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  1. HAHA, play the game and take what you get. Have to quit worrying about things that you can't change, and play the game. Also helps when you get more people involved than just 2 players. You have 5 to 6 guys doing all the dirty work on the boards, playing defense, and putting their body on the line as far as taking charges and everything else that don't show up in the stat line, and two players getting praised for everything. I'll say it until I am blue in the face, McAmis and Hayes are both great ball players, but until you get more involved on offense when those two are not hitting or having a tough time getting open shots, things will continue to be the same. GC will win the M7 again this year.
  2. If losing a double digit lead 4 to 5 times counts as craziness, then yes........up by 12 at one point in the 3rd quarter, and lost by 10, 69 to 59.
  3. Cusano is gonna be tough the next few years!!! To put up 31 in a tough conference game, against a senior stacked team is impressive!!
  4. Central vs Union Lee vs Battle Gate City vs Ridgeview What are the thoughts on the games for tonight?
  5. I am not doubting Ridgeview, they are very athletic and good team!!! I can see them finishing 3rd or 4th in the M7 and causing some trouble for some teams come tournament time!
  6. I am really interested to see how this team responds Friday night at Union. For the teams sake I hope they come out and have a better focus, intensity, heart, and will to win that they lacked against Ridgeview. I am not downing anybody in this post at all, Isaiah is an excellent ball player, and has a ton of upside to him, but he is not the player he is without his teammates, and I will say that and stand behind it through and through!!
  7. Alot of stuff done during a game dont show up in the stat sheet. I didnt go to the game lastnight, but I did listen in here and there. I heard the announcers talking about Brickey leading the team in taking charges!!! That dont show up in a stat line, but is big and helpful to the team! Just like disruptive defense, deflecting passes, altering shots........
  8. What about the other players on the team, that played defense, dished out assist, crashed the boards and pulled down rebounds??? If you take those playing defense, dishing out assist, and pulling down rebounds, do you still win the ballgame? I don't think so, there is no I in TEAM, but with those statements it makes you wonder how the head coach feels about his team!! Am I the only one that thinks this statement to the paper could cause some problems inside the team? Everybody knows that McAmis and Hayes are your dominant scorers, but there is more to basketball than just scoring 43 points in a game........... I am pretty sure that the rest of the players on the team, wanted to win just as much as the next........I don't see how you question a kids heart and passion when they give so much time to the team, and still fought to win the game. How does everyone else feel about this?
  9. Personally I have not seen Lee High this year, but I have seen Central. Central is very experienced and very long. They start 5 seniors, and have 2 seniors coming off the bench along with some under class men that all are capable of playing good ball and giving the Warriors good minutes.They are very physical and play good help defense, and all 5 starters are capable of knocking down shots and scoring at any given time. Central probably will be a little tired from the trip to Florida and the Arby's Classic, but I don't see them letting this one slip by them. Central by 10 to 12. Better guard Hayes and McCamis tough, either kid is liable to go for 30+ on any given night. I agree with you Burrell's Pearls, I hope the officiating is pretty good in this one, like you said could be a very physical game.
  10. 38 to 34, Central down with about 7 minutes in the 4th to go
  11. Central boys playing Uniontown Area High School out of Pennsylvania, they are down starting the 4th quarter. Not sure exactly on the score Central really struggled shooting the ball in the 1st half, but have picked it up in the 3rd quarter.
  12. Matt is a great kid, and a very hard nosed football player. Love watching him this year play the game he loves. He never backed down from a challenge, and showed what he was capable of during this All-Star game. Proud of him for finishing his high school career strong.
  13. Central beat John Battle 60-44, Behind a big game from Elijah Hayes with 23, the rest of the scoring was McCamis with 21, Bishop with 7, Allison with 5, and Trey Mullins with 4 points. Central girls also won but not sure on the final score of that game. Centrals Boys and Girls travel to Orlando today to start playing in the KSA Holiday tournament tomorrow on 12/19/19. I heard the game at Gate City was pretty rough last night..........seems like it is going to be that way throughout the M7 this year, hopefully nothing crazy happens.
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