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  1. I work at large chemical located in Kingsport and the DB fans have been telling me this was coming for a while, I watched both last season and couldn't believe the lack of athletes and speed.The lack of athletes in the whole Tri-Cities is pretty low right now except for Greeneville which should at least make it back to State, if not win it again.
  2. Spoken like a true DB fan..they all say we may not be good but we can beat up on all the little guys...LOL! If DB is as bad in football this year as it looks like it will be, a lot of teams could beat them. The two middle school teams won one game and it was against each other..
  3. But it won't be like that forever....football is cyclical and the cycle always turns around...I have live in Kingsport for the last 27 years and it's always the same with DB. Tons of potential and then the crushing reality..
  4. I hope you enjoy the mediocrity of DB sports, football is going to be terrible and Browder their best basketball player just transferred to Christ School in Asheville. The baseball is solid and track and field is good...enjoy the most overrated sports program in the TSSAA.
  5. Gate City has just made one bad coaching hire as of right now, the man this thread is named after. I would put their ability to hire coaches in the past against any school in the area, heck two of the last four are in the VHSL Hall of Fame.
  6. Wait! What! This is so uncharacteristic for Reed, bailing on a team in the off season, he hasn't done that in like 8 months...LOL. Folks it's Darren Reed, he walks are around in a perpetual state of pissoffyness! Nothing he does would ever surprise me but I will give him credit he is well on his way to getting to coach every team in the Mountain District...if the rumor is true..and it has to be..it's on the internet!
  7. I think a decision not to play football is a pretty easy one to make now! With CTE issues and the great unknown of the damage it does, if you can make it to college on scholarship in another sport, you are wise to do so. At a football crazed school like Union it is probably insulting not to play. Somebody, somewhere has done some thinking with their head instead of their heart and realized that education can get paid for by other means and that you can still be able to tie your shoes and recognize your children when you are 60!
  8. This thread is taking on the same feel as the Akers thread...
  9. This post is like the little annoying kid in gym glass, that when you are doing captains choice, is standing there jumping up and down yelling "pick me, pick me" some people will do anything to get noticed. Oh and 26 State Titles don't lie, Gate City is really good at sports!
  10. At least the kids will learn how to block and tackle, and maybe the O-line won't be a sive.
  11. Scott County numbers aren't declining like the rest of Southwest Virginia, if you school is north of a line from Gate City to Abingdon, you are in long term trouble numbers wise. I believe football at lower levels is dying and will like "club" sports in college ( you will have a football club and travel to play other clubs) whether it remains relevant thirty years from now only time will tell..but Wise, Lee, Dickenson, Buchanan, Russell and Tazewell counties will see dramatic decreases in the next decades.
  12. He had the basketball responsibilities before he got the football job! I am glad he is loyal to his obligation and if he were coaching your daughter, you would be too! As a proud alum, reality is hard to take sometimes as a fan and the reality is that GATE CITY HAS NO TALENT, and what "good " players they have they don't have enough of them. Go watch the Little League and Middle School it is just not there! The Gate City fan base is delusional and thinking a coach who has responsibilities can change the fact by quitting his basketball coaching duties is absurd. One day maybe twenty years from now when GC win another state title we can sit around and laugh about the laughing stock we have become, but the some of you react to everything with negativity we may be getting what we deserve!
  13. only when the program is down, DB is going through a really tough spot in football right now, I would expect to gain a couple or a least not lose any.
  14. And God forbid Gate City get a good player from East Tennessee...the world almost quits spinning when that happens!
  15. What percentage of Union's football team is from Lee County?
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