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  1. Oh to be a fan again. I report next Friday morning for my first college scrimmage of spring ball, have a clinic to attend Saturday, and two more preseason clinics already on the calendar paid for with rooms booked. VHSL stuff usually won't start up until the end of July, but if you pull double duty like me, you literally get about 2 months away from football. I'm not complaining though, just providing some insight to those that are not aware of the work and sacrifice that goes into our avocation as officials. Remember, we don't drop out of the sky on Friday's and Saturday's.
  2. They had 6? last Saturday at Lee. At Battle they were down to 4.
  3. Genius men line baseball socks with airplane bottles encircling their calves and do not have to worry about sharing because you literally have almost snuck a fifth in if you do it right. I may or may not know from experience.
  4. Something to consider, December 15th is a big day of sports at UVA Wise with the All Star game, and a 30 team wrestling tournament going on at the Convocation Center. Parking may or may not be an issue. Either way, that is GREAT for the economy of Wise County and the student-athletes of Southwest Virginia. I for one will be back and forth between the two events.
  5. Unless there are so many cowbells that the stadium simply does not have the staff to confiscate them. I'm not saying a mob mentality works all the time, but we see how far the SEC got at Miss State with getting them taken. There is 0% chance that the on-field crew will call any sort of unsportsmanlike foul because of cowbells.
  6. Can anyone confirm or deny that the press conference announcing the new GC coach has been moved to Emory?
  7. I think you're confused or I have a comprehension issue. Union/Burton is usually Week 1 on Thursday.
  8. Ok, if it benefits that particular bench for them to be adjusted, who on that sideline is going to say any different? The home team can choose whichever bench they prefer, there is no rule that dictates which side a team's bench must be on, so it isn't really all that questionable, although our eyes and brains have trained to be dark jerseys with backs to the press box. I saw it on Twitter over the weekend, so I could definitely see that they moved. What I couldn't see is the clip man, which would take some real dedication and sneakiness to make that move that quickly.
  9. Why were the chains on the home side is my first question? Unless it's similar to a Hurley setup where they are the team facing the press box, that should never be an issue. That matter is trivial compared to the matter that the HL (maybe LJ in this case) did not do a great job in their pregame with the chain crew. You HAVE to keep your eyes on them and most of the time in the back of your head because it is frowned upon to look back. A lot of them do amazing jobs for nothing more than a hot dog and bottle of water at half time, if they even get that. This isn't on the line judge(as the heavily biased article states) as much as the chain crew. The chain crew is an essential part of the game, and I remind everyone I have the pleasure of working with that by accepting that position, they forfeit all bias and are under the direction of the head linesman and referee. This seems like it wasn't communicated, and if it was, it was not communicated strongly enough. 1instripes, I'll agree that probably shouldn't be a line of commentary made by an observer, however, I do not find it shocking. I've learned in my relatively short officiating life span that there are plenty of "cut throat" officials everywhere who never miss a chance to throw their brother under the bus to keep the heat off of their neck.
  10. How about a "Wheel of Fortune" style selection process? Plot twist, Akers and whoever is working the first window at GC pals at kickoff on Fridays has a space on the wheel.
  11. They scrimmaged each other up at Central during the first week, which I found odd to scrimmage a regular season opponent but, hey whatever. The 1's played pretty evenly. When the subs came in, Tazewell had a definitive edge. Keep in mind this was after a week or so of practice on turf, in 80 degree heat. It should be a great football game in all honesty.
  12. By my math, a about 10 whole life policies for adult smokers above the age of 50 and that's before you grease underwriting to get them written FOR SURE.
  13. I would argue Honaker as Article A by scheduling George Wythe (perennial 1A power), PH(Stevie Wonder saw Palmer making them a winner), Ridgeview and Burton. Grundy as Article B by scheduling Lebanon(although they're down still a decent 2A in most years), Pikeville(Top 5 KY 1A), Tazewell (much love to them on the rise), Burton and Ridgeview(enough said). A case can even be made for Burton by playing their opener against the U every year and Chilhowie, although, it is not their fault that the Cumberland is year in and year out a cake walk usually coming down to a winner take all matchup. The relative top heavy BDD coaches realize that with only 3 games, they must schedule some tougher non district matchups to battle test their kids for playoffs. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.
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