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  1. 8/28 Lebanon H 9/4 Castlewood A 9/11 Twin Valley H 9/18 Bye 9/25 Grundy A 10/2 Tazewell A 10/9 J.I. Burton H 10/16 Hurley A 10/23 Patrick Henry (GS) H 10/30 Northwood A 11/6 Ridgeview H I think this is accurate, but i could be wrong. fill free to make any changes to this.
  2. Would anyone here agree that at one point when Powell Valley and Honaker played each other in playoffs, it sorta turn into a rivalry just a little bit. The one game that comes to my mind is 2002 "The Mud Bowl" game between Powell Valley and Honaker
  3. Since the virus outbreak has some people feeling down. i figured i ask this question. what are some of the best game(s) you got to watch in person, on TV, or listen to on the radio thought out the years. and yes playoffs can be included
  4. Does anyone know who's on the roster for the East and West
  5. the CW channel did i think, don't know if they still do or not.
  6. Is this the first time in High school playoffs history in quite some time that two teams will be playing in almost darkness and fog as well or is it just me
  7. Good grief. He'll have 50 or more TDs and over 3k yards come Friday unless Wise Central has a game plan to shut him down. What's the record for most rushing TDs and yards in a season
  8. Does anyone have any up to date stats on him
  9. Any updates on the Honaker Patrick Henry game
  10. I hate to ask this, but how bad did Ridgeview beat Honaker
  11. Salem Abingdon Radford James River Central Union Ridgeview Graham Tazewell Richlands Galax George Wythe Narrows Hurley JI Burton Patrick Henry Bluefield No. 5 Penn St. Texas Tech Virginia No. 2 Alabama No. 16 Wisconsin Tennessee Chicago New York Giants Indianapolis Green Bay Los Angeles Dallas G(s)otW Eastside 35 Rye Cove 28 Chilhowie 49 No. 22 Wake Forest 31
  12. I left the game. So any one from Honaker still at the game. Keep the updates going
  13. End of the third quarter Tigers 42. Panthers 19
  14. Kick-off return for a TD 21.6 seconds left in the third quarter Tigers 42. Panthers 19
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