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  1. has any of the remaining schools looking for a new head coach hired one yet?
  2. Back to the topic. Any word as to who Honaker has hired as head coach, same goes to Lebanon, have they hired a new head coach
  3. Any one here that's from the Honaker area. Any word yet on who Honaker High School has hired as head coach of the football team.
  4. Pretty much for 1D. It runs through Chilhowie, Patrick Henry, Grundy and Burton. 2D, it's a toss up between, Graham, Ridgeview, Union, and the dark horses, Tazewell and Richlands.
  5. Any word on who Honaker has hired as head coach.
  6. any word as to who Honaker may hire with Doug Hubbard retiring. been hearing that one of the assistant coaches may get the job, then again who knows
  7. Thank you @GMan you done a fine job with this forum. Always love being on here and post anything involving SWVA or Southern WV sports. Keep up the great work you do for this forum.
  8. Any word on who is going to be the next Honaker Head Coach. whoever it is, they have big shoes to fill. anyone on here agree or disagree that one day Doug Hubbard's name will be called to be in the VHSL Hall of Fame
  9. does anyone have complete schedules for the boys and girls basketball teams in our area
  10. I'm trying to figure out the ruling for overtime in highschool football
  11. Ok since Tazewell and Fort Chiswell are in 4th OT. Both teams have to go for two from here on out if they score, correct
  12. Update on Honaker/Northwood game
  13. Any updates on the Honaker/Northwood game
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