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  1. Yeah was beside Arby’s the old bonanza is now a just grilling or just melt something like that
  2. Sounds like Miami coach Mike McDaniel I think they had around 12 starters out in the playoff game who was starting day 1
  3. Gabe Sneed and I’m not sure if he’s still at uva or not
  4. I’m just glad Union got lucky and avoided them during the Covid season. Is their anyone in the state who can beat them other than the private schools???
  5. Hell I wouldn’t even wanna make it to state in 2a just to get embarrassed. Honestly wish the team wouldn’t show up to play JM. Only way anything will ever be done to fix that situation is vhsl losing money
  6. Ryan haven’t been here in a couple weeks did we beat the you know who chat
  7. I agree with you on the tournament needing different teams. The coal classic that was in Appalachia back in the day was way better than this. If I remember correctly half the teams were from Virginia and the other half Kentucky teams
  8. The 93 Appy team imo was the best team they ever and one of the best teams I’ve seen even though they lost the game late to middlesex. Lost the game at kickoff since they played a suspended player due to a court ruling I was told. They returned the favor the following season winning 72-7
  9. Yeah I would’ve left early and missed it too. Like I did a few years back when Richlands was beating Union somewhere around 28-0 and of course I leave and they come back
  10. Merry Christmas s******s full now gotta go watch that movie
  11. Some of those 3s were a couple feet behind the line
  12. I’ve been a Duke fan since late 80s and this is the softest team I’ve ever seen them have
  13. Awards should go to the best talent like you said but I guess it’s like professional sports where it’s a popularity test
  14. It’s because they mainly pick players off the teams who go deep in playoffs with a few exceptions
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