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  1. Try opening the door next time, lol
  2. Big difference between being banged up and injured. Banged up, you play and injured you don't . Banged up to me means you're not at 100% which doesn't constitute a hang nail. You cannot compare an NFL player to a high school football player.
  3. I never said they weren't going to play, you're inferring (or others are inferring) something that's not there. Banged up simply means banged up. There tends to be a fair amount of stupidity these days for sure, lol.
  4. From what I'm hearing there are 4 or 5 really banged up. Graham may be in the same boat as Union having key players banged up.
  5. Going back and reading last year's thread on this same game, a lot of people had Richlands winning because Graham had not performed up to expectations. That was the game Graham really kicked it into high gear and everything seemed to click offensively and defensively. Hoping the GMen seize the opportunity this Friday and perform to their potential. If they do, it won't be a barn burner.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised it GW kept it close most of the game but Galax probably pulls away late 3rd or 4thQ. GW QB is very fun to watch. He's got some speed.
  7. Pulaski Co. James River Radford Union Gate City Ridgeview Graham Castlewood Richlands Bluefield l Narrows Grundy Hurley Thomas Walker Eastside Unaka, TN Chilhowie Holston Florida Atlantic Oklahoma Washington Duke North Carolina Utah Penn St. Alabama Jacksonville Houston New York Giants Seattle Philadelphia GotW Galax-54
  8. Way to keep it classy (insert eye roll emoji and sarcasm font)
  9. Ronnie Davis , his defensive coordinator. He's got a state championship for softball under his belt already.
  10. It was such a kind gesture towards our band. They even played at a Bluefield College game. I hope other area schools will invite them to perform.
  11. Sounds like Princeton coach needs to get his players under control. If he's perpetuating or allowing this behavior, perhaps someone needs to take him to task.
  12. My advice “Build a Bridge, Get Over It” , “Let it Go”, “Move On” & whatever phrases one can muster. It’s over, bad call, almost any team can argue a bad call at some point or another. 2003 was a game costing call , Friday night, wasn’t. Teams can’t always use refs as an excuse for losing. Sometimes the other team is just better. Refs are human, some are probably are not unbiased as they should be. It’s unfortunate when that happens. Richlands needs to focus on Radford this Friday and put Bluefield behind them. The season must go on....best of luck Blues. I really think Blues can beat Radford or at least make it barn burner.
  13. Then my initial reaction to it being a bad call would be correct.
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