in each district made its then cross bracket that would lessen the chances of a repeat game for the 1st round. For example lets say Graham is the one seed and Marion get locked into the 8 seed before the last game. Then those teams would play each other on back to back weeks which would probably be very boring to the Graham faithful and demoralizing for Marion
  7. They had some success throwing the ball deep again GC now those where not the best corners in the league by any stretch but he can for sure scheme some people open and hurt people in the air some. The formations may look different but the mind set is the same run the ball to open up the pass
  8. Lee has always looked good getting off the bus and they got some cats that can run a little. I have faith that Carroll can get the most out of those kids. I have seen him do more with less at Marion. 3 or 4 wins would be a good start for sure. 5 wins (if they can surprise a team like battle or gate city) would be a great year and maybe a play off berth
  9. That will change. There is a good chance it gets to 24 but Eastside, PH, and Rye Cove should be winnable games.
  10. I am sure he already has them in the weight room busting their tails and getting faster. Carroll play football and ran track in college, one of his biggest keys to success is maxing out a kid speed potential. I do not know if if can happen in 2 months but give them a full offseason and you will see a big change. He is for sure trying to teach those kids how to run a true spread offense. When they did try to spread it out last year it was well not good. In there defense its hard to switch back and forth between 4 wide and split back deuce.
  11. Bland in the hogo? That would make for some rough travel times
  12. I honestly think the nicotine is complete BS. Especially when the age for tobacco use to be 18 and a high school senior could be of age and still get popped for a drug test even though its legal. But if they rules are such that you letting your team down for partaking in tobacco then you got the rest of your life to do that or just dont do it in season. It going to happen I dont think anyone thinks it doesnt but if I was the head of a program and would mention that every day just to make sure the kids know what they are risking. I also dont think weed or anything harder than that has any place in high school sports I know that a hot take for some people but thats just how I feel about that situation
  13. drug testing is a school system thing it has nothing to do with the VHSL. I know Tazewell and Smyth have drug testing I dont know who else in the area does. Most of the test are carried out by a 3rd party group and they are random. I do not know what the exact punishments are as far as a positive test goes but from what I have heard It kind of like a COVID test you have to have a negative test before you come back. I could be wrong but I feel like I've heard that before. I think Tazewell county also test for nicotine which is a little much IMO. At the end of the day I think they kids should just take the advise of Stephen A Smith and "STAY OFF THE DAMN WEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDD"
  14. if you fail out of the test the give you. you must sit X amount of games before stepping back on the field so you play and spring sport and sit those games instead of football season. Or that is how I understand it
  15. I am just saying that I have heard from a pretty reliable source that football player are to work out in the spring and if they dont then they are will be replaced on the field.. that idea is great for football for sure thats why their football program is where it is and I am not knocking that at all but when a kid feel like I have to live in the weight room to keep my spot they may be less likely to go out and play baseball. When your enrollment is under 500 and your best athletes are not playing everything sports like baseball will suffer. With that being said I did get to watch Cam play baseball and if he had played for 4 years instead of the one then he might have had offers in both sports.
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