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  1. not a fan of the team, but i'd just keep Washington Football Team as a name, although @BigWinners does have a point, Washington Guardians does have a nice ring to it, so does Washington Redwolves
  2. @Ryan4VT Richlands goes to David Crockett October 29, and they dropped Lebanon due to Lebanon dropping to 1A Region D and moving to the Hogoheegee district starting in the fall of 21
  3. Marion Abingdon Twin Valley Grundy Union Rural Retreat Patrick Henry Floyd Co. Covington Tazewell Castlewood Holston Narrows Gate City Auburn George Wythe GotW Salem 28 Graham 49 Galax 35
  4. Pulaski Abingdon George Wythe Glenvar Radford Central John Battle Richlands Virginia Galax Grayson County Grundy Hurley Castlewood Eastside JI Burton Patrick Henry GsotW Graham 49 Rural Retreat 35
  5. Ft. Chiswell Giles Radford Central Ridgeview Graham Tazewell Richlands East Montgomery Carroll County George Wythe Narrows Patrick Henry Honaker Eastside Rye Cove @ JI Burton PPD Twin Springs Rural Retreat Twin Springs (Monday) GotW Abingdon 42
  6. anyone in honaker area gonna give updates on the Patrick Henry @ Honaker game today
  7. Pulaski Abingdon Ft. Chiswell Radford Central Union Graham Virginia Galax Grayson County Narrows Grundy Patrick Henry Castlewood Eastside JI Burton Chilhowie Holston GotW Richlands 32
  8. are there any schedules out for the fall of 2021 in our area or is it too early to ask
  9. Pulaski Abingdon Auburn Giles Radford Union Ridgeview Graham Tazewell Richlands George Wythe Galax Hurley Holston JI Burton Thomas Walker Eastside Chilhowie GotW Rural Retreat 28
  10. Week 1 (Monday): Pulaski Rural Retreat Radford Gate City Union Holston Narrows Grundy Honaker Hurley Twin Springs Chilhowie Week 1 GotW: Ridgeview 35 Week 2 (Saturday): Pulaski Abingdon Giles Riverheads Honaker Chilhowie Grundy Central Ridgeview Galax George Wythe Narrows Eastside Thomas Walker Patrick Henry Week 2 GotW: Graham 42
  11. does anyone have any idea what the Black Diamond District teams 2021 football schedule for the fall looks like or will VHSL let them play in the fall.
  12. At Survivor Series, The Undertaker officially retires from the WWE. 30 years in the WWE. Anyone here looking forward to seeing his name getting the call to enter the WWE Hall of Fame
  13. #7 Wheeling Park #2 Bluefield #9 Miami #16 Marshall #22 Liberty West Virginia Appalachian State Louisville Packers Buccaneers Ravens Bears Game of the Week: Seahawks 30
  14. George Washington Logan Mount View Webster County Sherman #9 BYU #23 Michigan #22 Texas #25 Liberty North Carolina #16 Marshall Appalachian State #5 Georgia Tennessee Titans Chiefs Steelers Buccaneers Patriots Game of the Week: #4 Notre Dame 35
  15. Princeton Bluefield River View Mount View Meadow Bridge #14 North Carolina Liberty #22 Marshall #2 Alabama #6 Oklahoma State #19 Virginia Tech West Virginia #18 Michigan #11 Miami #9 Cincinnati Saints Packers Buccaneers Rams Game of the Week: Titans 38
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