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  1. This is an UNOFFICIAL POLL, organized and created by AFTER THE WHISTLE. This poll is in no way associated with Buchanan County Public Schools, it is just for fun. Please share some ideas. ONLINE POLL
  2. Pretty sure they have, nearly was upset by Council back in late 90s or early 2000 if I recall correctly.
  3. Real Name: Lambeau Fields Age: is just a number If you actually played ANY sports: Coached intramural ball during 4th grade recess and have watched a lot of football on TV Overall experience: Served as coach for the now defunct Semi-Pro team the Wardell Warriors
  4. ATW EP. 3.13 Season Finale WEEKLY RECAP- We cover the big 3 games, Holston and Abingdon fall, Graham advances to Finals. PEAK PERFORMER OF THE WEEK - Graham Player BIG TALK - Ky Football notes, Belfry wins State, AGAIN. Johson Central falls in finals. Who will be the next Honaker Football Coach? PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS - 1A Finals and 2A Finals, how will Galax and Graham fair? Plus we make our final score predictions for the Graham game. STUMP THE CRIG- Morning dew and Skaliwags.
  5. I am pretty sure that the Applebee's Staff did not see the Brawl. They are never around to see to their customers, pretty sure, they missed out on the "throw down in Blue Town!"
  6. STATE SEMIS EDITION LAST WEEKS RECAP- We break down last weeks big Regional games and discuss each game. PEAK PERFORMER OF THE WEEK - Abingdon High Player BIG TALK - Glenn Carlock's legacy lives on with Coach Tony Palmer and Coach Chris Akers. We also discuss Liberty Christian Academy and whether or not they should even be playing in a public league. STUMP THE CRIG - Japanese dogs and Frat Houses PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS - Who will advance to the State Finals and who will not, our analysis says that 1 of 3 local teams will make it, find out who and why.
  7. ATW. Ep. 4.11 (Playoff Predictions and Alligators on Welfare) PLAYOFFS ROUND 2 RECAP - We discuss the 2 Big Games in 1A and the 2 Big games in 2A as well as Abingdon's win! PEAK PERFORMER OF THE WEEK - RIDGEVIEW WOLFPACK Player BIG TALK - SWVA Sports Forum members calling for Union Head Coach Travis Turners Head and the head of his assistant coaches. PLAYOFF PROGNOSTICATIONS- We go ahead and crown the 2021 Region D 1A Champs and the Region D 2A Champs Stump The Crig - Alligators on welfare and something about a disjointed hippie
  8. ATW. EPISODE 4.10 PLAYOFFS ROUND 1 ROUND 1 RECAP - We discuss and breakdown each of the first round games, stats, analysis and more. PEAK PERFORMER OF THE WEEK - Richlands High School player. BIG TALK - The Doug Hubbard era ends at Honaker, thoughts and comments on his 39 year career. Justin Fuente out at VT, thoughts on his 6 year run with the Hokies and speculation on his replacement. STUMP THE CRIG - Birds of a Feather PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS - Who will win the semi-finals and advance to the Championship of Region D?
  9. TV VS PH TV scores making it 14 to 12 PH TV goes for 2, one official calls it good, 2nd official says ball slipped out before he crossed goalline. It's no good! PH celebrates. 1 min later..... It is good! TV Celebrates 1 Min later..... Ah heck, just replay the conversion...., Anyone ever seen this happen before? PH stopped them btw on the "Replay."
  10. Not how it works, there is no BDD tie-breaker, all three teams are declared TRI-Champions.
  11. ATW- EP 4.8 WATCH HERE WEEKLY RECAP - Game recaps from this past week PEAK PERFORMER OF THE WEEK - Wise Central Player BIG TALK - Hazard Ky, Homecoming Incident (with LEX 18 News Story) BELLACINO'S PLAYER OF THE WEEK - Grundy player TOP 5 - Shake ups and some Crow eating PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS - Who is gonna win and why <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ASWmQtwSSMk" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. bucfan64


    GOOD NEWS!! Just got 100% confirmation that BLAND IS NOT DONE!
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