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  1. The TSSAA has actually made schools dial back there schedules. In the late 90's and early 2000's the West Tennessee schools were playing 50-70 games per year, they would start playing tournaments in January and February. They would have 30 games under their belts before the regular season started..
  2. SXSW

    TSSAA Playoffs

    Maybe our resident researcher, not mentioning any names, needs a rainy day project! I was calculating all the numbers and my boss walked in my office and ask what I was doing, I couldn't say that I was doing nothing, so I had to explain it to him. He is a Sullivan South fan he was disappointed at their numbers.
  3. SXSW

    TSSAA Playoffs

    i just the numbers for Gate City since 1970, using his formula Gate City has 531 points his top 5 has a total of 534! My head would explode trying to do them all for Southwest Virginia! Appy, Powell Valley, Clintwood, Graham would have massive numbers in this equation.
  4. The facts of the matter are still the same, not enough kids for whatever reason! If you want to take a look at what is coming to Southwest Virginia, go to Bluefield and drive 52 to Welch, and in 10 or so years it will be the same from Claypool Hill to Grundy on 460 or 58A form Hansonville to Big Stone!
  5. Gate City is in the same boat, a coach must now recruit his own hallways and parking lots after school. I know 3 kids at GC who are 250lb lineman and just quit playing, I hope that the new coaching staff can at least get back half if the kids that used to play.
  6. I don't want sound like a wet blanket or prophet of Doom, but there is absolutely nothing to keep folks in Southwest Virginia anymore! The textile jobs have long since disappeared, the coal industry has been decimated and the residual effects are now being felt area wide. I have said this many times that you can draw a line from Gate City to Abingdon and anything north of that line is on life support! There will be pockets of areas that can hold out a little longer aka (Richlands, Graham and maybe Union) but they too will see dramatic declines in the future. The closer you are to Tennessee the better off you will be. The concentrated wealth of SW Va. is in Abingdon and Scott County is close to Eastman and those are the exception to the rule. I hate it for the dedicated people who spend their whole lives trying to build something athletically special to watch a kid lose interest or move away but you have to give people a reason to stay and unfortunately now there isn't any reason too!
  7. Just imagine what could have been for Virginia High Coach Herron was your coach for about 15 minutes back in the 90's....
  8. My dad always told us when we were growing up, the hardest thing to learn in life is that when someone quits loving you, is for you to quit loving them! I know Jumbo still loves Norton, but evidently the school board doesn't love him back. Move on and live your life!
  9. I am a proud Gate City Alum and have made several contributions to the well being of Gate City Football, However I do not live in a world of delusion and the very thought of a head coach leaving a program, where he will be a contender for his conference title and has a 70% chance to make it to the playoffs is delusional. I have watched Sullivan North for years and Patrick is a good coach, but Copas on that staff is the star! So Grapy keep thinking delusional stuff and posting it, but one has to ask the question sometimes, as Chris Martin sang "Am I part of the cure or part of the disease" !!!!!!!!
  10. Why would Coach Patrick leave the head coaching job at Sullivan North and be an assistant at Gate City! this is one of the dumbest statements anyone has ever made on this message board and that's saying a lot!
  11. I work at large chemical located in Kingsport and the DB fans have been telling me this was coming for a while, I watched both last season and couldn't believe the lack of athletes and speed.The lack of athletes in the whole Tri-Cities is pretty low right now except for Greeneville which should at least make it back to State, if not win it again.
  12. Spoken like a true DB fan..they all say we may not be good but we can beat up on all the little guys...LOL! If DB is as bad in football this year as it looks like it will be, a lot of teams could beat them. The two middle school teams won one game and it was against each other..
  13. But it won't be like that forever....football is cyclical and the cycle always turns around...I have live in Kingsport for the last 27 years and it's always the same with DB. Tons of potential and then the crushing reality..
  14. I hope you enjoy the mediocrity of DB sports, football is going to be terrible and Browder their best basketball player just transferred to Christ School in Asheville. The baseball is solid and track and field is good...enjoy the most overrated sports program in the TSSAA.
  15. Gate City has just made one bad coaching hire as of right now, the man this thread is named after. I would put their ability to hire coaches in the past against any school in the area, heck two of the last four are in the VHSL Hall of Fame.
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