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  1. I've only heard great things about Palmer. Appreciate the time you did have him part of the PH football program. Wish him and his family the very best going forward. Hopefully he teaches the next young men the same lessons in life and football that he did with others over his career.
  2. If anybody thinks this one is a joke, the 1A one is worse.
  3. I wont be surprised if Eastside & Grundy win their state quarterfinal games and see other again.
  4. Thinking about going to watch a Region D title game Saturday evening. Witch one is more worth watching; Grundy/Eastside or GC/Central??
  5. Eastside 84-79 over Northwood.
  6. Seem crazy to suggest Lee would beat Graham. Graham got better as the season progressed. Lee on the other hand was overhyped coming into the season and played worse later in the season.
  7. Richlands is good, but Grundy shouldn't have lost that game. But it was just one game. An outlier. I hope Grundy does bring home state & region crowns, but some dangerous competition is coming their way.
  8. They also loss to a mediocre Richlands team late in the season. It's unfortunate Grundy & Graham didn't get that second game in at the end of the season. Could've shed some lite on where both teams really stood.
  9. Grundy has a 50/50 shot. Ironically they have the toughest road in the region tournament. J.I. Burton, Twin Springs and Eastside if everything goes as I expect. When Grundy plays at their best I think they are the best 1A team in the state. But they haven't been tested all that much, so will see if or when they play Auburn, Lancaster, Northampton, Matthews.
  10. Bradley Dean is M7 player of the year. Only way he doesn't get it would have to be some under the table political nonsense.
  11. I'd be shocked if Grundy & Eastside wasn't in the Region D boys finals. And good luck beating Honaker girls.
  12. When was the last time GC lost a district game?? Pretty impressive streak they got going on there.
  13. High School basketball is so unpredictable. And I'm not saying Graham is better than GC or Central but Graham does have enough skilled players that if one of those teams do have a bad game then who knows. GC & Central (mostly Central) have had some consistency issues, so cant 100% rule out an upset.
  14. Obviously Graham is the best team in the SWD followed by Richlands in a shaky second. It will be interesting to see how Graham stacks up against Gate City, Wise Central or Union in the region when they meet.
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