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  1. Only a fool goes in Cuz's and orders the BBQ. Show me anywhere else you can get a 32 oz Prime Rib dinner for $40. To each their own I suppose. We go at least once a month and it's till as good aas ever. They do say your taste buds change as you age though so that might be the issue.๐Ÿ˜†
  2. Just stop at Cuz's in Pounding Mill on the way up. Best food you will find in a 50 mile radius there. Ignore all of the incoming haters that will quote this post by saying "it's too high", "they're rude", "it's not good", etc. I will put my word on it that it is far and away the best stop to eat at on that ride.
  3. No official is going to shut a train horn down, or stop a band from playing. That is completely up to the site administrator and how they want to proceed. We have our hands full enough without worrying about what is going on outside the fence. We may put it in our game report to our supervisor and it may be handled from there moving forward. We've got 22 players, an UBSURD amount of coaches these days to monitor and keep off the field, and 2 time keepers to monitor with only 5 sets of eyes and ears. A train horn is the least of our worries.
  4. Pikeville is what I am hearing. They're paying $3000 and offering to feed a team if they can get a game on Saturday.
  5. This is correct. Contract dispute from credible sources. Grundy is open Sept. 3 and Sept. 10.
  6. Belfry has had a few transfers here and there but, I suspect the lack of "traveling" numbers could be attributed to risk mitigation. Why bring 25-30 more kids that won't play but a couple of snaps, when all of those have just as good of a chance as every other player at contracting Covid and shutting your program down for 10 days this close to the season. I've been wrong before, but numbers have not been an issue on Pond Creek in a very, very long time.
  7. Man, I hate to hear that. I was just telling a comrade that was assigned to it how great of a jamboree it is to work. Why the cancellation? I feel bad for the teamโ€™s scheduled to come because Iโ€™m sure finding a replacement on this short of a notice is a challenge.
  8. Mad props to you and your experience. It doesn't hurt to be "centrally" located in this region in regards to travel, however, I totally understand your point. I too, also volunteer A TON of my time to junior golf in this area ironically. I can attest you do get the same gratification from that. Let me play devils advocate if you will, suppose there are not enough officials to cover all of the games on a Friday night, and we do have to run 4 man crews at some sites. How do you think folks would react to seeing who got 4 vs 5? The idea of "rotating" schools that got 4 instead of 5 one week would not work. I can tell you where the 5's will be assigned more than likely. Or would you rather play your game at 10 am on a Saturday to have 5? Or should we just do away with officiating as a whole and let coaches do it? As you can see the simplest answer is to add more officials to your pool, because if you do not, it opens a whole pandora's box of possibilities.
  9. Honestly, it takes a very special interpersonal skillset to do the job. Are we underpaid in comparison with the rest of the state and surrounding states? Yes, however I average $25-30 an hour when I'm on field. That is not bad money no matter what you're doing, especially if it is something you enjoy. Travel? Pfft, unless it is to Ewing or Galax, it's a walk in the park. The abuse, mehh. I do not pay one iota of attention to any spectators comment. I do it because of the relationships I've made, the opportunity to always be improving at the craft and my people skills, and giving back to sports that I owe so much to for making me the person I am today off the field. I truly enjoy being around the game, the student athletes we serve, and the coaches. I get that it is not for everyone, but there sure seem to be some rules aficionados during the season on this board so I thought I'd place my help wanted plug here ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. THIS^^^^^ Guys, the officiating shortage is REAL in SWVA. We need bodies, point blank. Our association has been aging for a long time now, and we are finally starting to see a rapid decline in participation due to a number of factors but, mostly that fall off can be attributed to the average age in the AFOA. To 1iS's point, I do not foresee 4 man crews as much as I do as shifting dates to Thursdays or Saturdays. I also foresee a lot of ibuprofen, Biofreeze and Gold Bond foot powder to be sold if crews have to cover up to 2 varsity games a week, along with sub-varsity.
  11. Is he any kin to Nelson M. Fields?
  12. If Bluefield College ever turned out 250 to one of their games, it'd would be a team record. I've done some of their games and swear I've counted no more than 80 at any of them.
  13. Guess who is NOT looking forward to February benefit games and scrimmages?? This guy....BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  14. I like a black and Vegas gold color scheme. Nickname: Copperheads or Buchaneers. Edit: Forgot about the Buchaneers, came up with that late night a few weeks ago.
  15. Only a 15 yard penalty unless deemed to be flagrant. I'm not saying whether it is or isn't flagrant but, it is contact initiated to the head and neck area by the defender. The camera angle is sketchy at best. To the covering official's defense, as someone said before, in real time with two great athletes, you get about a .3 second view at it. The umpire seems to have a view of it too. We're conditioned to err on the side of caution with these fouls in the name of player safety. I'd imagine (or hope) that there was a conversation between the crew about whether or not it was flagrant. Unrelated side note: I remember why I gave up Facebook years ago. That comment section is littered with absolute disinformation. That's all I have to say about that(in Forrest Gump's voice).
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