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  1. Just sad. If i were one of those John Marshall kids I wouldn’t even be proud of winning the state title. It’s like Golden State coming in to March Madness and winning it all, not impressive
  2. Best returning backs in my opinion are Clements from Graham and Huff from Lee. I’d say those two will be in the debate for region POY toward the end of the season. Anyone know about the kickers or punters that have a big leg around here?
  3. Used to see him going at it in the gym with his dad years ago, kid works hard
  4. Who’s going to be the best in each spot next year? A bunch of talented Qbs and receivers returning that we know of. What other players are coming up. Give some linemen and LBs some love
  5. The real predictions to be making is when are the Union fans going to be calling for Turner and crews’ heads. Will it be by week 5? or will they survive until the inevitable second round loss? lol
  6. Not sure if Union could ever be considered the spoiler. They’ve been the top dogs in the m7 (minus abingdon) forever it feels like and until RV or Central handily beat them more than once they will always be the district favorite in my opinion. Too well coached to have down years even when their athletes aren’t as talented and plentiful as they used to be. Ridgeview will be as good as their team chemistry and coaching allows. If they can strengthen their run game to take pressure off the pass they’ll be a hard night for anyone. Egos, bad coaching decisions and poor discipline may be their undoing. Central will more than likely struggle in their first year with a new coach regardless of their talent level. Transitioning to a new offense after having an established identity might take a while for those kids to get used to but they’ll start clicking as the season goes. Lee has some firepower on offense with the RB Huff who’s a hard runner and the QB Pendergraft who can sling it and could very well upset Union, RV or Central on any given night. But where they are bad, they are really bad. Especially on the defensive side. Their OLBs and secondary could not tackle a soul last season and would consistently get chewed up on the outside in the run game. Interior d-line was their strong suit. As for keeping their starters in for the whole game, that is true, but Lee’s first string are the same age as the second string guys they play against, they don’t really have a lot of JV guys to let develop. This years 2nd string opponents is who they’ll be seeing on the field next year. I know nothing about Gate City and Battle but Abingdon will be consistent as always with their unlimited pool of kids
  7. Wouldn’t necessarily say that. He’ll probably fill the same role Polier had and be slightly better or slightly worse. Now if his pops could throw on a pair of pads he would sure straighten up that Union D that everyone complains about
  8. That dude is a beast. Played some little league for a season at Lee when his Dad was an assistant fb coach there for a year. He ran all over kids.
  9. Refs are obviously necessary but man can they suck the fun out of a game when they’re blowing the whistle every 5 seconds over some minimal contact or because someone’s jersey came untucked. I’d rather see a couple missed foul calls than watch both teams stand on the free throw line all night.
  10. What i saw on maxpreps was 57-53 over TW. I know they’re not always accurate but I don’t know where else to look for scores
  11. Hancock barely beat Thomas Walker earlier in the season. Ridgeview wins handily in my opinion
  12. Anyone know the results from the games being played at lee high’s tournament? I’m not even sure who all is in it
  13. I already miss football and i’m sure y’all do too. Who’s going to improve, who’s going to fail to live up to expectations, who’s winning district, what players will have breakout years? Lemme hear what you think
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