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  1. It has been posted in the Scott County Paper, and if I am not mistaken it was on the Times News as well.
  2. I'm not bitter about nothing just stating facts, as I have seen it first hand. I'm not a part of the AOA and never will be, but have alot of friends and family that have been. It has never been great but the last 5 to 7 years has been pathetic!
  3. Maybe your sucks wont get 5 or 6 local games a week........officiating has been awful the past 5 to 7 years.......a big part of it seems to be if you were buddy/buddy with the commissioner you always got close games and inportant games. Most referees in the AOA do it for a little extra money and for some enjoyment, but who would want to keep giving their time to the AOA when you get two games a week and it's at Twin Valley or Council and it takes you 2 hours to get there.........you barely make enough to pay for gas.........I understand these schools need Referees too, but when it's the same Referees going 2 to 3 times a week to the same place, because the commissioner thinks it's right to send his buddies and his "TOP" (sarcasm) officials to local and important games. No wonder they voted him out, not sure that it can ever be fixed after the beating it has taken over the years.
  4. What's the word on Dockery being let go by Twin Springs? From Kevin Mays article on timesnews.net, Dockery said he was shocked and very disappointed!
  5. 13-5 Central over Eastside
  6. 10-3 after 6 Central up on Eastside
  7. 10-2 Central right now....not sure what inning it is in!
  8. How did this scrimmage go? Heard Union won 5-4, anybody have any insight on this?
  9. Congratulations Warriors and Good Luck!!!!
  10. OT at the Prior center
  11. Man he stroked that ball!!! Great seeing kids from the local area producing at the next level!!!
  12. Awesome to see this. He didn't just hit a homerun, he hit a BOMB......
  13. Union is traveling to Knox Central for a scrimmage Saturday weather permitting.
  14. Anybody got any insight on Union? Rumors going around that losing to anybody other than Abingdon in the conference would be a disappointment? Know a few of the kids playing for them and they are good athletes but will they be that much better than everyone else? Central returns 3 strong arms on the mound, and the infield will be strong. Replacing Stallard is a big task behind the plate but I believe Stanley will step in and do just fine. Does anyone know if Lester is playing baseball? He could be a big help in the outfield and on the base paths with his speed! What does Ridgeview and Lee High have, and what are everyone's thoughts on how the conference standings will end up?
  15. It should the way the past games have been for them this year!! I would expect it to be another great game!!!
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