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  1. This one is close through the 2nd qtr, but RV pulls away into the 3rd and wins by 2-3 tds
  2. nope that wont happen, that makes way too much sense
  3. its seems as if battle is always in covid protocol
  4. Thoughts on this game? Qb for the Pack is gonna be a stud, offense they are running will be a strain on every team in the mtn 7, not much a kicking game for ridgeview but in all in all probably wont matter ridgeview has looked pretty solid defensively so far, burton really had trouble containing the bigs up front, and the speed at lineback, Pack 26 Central14
  5. Ridgeview is the real deal Everyone better look out
  6. I think that this one will be pretty close for a while, but ridgeview eventually comes out on top
  7. does anyone else find it strange that the only place that people are getting quarantined for contact is in the schools?
  8. i said this in one thread and i state it again get the shot or dont go get tested thats the only way it works
  9. First time poster long time reader i have a couple of nephews playing this fall at a few local teams I understand safety protocols and making sure as few people as possible are not potentially infected and so on and so forth But at what point do athletes and coaches stop going to get tested? i mean this isnt going away obviously so your choices are got get the shot, or stop getting tested, thats the only way to get some normal back
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