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  1. Politics...................Coaches talk and trade votes and nominations for each kid. Basically if I have a kid that is a good ball player all around for his team, maybe not score 15 ppg, and make the headlines a lot, but did contribute to his teams success, his coach will tell another coach I will nominate one of your kids, if you will nominate one of mine. I am not saying that the kids don't deserve the honor, some rightfully so, and some may be borderline. All Conference and All Region has always been about politics back in 2002 when I graduated it was the same way, and it will never change.
  2. RadCat, I apologize I misread the comment......I thought it was thrown to the pictures that was posted! My bad
  3. HAHAHA obviously so.......the officials they send to these games are going to end up letting a game get out of hand and a kid really hurt.
  4. What does a relative posting it have to do with anything?
  5. Well said Tigerman10!!! I feel if you are not able to make the right call in critical situations, you do not need to be officiating the game!!!! To much buddy/buddy in the AOA........commissioner makes sure his boys get the big games, and his boys are the best officials out there!!!
  6. I am not saying the refs cost anybody a game, and dont think that refs can decide a game by missing or making calls. My dad has reffed for 25+ years, and we have always discussed that refs cant win or lose a game on a call, because at some point during a game each team had a chance to make plays to win the game. I just dont see how refs swallow their whistle during crucial moments of a game!!! Like stated above, if free throws are made, that doesn't matter, but the free throws was not made........so all in all, I hate it for Central, but that's the way it goes sometimes!!!! On to baseball they go!!!
  7. Sorry sixcat, I misunderstood your last post!!! I agree, I am not saying this would of made Central win the ball game.......but with 2.1 seconds left and if a foul was called......you go to the line for 2 free throws for a chance to try and advance!!! They had other chances during the game to win, but it's a shame that referees swallow their whistles most of the time during a situation like this!!!
  8. Hahaha nothing was called on that play........
  9. This was 2.1 seconds left in the Central/Radford game!!! Not that it matters now the game is done and over with, but how can a foul be ignored right here?
  10. Central and Radford at Roanoke College has been delayed on the start due to Radford getting stuck in traffic!!! Moved from 5pm to 515pm is what I was told!! Is the Glenvar/Gate City game still on for tonight?
  11. What happens if Gate City and Central Boys both win their quarterfinal game, and Union and Gate Girls win their quarterfinal game? Do they play each other again, or do they cross the brackets after the quarterfinal games? If they do play each other again, will it be the higher seeds choice of where the game will be played?
  12. I guess basketball to you is just the players that score. You sir are obviously lost! What about the kids that fight for rebounds, play defense, get assist, come up with steals.....oh I forgot they must suck because they didn't score.......go on somewhere with your BS!!!! Central had some good play from many different players, Collie, Bishop, Brickey, and Bailey all made some plays during this game!! If you didn't notice, Vermillion was substituting for Offense and Defense possessions last night when their 2nd best scorer was in foul trouble! Mack,Starnes, and the George kids all played good minutes for Gate City in different situations. If some of those turnovers were not forced by these non talented kids, this ballgame could of been a blow out!! So before you get on here blasting kids, and teams saying they have no talent, realize basketball is so much more than scoring!!! Central was 7-15 from the free throw line and GC was 18-20 from the free throw line.......so all in all that was the determining factor in the game.
  13. What good does outplaying someone's starters and getting beat? At the end of the day Central moves on and Richlands goes on to start baseball season! Last I checked only thing that matters is the final score when the final buzzer sounds off!
  14. #BBN

    TJ McAmis

    Their is talent around him, but hard to see it when they never get the opportunity to show it!!! Most are scared to shoot it, or make any mistake because they will get pulled to the bench!!!
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