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  1. Something tells me this game will not happen! RR has missed their last 2 games!
  2. I think need to change cadence! Their Cadence is easy to time and Jump! It’s a rhythmic and easy to time. That would be a simple fix to slow the d line down
  3. It’s not all about giving up points it’s about letting the other team control the ball and clock. Giles should have been a win! No excuse for giving up 265 yds on the left side. But in the past! Still not sure playing best 11 on the O side of ball. There is a kid who needs to be utilized as a weapon at wide out who has a big body, speed and soft hands. For some reason he splits times with someone who’s not in same ballpark with athleticism! Hopefully that gets worked out! pass game has really opened the run game. Need that to continue!
  4. Well we pulled it out despite some issues! Team seems to be growing up a little each week! Good win for a young team!
  5. not sure about this one. been wrong all year so lets go CC 26 GW 14! reverse mojo
  6. hahahah so funny, the left are the intolerant ones! go see how the treat Mr. Larry Elder whos running for governor of California. the video is all over the place. Biden is really running the country well!!
  7. Can’t go low when engaged! Look it up it’s illegal! Double teams fine but can’t cut once player is engaged! U sound foolish
  8. Well how about no calls? Can we name those? Giles rbs leaned all game before snap, mmm a lot of chop blocks not called. But hey who cares at this point! I blame our coach for the loss not the refs!!
  9. GW coach is something special!!! They never change snap count!! Jumped it all night!! Cost us dearly down inside the five 3 times!! Then they pound the ball to their right our left all night and our corner doesn’t want to come and make a tackle and our outside LB who they have playing extended D end gets pounded all night, kid only weighs about 160lbs so inside with all the beef makes it hard for him! Should have moved outside ln to corner pulled the corner off and put some heavy beef at end. What I’m concerned about with our coach is either he isn’t smart enough to see that or he’s scared of pissing parents off by pulling their kids! Both are bad and doesn’t represent good coaching if those two are the case!
  11. won 70% of games against bland, marion grayson ( a lot of wins against them when they were AA) RR Fort ( who he has most wins from and out talents for AA) Auburn Carroll county, he has 7 automatics a year on just pure talent alone!! when is the last time he beat galax or radford? not in last 5 years. loses to galax 2 times a year. its bad when dixon was calling out our plays from his sideline when we were on O!! Ive watched a few practices and they throw maybe 10 times and work on hands offs the rest. Pass concepts? it was throw deep to Vegas thompson who is at VMI no concept there. He beats every corner in SWVA just throw 50/50 balls and 95% of time thompson gets it. He lost to radford as predicted, will get boat raced against graham and will proceed to lose against galax. then play galax again in playoffs and lose again! ( ground hog day) i guess if you think on beating up on a bunch less talented teams is success then I guess its a success. on that note LETS GO GW!!!!!!!
  12. if he wasn't principle would he be treated differently. should have been tossed why does he get special treatment? being who is makes it worse
  13. So what have a won with his offense? Name the last team GW has beat that they were not suppose to have beat? you unwittingly proved my point. they’ve had a change in talent levels to smaller lines and now have quarterback who can make every throw but they run about 50 times a game and throw it 6-7 so the talent level hasn’t really dropped off it it’s transformed to the wideouts and the line is smaller which will not translate to a power running game. the coaches can’t change their coaching style to the talent they have so they keep pushing this running game that’s not there. that’s the point I was making good coaches adapt to the talent they have.
  14. well you could chalk that up to HOPE!! HAHAHAHHAHA, hope that our coaches werent the same coaches who make no adjustments, who dont coach to their talent but coach only the schemes they know. run the same 5 to 6 plays a game thinking if we run it 5 times in a row it will fool the defense. like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. so frustrating.
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