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  1. Exactly BigWinners, I have known and been around Chris since I was very young, he used to join in on our back yard whiffle ball/baseball games, and has supported Appalachia, Powell Valley, and now Union with everything in him!!! I am sure he has done wrong or said some things he shouldn't have said, but everybody in this world has done that, and made things right and moved on. In my high school playing days, I can remember him calling me Mike Piazza, and would say I was one of the bash brothers!! In football, you never had to worry about walking to get water, a towel, or anything from the sidelines. I have reffed 8th grade, JV football, or youth football, and a kid would get hurt, and Chris would come out and ask the kids name and go off to the side and start praying for the kid!!! Everytime I have seen Chris, he will always shake my hand, and before he left he would say I love ya man. To me this is a slap in the face to anybody with a disabled or mentally challenged kid, and is a big @$×+ you, we don't care about you type attitude. The behavior that has been allowed to go on is disrespectful, senseless, and down right shameful. What are we teaching the future generations, that it is okay to treat some with disrespect, and just blame it on boys being boys..........I am far from innocent when it comes to doing disrespectful things as a kid, teenager, but I was taught and raised better than to think it was okay to pick on/humiliate someone with a disability, and was disciplined accordingly. As for Chris supposedly roaming the halls of the school during school hours, I don't know if that is true, and if it is I can understand the administration wanting to stop it, but at 330 he should be welcome to come and volunteer his time and support! He has done it 30+ years and has never asked for anything in return. This whole event disgust me, for Chris, for the community, and the school itself. The things done to Chris, was set aside and overlooked because Chris was willing to forgive and turn the other cheek.......and in the end he is the one who is being punished because he was mistreated. Accountability needs to take place for the actions done by the people who made fun of Chris, and vandlized his property. Everybody take a step back, and put yourself in Chris's shoes or Chris's family's shoes, how would you feel, what would you do?
  2. Whats the word on things going on with Union Basketball? Will Zack Moore be back to lead the Bears again this coming basketball season?
  3. Could be a tough team, with the return of McCamis, and Hayes, Bishop, Allison, Mullins, Colley, and Brickey.......a senior loaded team with alot of talent........should be very interesting to see how they fair in the M7 and Region D!
  4. Is this the best performance from a pitcher in the VHSL State softball game? I know Todd Zirkle pitched a no hitter in baseball, struck out 12.......that is impressive......this girl has dominated the last 3 years in softball with well over 800 strikeouts and over 300 for one season...........love seeing the local talent stand out and do well in this area. Congrats Richlands on your title, and good luck Lebanon Pioneers!
  5. haha just kidding, gotta do what you gotta do mess up a pitchers rhythm, and try to get runners in scoring position to complete the #1 goal of the season.......
  6. any any radio broadcast or anything for this game? Mac seems to be mowing them down, hopefully she keeps it up and they bring a State title back to this side of Virginia...... Also good luck to the pioneers today!!
  7. Central goes down to Lebanon 14-4...................was up 4-3 going into the bottom of the 6th, with Bishop on the mound and the pitch count forced him out of the game. Collins, Stanley, and Brickey all come into pitch in the 6th and just could not get out of the inning and went into the 7th inning down 14-4. Lebanon brought the lefty Buchanan in and he closed the game out. Good Luck to the remaining teams, bring back a state championship to this end of the state!!!
  8. Thanks chipinbogey, seems like a very dreadful drive!!!
  9. chipinbogey, anyway you can find out where they are playing the Region 1D tournament game at tomorrow against Rye Cove?
  10. Where does Grundy play softball at? Is it at their high school?
  11. Has the Region 1D softball tournament bracket been put out yet, or is their games still to be played to determine the seeds?
  12. Has Grundy and Twin Valley softball played yet?
  13. Thanks a bunch Bearcat Dad, gives me a better understanding. Any update on the Lebanon/ VA High game?
  14. so who will be the QB for Union next year? I hear that Jones has transferred to Great Crossing High School in Georgetown, KY.
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