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  1. Congratulations to the Graham GMen! I'm so proud of the coaches and the players! You did what you sat out to do "finish"! Great season!
  2. Wishing my best friend and the GMen good luck tomorrow! Be Goochland's kryptonite, make them play your game! I am very proud of all the coaches and players. I'll be there cheering loud and proud and hoping to celebrate 2A State Championship with you all when clock hits 00:00!
  3. Good luck Warriors! Bring back that 1A title to SWVA! This Graham fan will be cheering you on to victory!
  4. A former Blue Tornado shared with me a pregame talk given by Coach Dennis Palmer before a game with Grundy when this player was in high school; he said it was the best speech ever, "We're their kryptonite!" Go G-Men and be the Bobcat's kryptonite! Bring back that W to Region D!
  5. Union/Ridgeview game was very packed. We watched from fence. Beaver/Graham game was well attended but not as crowded as in years past. Local rivalries seem to draw decent crowds but otherwise, attendance is lacking in my opinion. I hope the drive to Salem does not deter Graham fans from attending. I would like to see visitor's side packed and fired up! Go GMen!
  6. I am also a friend with D. Palmer. He's a top quality coach, knows defense, a real student of the game, and a good person. I'm with you when only one Tazewell County team remains, I cheer them on to victory. Hoping Graham gets by Radford and can represent Tazewell County in championship game. I would be thrilled for both Palmers, other coaches, and players to bring home that ring.
  7. Congratulations to Graham GMen! Great job coaching staff and players. Very proud of this group! Congratulations to Richlands after a dismal season last year and sad circumstances this year, to finish as region runner up is a great accomplishment. Let's keep rolling GMen!
  8. Glad Tony Palmer brought him onboard.
  9. Looking way ahead to next year, which team do you see as the front runner for SWD? Are there teams who are losing too many key players to contend? Are there teams returning most of their key players?
  10. Offense wins games. Defense wins championships. By the same token, bad play calling on offense losses championships or regional and state semis.
  11. Sometimes emotions hurt a team more than help it. With Richlands former defensive coordinator as an assistant at Graham, it doesn't bother me to pick against Mance these days especially with Graham playing strong D and making explosive plays on O. Good luck to Blues and GMen. Way to represent Tazewell County!
  12. Prayers for this young lady's family and friends and especially the driver, that's going to be a hard thing to live with. Kids think they're invincible. I dare say a lot of us adults are lucky to still be here. So very sad.
  13. Great game at Bullitt Field yesterday! Very proud of the GMen and coaching staff, a few mistakes but those can be cleaned up this week. Hats off to Cam Allen for handling the crowd like a pro. Hats off the entire defense for grinding all game long. Looking forward to playing Richlands on Saturday at home. After attending Union/Ridgeview game in regular season, I wasn't looking forward to that drive again, super nice facility though. Congratulations to Union and Ridgeview on great seasons.
  14. I guess the mountain getting there makes it seem longer.
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