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  1. As we navigate the Covid-19 landscape I have a question? Have you really missed sports! My short answer is No not really. I just want to hear everyone's answers!
  2. I can tell you with much authority that Gate City has turned down multiple transfers just in the last five years! People are going to hate you for being successful, I was in sales for 19 years and won every sales award my company (companies) ever had and people just hate you for success. When Gate City was Single A, they were Single A attendance wise. There was no fudging the numbers! It sounds like Gate City pissed in Stan's Cheerios. But just for Stan the number of the day is 28!
  3. And with all the talent they have coming, it's not going to end anytime soon.
  4. When the season started Wise Central was going to be the "Kings of the Mountain 7" but a funny thing happened on the way to dominance, it's called playing the games. In games you get calls for you or against you, if you are playing a good team they will get calls. Should it have been a foul, I don't know because I wasn't there. But it wasn't according to the three official standing there and I will defer to them because I am just a poster on a message board offering an opinion, just like the rest of you! It wasn't the ref's fault maybe just good old fashion Karma!
  5. Is the move to unconsolidate in Lee County still being considered?
  6. Bad calls happen every game, but in basketball the good players get the calls (Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, Steph). Just don't pretend it doesn't happen, because it does. I do agree that the officiating isn't good and steadily declining, especially in football. No offense to Stripes or any other official on this board. Bad calls just happen!
  7. Michael Calhoun signed a track scholarship with Charleston Southern, congrat to him and all the other signees!
  8. This is too easy...The Bucs, you could go with pirate theme or the wildlife theme....or the money theme with $ on the helmets and have Ty Dolla $ign music to pump up the crowd.
  9. Grundy, Twin Valley, Council and Hurley
  10. At the current numbers yes, but who knows what the numbers will be by the time the school opens and the next round of VHSL reclassification.
  11. Where is Southern Gap? I am sorry I don't know
  12. Sullivan North and Sullivan South were both built to house around 1800 students each. Sullivan Central has around 1000 students as does South, but North has been under 500 for a long time, they play 2A sports ,South and Central are 4A. Hawkins County is a mess in every way possible.
  13. Sullivan County probably, Hawkins County definitely, Kingsport City No! What has killed the Sullivan County high schools ( North, South and Central) is Kingsport's annexation policy, they have cherry picked the best neighborhoods from Blountville, Colonial Heights, and Carter's Valley area and parts of Bloomingdale and most of Lynn Garden (if there is a good part of Lynn Garden) North has less than 450 kids now.
  14. Besides Joe Biden calling a college student "a lying, dog faced, pony soldier" this is the second dumbest thing I have seen all day...
  15. I wonder if any students will be grandfathered in...I have two nephews and a niece that live in Carter's Valley and never spent a single second in Hawkins County Schools. I have heard that the school system thinks the numbers could go to five to six hundred in the next five years or so..
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