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  1. At Survivor Series, The Undertaker officially retires from the WWE. 30 years in the WWE. Anyone here looking forward to seeing his name getting the call to enter the WWE Hall of Fame
  2. #7 Wheeling Park #2 Bluefield #9 Miami #16 Marshall #22 Liberty West Virginia Appalachian State Louisville Packers Buccaneers Ravens Bears Game of the Week: Seahawks 30
  3. George Washington Logan Mount View Webster County Sherman #9 BYU #23 Michigan #22 Texas #25 Liberty North Carolina #16 Marshall Appalachian State #5 Georgia Tennessee Titans Chiefs Steelers Buccaneers Patriots Game of the Week: #4 Notre Dame 35
  4. Princeton Bluefield River View Mount View Meadow Bridge #14 North Carolina Liberty #22 Marshall #2 Alabama #6 Oklahoma State #19 Virginia Tech West Virginia #18 Michigan #11 Miami #9 Cincinnati Saints Packers Buccaneers Rams Game of the Week: Titans 38
  5. Does anyone have Honaker football schedule
  6. Bluefield Hannan PikeView #18 Tennessee Liberty West Virginia NC State Virginia Marshall #23 Virginia Tech Titans Steelers Packers Rams Cardinals Game of the Week: #3 Georgia 35
  7. Thanks @swva_havok_fan. I've been busy the past couple weeks with work and planning my wedding. I'll do my best to post my picks from here on out.
  8. John Marshall Bluefield Buffalo James Monroe Wahama #4 Florida #8 North Carolina Liberty Virginia Duke #3 Georgia Marshall Falcons Bills Browns Seahawks Saints Game of the Week: #1 Clemson 55
  9. Honaker would probably be either 3-2 or 2-3 and be getting a butt kicking week 6 from Burton.
  10. Bluefield James Monroe Princeton Wyoming East Mount View Van #21 Tennessee West Virginia Liberty #2 Alabama Virginia Tech #1 Clemson Steelers at Titans (game is postponed til further notice) Cardinals Chiefs 49ers Packers Game of the Week: #4 Georgia 42
  11. I'm predicting he'll go to West Virginia cause I've been hearing from a relative of mine who lives in Morgantown not far from the campus that the coaches there have been heavily recruiting Adkins
  12. No. 18 UNC West Virginia No. 10 Notre Dame Florida State No. 1 Clemson No. 15 Oklahoma State Carolina Green Bay New England San Francisco Dallas GotW New Orleans 42
  13. Can you send me a pm on honaker's new schedule
  14. any word on Trenton Adkins on his recruitment or transferring to another school due to VHSL adopting Model 3
  15. @swva_havok_fan cool deal. but i like i said in my comment, i don't know if it's true or not, just been hearing how West Virginia has been recruiting Trenton Adkins very heavily and that he's leaning towards WVU. then again he may go somewhere's else. won't know until he decides which college he wants to go play at
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