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  1. SXSW

    Price Kollie

    I just wanted to give a shout out to Prince Kollie. The Davy Crockett senior won the Butkus Award for the best linebacker in high school football, he tallied 109 tackles on defense and ran for 1,562 yards and 26 TD's on offence. Kollie also won the 5A Mr. Football Award given by the Tennessee Titans. Congratulations to a great local product and Notre Dame signee, I will enjoy watching him for the next few years on NBC..
  2. Nobody has mentioned Kevin Morris!
  3. Buck Van Huss had a phenomenal career but never won nothing on a state level....speaking of checking the facts! When someone posts any topic on any sport someone from Powell Valley always comes on here and claims that the discussion begins and ends in Big Stone Gap. These people are then shocked to find out there are other people outside of BSG that actually play sports and by how many other people are better than they are!
  4. Hijacking a thread is the national pastime here...some of best threads in the history of this board are the ones that get taken over by some random comment. You just gotta learn to get over it..
  5. I have seen in person twice and he is legit, I have seen him on TV but you can't watch the way he moves fully on TV you have to watch in person!
  6. Not in SW Va. but Prince Kollie from Davy Crockett in Jonesborough committed to Notre Dame over the weekend, he plays linebacker and running back.
  7. As bad as Tech is recruiting right now they should be in every living room in Southwest Virginia begging kids to come. They need bodies and I would rather those bodies be Southwest Virginia kids....but ASU has a beautiful campus in so many different ways!
  8. I am just wondering if it is the fact that Tech is in a down cycle in recruiting. Wonder if there is someone on that staff has ties to the area?
  9. Greeneville has numerous Covid cases from a church trip and now Sullivan North has a Covid case and is on hold for two weeks also.
  10. Yep..Tennessee High is average at best with not too many athletes. Bluefield has elite talent and one thing Tennessee High hasn't seen in years speed!
  11. Bluefield names it's score versus Tennessee High!
  12. It just could end up like NCAA schools used to claim those "mythical" national titles, as long as a school was number 1 in any one of the three polls, you were a national champion! It also worked for Dobyns Bennett they claim a bunch of those state titles.
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