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  1. Are they all on the bench? The NBA only allows 3 plus the head coach.
  2. With the transfer portal being what it is, I wonder also. Coaches have to keep their eyes everywhere now.
  3. They should’ve kept Pikeville on the schedule. I know it’s usually going to be a mismatch, but the offense that they run would have them better prepared to play Graham come playoff time. Virginia High is a downgrade and still not a guaranteed win. They seem to be looking up lately.
  4. Well it appears that this video is going viral folks. Just saw it on a couple of websites I read for news each day. https://www.tmz.com/2023/02/27/virginia-girls-basketball-coach-grabs-shoves-spectator-in-wild-outburst-at-game/
  5. Normally, the answer would be money. In this case, it can’t be that because Friday semis and Saturday championship should bring in much higher revenue.
  6. Probably the loudest crowd reaction to a play I’ve heard at a high school game in SWVA.
  7. Oh no need to argue, you are 100% correct. I just wish I had tape of that 96 PV@Clintwood game. I remember Clintwood had the ball 1st and Goal and couldn’t punch it n because of the need to throw the ball after running down PV’s throat to get in position. Then a couple of weeks later we went up to Giles and watched PV play Giles and some of those players were infuriated. They knew they could’ve played with Giles that day. Beating them, who knows. They lost a close state title game the next week. There was no dominant team that year as PV was a year away from destroying everyone in its path for a couple of years.
  8. That’s the best description for JJ Kelly/Central. Especially, the arrogant part.
  9. 1996 J.I. Burton @Clintwood. 0-0 for the whole game. Clintwood wins in 3 OT’s. For all the talk about the bad coaching this year at RV (myself included), nothing holds a candle to the coaches of this team ruining a deep playoff run.
  10. Yeah but in that system John Marshall would be playing the school from NOVA that’s highly ranked for the only state title. There is nothing that’s going yo be completely fair. But winning a region around here is a big deal. Going to a sweet 16 type format would make an even bigger deal.
  11. It makes too much sense. That’s why powers that be would never allow it. Even though, regional consolidation would help a lot of areas out. Pound area to Ridgeview and some of the Haysi area to Buchanan co., or Honaker would make a lot of sense.
  12. That seems to be an overall theme at RV since consolidation. This is probably the best basketball team they’ve put out there for the boys. But looking at sports overall, that is the best way to describe the whole program.
  13. I would say Graham, Union, and Abingdon or Va High are the only ones that could pull it off. Central and Richlands on rare occasions.
  14. I like it, but it would eliminate teams around here from pretty much any chance at a state title. Unless a school was able to recruit a super team. With the local districts and regions would be intense and fun to watch. The eastern Ky regionals are really fun to watch.
  15. What are these games some are playing against KACHEA? Are these just considered scrimmages?
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