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  1. here is the schedule GW vs Mt airy and grayson vs holston at 4 galax vs ridgeview and narrows vs richlands at 5 grayson vs ji burton and rr vs holston at 6 ridgeview vs mt airy and galax vs richlands at 7 narrow vs gw and rr vs ji burton at 8
  2. Well don’t put it past our coaches to back out! Heard we had river heads lined up but powers that be backed out and now these kids are left with 9 games more than likely will be 8 because auburn will likely fold. So it’s disappointing to say the least. They are putting all there hope into Covington canceling their season to pick up parry McClure! I say Stick your neck out there and play games there’s a small chance to win! That makes us no better than bland who’s everyone bitched about canceling district play at least they are trying to rebuild their program.
  3. someone needs to do an official shortage count! GW and Radford already moved to Thursday because of officials! Does the VHSL supply them or how does that work? Thanks
  4. Ji burton, ridge view Galax richlands mt airy narrows RR, Grayson and Holston
  5. Rumor is coving isn’t gonna have enough and if so GW will play parry so that will end that debate lol
  6. I have let the powers that be know about several teams and for some reason they respond with one reason or another why it never works out! Ill let them know about the one as well. Almost like they don't want to add a game! It really makes no sense, GW has not played a full schedule going on 4 years now!!! i appreciate the info! Hey can you find out if covington is going to have a team? thanks
  7. thats the rumor, but hell playing a game is better than playing no game
  8. This is inexcusable for the admin to drop the ball this way! These kids deserve better!! Two whole years and everyone filled their schedule but GW! Should be ashamed!!
  9. I know GW is still looking, from what I have been told teams knew last year that bland wasn't playing them. Kind of disheartening to know they have had over a year to fill in the void. GW hasn't played a full schedule in three years now. Last two years I get it but not to be ready for this year kind of crazy.
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