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  1. #BBN

    TJ McAmis

    I heard on the radio broadcast, that since he was in an administration roll, he would be stepping down!! I figured after Isiaha graduated he would hang it up!! He still has two daughters, one on varsity now, and one on the 8th grade or JV team. Kind of surprised me he didnt want to try and coach his daughters, but I believe Robin Dotson has that position locked down for as long as he wants it!!!
  2. Wish all conferences would do this!!!!
  3. Does anybody have the schedules for the conference tournaments and game times?
  4. I agree Hokie101, Dean has improved his game as far as driving to the basket and finishing. He also made a lot of good passes that lead to easy points for GC. Dean is definitely a game changer. Not sure that Central would of won if they would of stayed in the 2-3 zone but I definitely think the game would of been much closer, and I think everybody else agrees with me as well.
  5. Outcoached........bottom line........ran a 2-3 zone defense in the first half and kept it close, then never went back to it and got blown out!!!
  6. Anybody heard anything on this game? Is it still on, or are they looking to reschedule?
  7. Central has been playing better ball the last part of the season. I agree that their is no pressure on them going into Friday's game, they do not have a winning streak on the line, and beating Gate City one time does not really help them out that much for seeding in the tournament. Gate City is always a tough game, and Vermillion always has his bunch ready to play. Gate City fans travel well, and are always loud. I don't expect anything any different this Friday. It will be a packed gym with this being Central's senior night. Can the Warriors get over the hump with this being possibly the last home game for 7 seniors? Central played lights out in the 1st half against Gate City, and limited Dean in the 1st half and was in control. The 2nd half was a different story, like a light switch was flipped and no one could stop Dean from draining 3's from half court. Dean is game changer, as he can score from anywhere on the court, and his ability to pass makes him that much stronger of a player. If you plan to get a seat, you better get there early.
  8. HAHA, play the game and take what you get. Have to quit worrying about things that you can't change, and play the game. Also helps when you get more people involved than just 2 players. You have 5 to 6 guys doing all the dirty work on the boards, playing defense, and putting their body on the line as far as taking charges and everything else that don't show up in the stat line, and two players getting praised for everything. I'll say it until I am blue in the face, McAmis and Hayes are both great ball players, but until you get more involved on offense when those two are not hitting or having a tough time getting open shots, things will continue to be the same. GC will win the M7 again this year.
  9. If losing a double digit lead 4 to 5 times counts as craziness, then yes........up by 12 at one point in the 3rd quarter, and lost by 10, 69 to 59.
  10. https://www.spreaker.com/user/centralsports
  11. Cusano is gonna be tough the next few years!!! To put up 31 in a tough conference game, against a senior stacked team is impressive!!
  12. Central vs Union Lee vs Battle Gate City vs Ridgeview What are the thoughts on the games for tonight?
  13. I am not doubting Ridgeview, they are very athletic and good team!!! I can see them finishing 3rd or 4th in the M7 and causing some trouble for some teams come tournament time!
  14. I am really interested to see how this team responds Friday night at Union. For the teams sake I hope they come out and have a better focus, intensity, heart, and will to win that they lacked against Ridgeview. I am not downing anybody in this post at all, Isaiah is an excellent ball player, and has a ton of upside to him, but he is not the player he is without his teammates, and I will say that and stand behind it through and through!!
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