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  1. TWIN VALLEY 02/22 @ Twin Springs AWAY 02/27 vs TW HOME 03/06 vs Holston HOME 03/12 03/19 @ Honaker AWAY 03/26 - @ Grundy AWAY 04/02 - @ Hurley AWAY
  2. PREDICTION After watching TS play last year and having done this for the past 26 years, my assessment tells me that TS will win at least one State Title if not multiple titles assuming the progression continues.
  3. Boys - 2A Not sure, 1A Twin Springs Girls - Ridgeview 2A, Honaker 1A (teams to beat)
  4. One of the major issues for the Spring is attendance. Presently, we are only allowed to admit 250 for a game, THIS INCLUDES players, coaches, cheerleaders, band, officials, school worker (ticket takers, supervision, clock operator, chain gang). If this is the case, the number of spectators will be diminished GREATLY. The hope is that the number will go to 1,000 to at least assure parents a ticket to a game. This also creates an issue with how many tickets are afforded the visiting team and the home team. Presently, with the 250 limit, this is going to be very difficult.
  5. Careful or you will end up Wolf Creek without a paddle!
  6. bucfan64


    What is the general consensus?
  7. #LETVAPLAY (Link) #LetVaPlay is an online event dedicated to influencing our state and local representatives to resume High School Athletics in Virginia. The uncertainty of COVID-19 led local, regional and state authorities to cancel many events and activities during the spring of 2020. Among the many activities cancelled were high school athletics, we would like to see those activities resumed beginning with the Fall 2020 school year. We are under the impression that a major factor in re-opening athletics as well as other school related functions is more of a liability issue than so much as a concern for the virus itself. We would like to see high school athletics resumed and would be open to the possibility of relieving schools, facilities, leagues and administrators of COVID-19 related liability. We presently do not feel that the current situation warrants the cancellation of further High School athletic events in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We believe that it is time to #LetVaPlay
  8. VHSL Just issued statement cancelling TONIGHT'S 1A Boys and Girls Finals. Declaring finalist Co-Champs. This is done in addition to Class 3, 4, 5, 6 games scheduled for Friday and Saturday, which were announced earlier today.
  9. The 2nd Survey is now up, with the winners from the last survey going head to head. Please help by completing the survey. Thanks SURVEY LINK
  10. Hey, we, AFTER THE WHISTLE, are conducting a short survey on Buchanan Consolidation. It includes potential school names and a SWEET 16 Mascot challenge. After this week, we will issue the FINAL 8 Mascots and go from there, THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL, just for fun. Please help us out! SURVEY LINK
  11. The First Annual ATW Coaching Clinic will take place March 27th and 28th of this year. CLICK THIS LINK TO PRE-REGISTER VENUE : Appalachian COLLEGE OF PHARMACY (Rt. 460, Oakwood, Va.) About this Event Friday Evening Schedule 1:00-1:45 Registration 2:00-3:00 Mark Palmer (Patrick Henry H.S.) Building a Championship Culture 3:00-4:00 Greg Tester (Fmr. Hurley HIgh HC & Current Wise Central Asst.) Winning With The Wing-T 4:00-5:00 Mark Dixon (HC Galax H.S. & former Miami Dolphin) O-Line Fundamentals 5:00 - 6:00 Curt Newsome (HC Emory & Henry College) TBA 7:00 Coaches Social at Bellacino's in Grundy (FREE DRINKS) Saturday Schedule 11:00 Aaron Brand (HC Irmo H.S., in S.C.) TBA 12:00 Glen McNew (Fmr. HC Morgantown H.S., Glazier Clinic Speaker) Secondary Coverages vs 2x1, 2x2, 3x1 1:00 Jamie Harless (HC Lord Bortetourt H.S.) DEFENSIVE LINE PLAY in the 3-4 2:00 Greg Mance (HC Richlands H.S.) TBA
  12. Our channel, Free Born Radio is looking to add programming, if you are interested in starting a Podcast about SWVA sports or something else, send me a PM.
  13. We won two games the year that we played in the ARBYS (Twin Valley) Beat Tabernacle and beat Greeneville
  14. The First Annual AFTER THE WHISTLE Coaching Clinic will take place March 27th and 28th 2020. The CLINIC LOCATION is being finalized. Please mark your calendars. EARLY SCHEDULE OF SPEAKERS Glen McNew - from WingT-Coach.com Mark Dixon - Galax H.S. Aaron Brand - Irmo H.S (S.C.) Greg Tester - former H.C. @ Hurley H.S. Jamie Harless - H.C. @ Lord Botetourt H.S. More to come.....
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