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  1. ATW Episode 4.3 (WATCH HERE) WEEKLY RECAP - Game reports from last week with commentary and analysis BIG TALK - Mercer County shuts down all athletic and academic activities, 9/11 tribute at Va. High PEAK PERFORMER OF THE WEEK - VA. HIGH BEARCAT PLAYER BELLACINO'S PLAYER OF THE WEEK - GRUNDY HIGH PLAYER TOP 5 - Crigger moves a few around, Moore moves some up, do we have a solid #1 in 1A? STUMP THE CRIG - The Orient Express, Shoobie Doobie Doo, Fresh Air, Virgins & a Full Set Of Teeth PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS - Who is going to win and why!
  2. Bit by bit the mystery unravels.
  3. EPISODE 4.2 (Watch Here) WEEKLY 2 RECAP - Scores, stats and analysis PEAK PERFORMER OF THE WEEK - Graham G-Men player BIG TALK - Fairfax and Loudon Schools mandate vaccinations in order to compete in VHSL competition. BELLACINO'S PLAYER OF THE WEEK - Twin Valley Player TOP 5 - Top 5 picks in both 1A and 2A STUMP THE CRIG - The "powers that be," have brought the proverbial hammer down on the Crig, introducing a new format, in order to finally stump the Crig! PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS - Who will win next week and how.
  4. Nowhere have I indicated that I am against Vaccines. NOWHERE. How are you coming to this conclusion? Is it because I am objectively stating a fact that there are reasons that SOME PEOPLE are skeptical of the vaccine? Answer the simple question that I posited above. Are there reasons that have made some people skeptical of the vaccine? Yes or No If you say NO, you are delusional. If you say YES, I will caution you, the COVID NAZIS may come for you, they may "read into your answer," and accuse you of being a flat earther or even worse, a radical ring-wing conspiracy theorist. (Because, we all know that objectivism is out the window when it comes to the Ministry of Propaganda) I have stated the obvious, there are a multitude of reasons to be skeptical, some folks do not like to hear that, not liking it does not make it less true. My stating it does not make me an anti-vaxxer, it does not mean that I wish for puppies and little babies to die. It is simply a statement, nothing more.
  5. Yes or No. People have reason to be skeptical of the Vaccine? Simple question.
  6. Reputable in that it is mainstream, I personally do not consider any of the sources that I mentioned to be without criticism. However, the idea that I was pulling these quotes from far right wing clickbait was ludicrous.
  7. OBJECTIVE FACT - People have reason to be skeptical of the vaccine, you act as if this is some kind of conspiracy yet you refuse to acknowledge it in an attempt to prop up your false sense of superiority.
  8. I am aware of the vast differences between NYP and NYT. Nonetheless, the sources that I cited arent your typical "right wing," sources. Those that are discrediting the sources didnt even bother to see what they were which is typical, especially when lazily defending a position. Regardless of the sources the inconsistencies are persistent. Discrediting every source leaves one without any sources to cite themselves. Ironically, some think that they can discredit any sources they disagree with but have no problem citing their references as reputable. Who grant's them the power to make this call?(rhetorical)
  9. If someone copies and pastes a news article from reputable sources, such as Time Magazine, Newsweek, New York Post, New York Times, why is it that it is considered "right wing" conspiracy or misinformation? These links are not from Infowars or Gateway Pundit. The links are examples of different times that different things have been said that are contradictory. Proving my point.
  10. The Hill, The New York Post, The New York Times, Newsweek, shew all of those bastians of right wing hypocrisy. Get over yourself, I would like to buy you for what you are worth and sell you for what you think you are worth. Easily the top jackass on this forum and everyone knows it, I'm just not afraid to say it.
  11. The tweets are referencing mainstream news articles, about the inconsistencies from Fauci and company. Surely, you aren't so dense that you can't click on tweet and follow a news article to its source. Or perhaps you are.
  12. I too believe that vaccines work. Never implied that they didn't just stated the obvious, that there are a wide variety of reasons that some elements of the population are skeptical. However, in stating this absolute fact, a few on this board got their panties in a wad and had to go all stone cold Nazi. But, that is fine, I wouldn't expect much more from them.
  13. Sanity is lost on the arrogant and egotistical.
  14. The Twin Valley vs Honaker game scheduled for this Thursday night, September 9th has been postponed due to Covid mitigation. Twin Valley will now travel to Thomas Walker on Friday, September 10th with a scheduled kickoff time of 7:00 pm
  15. So, they are using Ivermectin in Japan as I previously indicated? Thanks
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