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  1. I actually like the moved VA high back. Im not a big fan of playing district game that early in the season
  2. You beat me to it. I was going to say the know because they are paying for it. I dont know how much they are pay Doss but I knew James is make admin pay to run the weight room and coach football which is a nice deal if you can get it
  3. That is impressive!! IMO its hard to attract good coaching when football is the #2 sport and even harder when football in #3 (look at Fort Chiswell). But it seems like at Auburn its #8 good luck
  4. That is impressive!! IMO its hard to attract good coaching when football is the #2 sport and even harder when football in #3 (look at Fort Chiswell). But it seems like at Auburn its #8 good luck
  5. For now yes. He was also had coaching stints at Brevard College and Emory. His name keep popping up for head coaching opening in Smyth county
  6. Baseball is his baby there was no way he was going to give that up
  7. I’m surprised I heard they were gonna let him do it all
  8. Austin Coe #85 DE from Marion just received his first offer from the Air Force Academy. Very surprised he hasn’t got any attention from anyone closer
  9. SWD should come down to VA High and Marion again IMO 1A. VA High only had 2 seniors on that team last year that wasnt the best that Daniels had but still a well coached team overall and won the district. The health of Brody Jones will be a key factor in their season and they have to replace Issac Berry pitched 7 innings every other game and was a work horse for them. They need to find a good #2 behind Jones that is if he is fully healed and ready to play 1B. Marion also only graduated 2 seniors and one of which is playing for Emory now. They did however lose the Perkins kid to a prep school so between him and Thomas they lost a lot of innings on the mound. Coach Cannon is known for developing pitchers so if that trend continues they might be in the drivers seat. Offense shouldnt be a problem they return a lot of good bats from last season 3. Tazewell has a lot of key pieces coming back. I think they could challenge Marion and VA high if they can keep their heads on straight. Myers and Duty should be solid on the mound for them. They arnt quite at the level of Jones and Hale (Richlands) but they are pretty solid. Luke Childress has a great bat and should have a pretty good year for the bulldogs. Last season they seemed to let their emotions take over in big games and it cost them. 4. Richlands will have a lot a new faces where they got hit hard by graduation. They will have a fighting chance to win any game that Ben Hale pitches. He is only a junior and was a stud on the mound last year. They will have a chance to compete in game just off of Hale's arm but after that I do not think they have much. They did win the JV championship if that means anything to anyone last season 5. Graham hasnt had much to write home about baseball wise in a long time. Most of their best athletes are lifting for the fall and do not come out unless its their senior year. They will have their 3rd head coach in as many years so maybe he can convince some of those guys to come play but until I see different Graham will remain in the basement of the SWD Guys to watch for POY- Brody Jones (VA high) Braehdon Merideth (VA high) Jack Pugh (Marion) Brady Roberts (Marion) Brody Taylor (Marion) Luke Childress (Tazewell) Ben Hale (Richlands) This could all change because every team does have a new coach but should be a fun season to watch!
  10. They are going to allow Robinson at Chilhowie to do all 3 which blows my mind honestly but more power to him. I wonder if Chilhowie had a better year if he would have walked away. I would say its hard to end your coaching career by choice on a 0-10 season. I also heard rumors that Northwood's coach was stepping down but I only heard that from one person and it hasnt happen yet so I dont see it happening this season. As far as the pay goes that all depends on teaching. If you are a newer teach or dont work in the school system Smyth pays much more. Because its a flat rate plus a 1/2 months. If I am not mistaken other counties go off a straight percentage. In Washington that is 11% so you would it takes longer to get up to even pay. Smyth county did raise the baseball pay by giving the head coach a 1/2 month on top of the $1,960 which at least makes it kind of worth it but the extra hours spent working on the field as a head coach for baseball was almost of waste of time for under two grand. No body coaches for the money they have to love the game but it is nice to be compensated for the time put in and the time spent away from their families. God Bless a coaches wife they deserve a metal and maybe even a stipend their self.
  11. Tazewell did not make the region Marion should be the 3 seed in the SWD if they win Saturday against Richlands. Marion has also made some moves in the regions tournament in the past I wouldnt be shocked if they pulled an upset
  12. Don’t get me wrong I hate when a crew blows the whistle every 30 seconds of game clock that not fun to watch at all. Last night felt like an over correction from the last game. It was fair atleast they didn’t call a thing the game only last an hour and 10 mints from tip to final buzzer.
  13. Officials refused to blow the whistle. It was the same group that had the Marion VA high game last night and it was the same result. If either game was remotely closer things would have gotten chippy. They had zero control of either game
  14. I think Lebanon wins but it won’t be easy. Chilhowie has this us against the world mentality so they will come play like their playoff life depends on it (which it doesn’t but that’s what they said in the paper). I expect Emory to be packed with Orange but it won’t be a hostile as last game. Should be a wild environment I can’t wait to watch this one
  15. I dont see Eastside beating Lebanon I feel like Chilhowie and Lebanon are on going to set to meet for a 4th time in the region tournament
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