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  1. You should take your Ball and go home !!!!!
  2. Riverheads is not the only 2A school dropping down and beating up on the JV's, some do it for Football, some for wrestling, some for Ice Skating. Whatever the reason, it is just not fair to the small school's.
  3. heard he is going to stay as a math Teacher.
  4. Looks like Graham as a team got the shaft, the offense and defense line really got it.
  5. Just like last season at GC, he could not do enough to satisfy some. He is starting on a D1 team, that should shut some up, but it hasn't.
  6. Seems to me like they played to win the game.
  7. I have been misled, thought Hurley field was only one in VA. that got muddy when it rained. LOL
  8. They have a very good chance of winning it all, great team.
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