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  1. That could be good or bad, most of James Colley's Haysi teams were very good football teams from what I can remember. All I can say is Paintsville better be ready for the ground and pound game and hope they are in good condition. If Union can control the ball, and have some long drives and come away with points, I think they wear Paintsville down and pull away late into the game. Sure glad this thing is being played at the park, and not in Kentucky. I went to a few games down in Breathitt Co, and BIGWINNERS was along for the ride on a couple of occasions, and it was some of the craziest stuff we had ever seen.
  2. I agree BigWinners, definitely proved me wrong!!! Shows what kind of heart and tradition comes from Appalachia and Big Stone Gap!! Congrats to the Coach Turner and the Bears!!!
  3. First play of the game Rye Cove scores on a Hardin #9 65 yard TD!!
  4. William Byrd Abingdon George Wythe Ft. Chiswell Gretna Central Ridgeview John Battle Patrick Henry Graham Galax West Wilkes, NC Grundy River View, WV Northwood Chilhowie JI Burton Rye Cove No. 9 Florida No. 11 Michigan No. 8 Auburn Florida St. North Carolina West Virginia No. 21 Virginia No. 3 Georgia Buffalo Baltimore Minnesota Houston Los Angeles Rams GotW Narrows 35
  5. Sounds like a mess up at Letcher County......seems like it always is when the Bears travel over there.......get them off the schedule and find a team that plays with class and respect, win or lose!!
  6. Fumble by Adkins, recovered by Central!
  7. Galax Radford Graham Ridgeview Gate City John Battle JI Burton Union Grundy George Wythe Tazewell Tennessee Grayson Co. Honaker Patrick Henry Thomas Walker Rye Cove North Greene, TN Bluefield No. 13 Penn St. Chattanooga Virginia Tech West Virginia Stanford Marshall No. 9 Florida No. 1 Clemson No. 25 Virginia Green Bay Tennessee Seattle Dallas Los Angeles Rams Atlanta G(s)otW Abingdon 35 Chilhowie 49
  8. I agree, I am not saying they are the caliber of Abingdon or Ridgeview, but I could see them giving Union and the rest of the M7 a fit.......I may be wrong, but they definitely have improved over the last few years.
  9. I think Central will be a sleeper in the Mountain 7 this year and surprise a few teams.........the talent is there and I think they cruise against Lebanon....... If I was a head coach, Central would be a game that I would make sure my team was not over looking.......could cause some havoc for some teams and possibly make a playoff run this year.
  10. Pulaski Co. Abingdon Grayson Co. George Wythe Christiansburg Central Battle Ridgeview Graham Narrows Martinsville Grundy Honaker Hurley Twin Valley Patrick Henry Holston Rural Retreat Bluefield Virginia Boise St. Virginia Tech West Virginia Clemson Tennessee LSU Miami Tennessee Washington Kansas City Los Angeles Chargers New England G(s)otW Union 52 Chilhowie 49
  11. Not seen either team, so its hard to say what will happen Friday night. When these two teams play it always turns out to be a really good game. From what I have heard Union will rely on defense a lot through the year, and from my understanding their D played lights out against Lee. Not sure that Lee can be used as a good measuring stick with it being the first game under a new coach and not a very polished offense. Union O seemed to be pretty solid with the run game, and from what I was told Gibson at QB threw the ball well and had a deep pass that was a beautiful ball but was dropped........ I am exciting to see this game..... Union 35 Richlands 17
  12. Only reason I was asking is because I know the officials for the game and seen his assignment that had Patrick Henry (Roanoke)........man we sure do have a bunch of pricks on this forum!!
  13. Someone said this may be Patrick Henry Roanoke not sure if thats true, I wouldn't think so but just wanting to clarify.
  14. What is the situation at Jenkins? I know in some sports they are allowed to start playing Varsity ball at a young age and grade.........Is the school just that small? Where would be an option for these students to go to school at if something was to happen to Jenkins? Sad to say but football is becoming a less popular sport in this area, not sure how all you feel, but seems like numbers are no where near what they used to be. I understand the school numbers in some areas are down due to the economy, but are kids just not interested in football like they used to be?
  15. Anybody have a stat line on Adkins?
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