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  1. EPISODE 3.10 CLICK HERE TO WATCH WEEKLY RECAP - We cover the Region D Championship games. CONSPIRACY OF THE WEEK- Royal family are vampires, Megan Markle is a Robot and Finland is a Communist Conspiracy to gain fishing rights in the Baltic. PEAK PERFORMER OF THE WEEK - Union Bears BIG TALK - Covid claims a contender and Holston is one game away from the Big Dance! DID YOU KNOW ? Most points scored in a college football game, longest game and longest ever losing streak. STUMP THE CRIG - If you had to stop brushing your teeth or wiping your butt, which would stop doing and why? PIGSKIN PICKS - Union vs Appo and Holston vs Galax, who will be playing for it all?
  2. Lambeau Fields is an early front runner for the job.
  3. Simple truth is, COVID kills the dying. Based on CDC data, weakened immune systems, pneumonia, type 2 Diabetes, weakened systems due to old age, and other poor health factors are the most common reasons for Covid deaths. Covid alone rarely kills, the youngest and most healthy among us are not as impacted by it. This is not my opinion, this is based on statistical data. *Rarely (adverb) -not often or seldom ** I included the definition of rarely so those suggest that say I am arguing that Covid only kills sick people can brush up on their vocabulary. Only -(adverb) and no one or nothing more besides; solely or exclusively. BTW, the virtue signalling in this thread is sickening.
  4. EPISODE 3.9 "It Ain't Over Till It's Over!" Click Here To Watch WEEKLY RECAP - Last weeks games, scores, commentary, analysis CONSPIRACY OF THE WEEK - Area 51 and Sasquatch BIG TALK - Our take on the Richlands Coaching situation with Coach Thad Wells PEAK PERFORMER - Johnny Satterfield, Union High School BELLACINO'S PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Ian Scammell, Grundy High School DID YOU KNOW- Best Defense ever in Pro Football, What happens when you let the Draft Clock expire. TOP 5 - Our final top 5 rankings in 1A and 2A STUMP THE CRIG - An Appointment with a Psychic PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS - Regional Championship Game predictions with projected scores.
  5. LOL all day long genius. But, the system, is integrated. When you select an opponent the game writes to their page. For example when we play Grundy away, they encode the game on their end and it writes to our page as well as their page. It is not necessary for both teams to encode a schedule. This is why Regional AD's agree that home teams will encode all games to help with workload and prevent redundancy.
  6. I'll settle this, I am the A.D. and the game was 100% posted to our NFHS Feed and it was available for viewing.
  7. EPISODE 3.7 (Click Here to Watch) Do us a favor and hit the like button and SUBSCRIBE to our CHANNEL WEEKLY RECAP - Who won and how CONSPIRACY OF THE WEEK - Stevie Wonder ain't blind and we have the video evidence, Q is very real and has been spotted in Damascus. BIG TALK - COVID ends football season for multiple local teams, we discuss the arbitrary manner in which the mandates are approached. PEAK PERFORMER OF THE WEEK - C.J. Crabtree, Wise Central BELLACINO'S PLAYER OF THE WEEK - Hunter Scarberry from Grundy High School DID YOU KNOW - Who has the most NFL MVP'S, Super Bowl wins, and the originator of modern football. IGA TOP 5 RANKINGS - Who are the top teams in 1A and 2A in SWVA, some changes in everyone's rankings. STUMP THE CRIG - When is a bedroom not a bedroom? PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS - We pick 'em so you don't have to
  8. Episode 3.6 (CLICK HERE) Last Weeks Recap Conspiracy Of The Week - The Fozen Envelope and Shape Shifting Reptilians Big Talk - Capacity Changes Peak Performer Of The Week - Two Richlands Players Earn Honors this week Bellacino's Player Of The Week - Dalton White - Twin Valley High Did You Know - Super Bowl No-Shows, perfect seasons and the 1st Football Game IGA TOP 5 - A Couple of new entries into the Top 5 Stump The Crig - Sleeping or Watching Eyelids? Pigskin Prognostications - We pick the winners, two big Games Of The Week this week!
  9. EPISODE 3.5 CLICK HERE Last Weeks Recap Conspiracy Of The Week - Mind Control AND Mance Cream Peak Performer Of The Week - Tazewell Bulldogs Bellacino's Player of The Week - Ian Scammell, Grundy Did You Know - Pig Bladders and the Lombardi Trophy Stump The Crig - Competing with yourself IGA Top 5 Rankings Pigskin Prognostications
  10. Episode 3.4 Backyard Brawl Discussion & Predictions WEEK 3 RECAP BIG TALK - Backyard Brawl CONSPIRACY OF THE WEEK - Roswell New Mexico and the secret compartment behind Abe Lincoln's Nose PEAK PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK - Will Stansberry Eastside DID YOU KNOW - NFL Requirements for Home and Away Footballs IGA TOP 5 - Major changes in this weeks Top 5 Rankings STUMP THE CRIG - Getting Dirty with Soap PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS - The crew picks this weeks games and makes the final BIG Prediction on the Game of the Week, Richlands vs Tazewell
  11. EPISODE 3.3 (Click Here) WEEK 2 RECAP, REVIEW, ANALYSIS BIG TALK - COVID CANCELLATIONS AND THE PLAYOFF PICTURE PEAK PERFORMER OF THE WEEK - Back to Back State Champion Performer DID YOU KNOW? Super Bowl III Interesting Notes, Lamar Hunt and Silly Putty CONSPIRACY OF THE WEEK - The Titanic did not sink and Denver's Illuminati Hub BELLACINO'S PLAYER OF THE WEEK STUMP THE CRIG - Crig has trouble with a Lisp IGA TOP 5 - Several Changes in both 1A and 2A PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS - All three Coaches are tied with 13 correct picks each, someone will take the lead after this week.
  12. Episode 3.2 (Click Here) In this episode: BIG TALK - Dedication to Lloyd Combs Bellacino's Player Of The Week - John Matt Justus, Hurley High Carquest Auto Parts PEAK PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK - Tune in to see who we chose for this weeks honor Week 1 Recap - Scores and Analysis Did You Know - Rare Football facts, the huddle, 25 men on a team, Teddy Roosevelt Conspiracy of The Week -JFK, Q, and EPSTEIN IGA Top 5 - 1A and 2A (some changes in everyone's top 5) Stump The Crig - Scented Toilet Paper Week 2 Pigskin Prognostications
  13. ATW SEASON 3 Just Released Episode 3.1 Get your own ATW T-SHIRT only $15 (Just shoot me a PM and we can arrange mailing and payment) * be one of the first 10 people to put #TShirt on our FB page and get a $5 Discount Included in this episode. BIG TALK - Covid 19, Field Conditions, Quality of Play, Diminished Numbers, Capacity upped to 250, Band and Cheer included as spectators, How Are Teams Practicing & More. CONSPIRACY OF THE WEEK - Moon Landing and the Forward Pass DID YOU KNOW - Rugby, 5 yard Lines, 4 point Touchdowns and 5 point field goals AREA TOP 5 FOR 1A AND 2A - Who made the cut? STUMP THE CRIG - Getting your dog "fixed!" PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS - The gang makes their picks for this weeks games. BLOOPERS - Outtakes in the final credits. Get your own ATW T-SHIRT only $15 (Just shoot me a PM and we can arrange mailing and payment) * be on ef the first 10 people to put #TShirt on our FB page and get a $5 Discount
  14. ATW will be filming for this season, looking forward to getting back at it! Long Live Mance Cream!
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