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  1. Graham 27-0 over a much slower less athletic Cave Spring. Graham's defense may be better than last year's. They are solid. Rex Bradshaw and Dennis Palmer have them starting out much better than beginning of last year. I imagine they'll adjust as they need to though as season progresses but the are tough already. It's going to be brutal for some opponents they face. Several may not make it across mid-field too many times during a game. Offense obviously better than Cave Spring's defense but still needs some work. I think they can be formidable but it may take a two or three games to get things tightened up a bit better; hopefully, only two or three games. Lester is fast and I think when he finds open field, he's gone. Passing game needs accuracy though. I still say they're the team to beat in the SWD. All of this is my opinion, others may disagree.
  2. Ridgeview Pulaski Abingdon Carroll Co. Ft. Chiswell Blacksburg Radford Central Richlands Union Honaker Chilhowie Tazewell Glenvar Grayson Co. Narrows Grundy Hurley Patrick Henry Jenkins, KY Cumberland Gap, TN Northwood Holston West Virginia South Carolina App. St. Virginia Tech Marshall Auburn Virginia Oklahoma (Sunday) GotW Graham 35
  3. Bland only has 120 boys in grades 9-12. When you take into account at least 1/3 of those participate in band, cross country, work, etc. That doesn't leave a big pool to pull from really. There are a lot of boys who play other sports but not football. Football isn't for everyone. I truly do not think we can point to one definitive thing. What's happened is a result of many contributing factors and people trying to pin the entire blame on the coach are wrong. A numbers game is definitely one of the main contributors but there are always those who like to stir the pot.
  4. Bland County does have a middle school team. A very sad day, not having a high school team affects so much more than just football; football is the sport that brings communities together most. It'sheartbreaking for the coaches and boys that wanted to play. Two players had already transferred prior to the official decision. For schools like Bland County, 7 on 7 would be a blessing but even with just 11 players , that's still not adequate even for 7 on 7.
  5. The decision was made earlier this evening. They will still field a middle school team. I believe they have 25 boys on middle school team. It so sad for the boys who wanted to play.
  6. Two of the Bland players have transferred as of today. One went to Princeton and the other to Rural Retreat, I don't see them being able to have a team but maybe I"m wrong. Very sad for the few that wanted to play.
  7. With Webb and Forrest, they should be decent, at least 7-3. They've got 90 showing up according to another thread so I'd say they'll end up fine but doubt they'll make it past region though.
  8. Which is sad because they have great food...I did see if was up for sale; maybe someone will buy it.
  9. Very happy for Mac and proud of her! Years of hard work and dedication come full circle with state championship and now verbal commit to VT. She'll be an asset for the Hokies!
  10. Graham vs Bluefield Richlands vs Union Radford vs Glenvar Graham vs Union Richlands vs Radford Patrick Henry vs Chilhowie Graham vs Richlands Radford vs George Wythe Ridgeview vs Union Ridgeview vs Pikeville Galax vs Glenvar (Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, I'll only be watching the Graham games in person but I cannot wait to see how the others turn out. Hopefully one of the others will be on the week Graham doesn't play.)
  11. I never said they would win state again. I only shared the article because I saw it posted on Virginia Preps. Personally, every defending state champion regardless of the sport or division should be aiming to repeat. I hope none of the teams have injuries and all the players stay healthy, I would not want anyone to suffer an injury that prevents him from playing. I agree Union will be a tough opponent as will Bluefield for the GMen.
  12. Here's a nice article about the GMen. https://gridironscouting.com/2019/07/21/national-spotlight-quest-for-back-to-back-state-titles-fuels-g-men/?fbclid=IwAR3yZwDTLIlLaXaWf-1EmMa63moyfz-9HCSnTIf72fyy5S_yD1GnSoUhROE
  13. First downs don't mean much when you cannot get them. The hard hitting of Graham's defense was most responsible for coughing the ball up. Radford will have a much more difficult time as other posters have commented with Appomattox this year. As you eluded, Appomattox should have beat them last year.
  14. Not to contradict you but one or two first downs in the first half is not really moving the ball well.
  15. Congratulations to the Graham GMen! I'm so proud of the coaches and the players! You did what you sat out to do "finish"! Great season!
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