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  1. Smyth co will start in class school on a rotation. 1 week in person next virtual. And fall sports could start in oct. That's from a teacher🤷‍♂️
  2. Chappy that young man is a very fine athlete Is he a Sr?
  3. I honestly thought Galax was huge but just small in numbers..But Riverheads is another beast..Well,it's the end of football around here..Was nice to have a Friday outing
  4. Ph really played good except in the first quarter..The numbers game will get them against Riverheads..I wish them luck..The pH player that got hurt had 2 breaks in his ankle..Galax fans were very classy during the injury👍👍..Even thou Richardsons ambulance service dropped the ball..Awful response to a serious injury
  5. Whomever wins will most likely face 1 of the best football teams I've saw in single A besides maybe Giles in the mid 90s or The 96 Ph team.. Riverheads is just cranking out talent....I saw 1 great semi game at Emory looking for another 1
  6. Ask around ..it's a easy question to get answered
  7. Has any of you saw PH play?
  8. If some how Holston pulls a upset and Burton slides past Cheathowie.. It would be Holstons chance to avenge the 2-0 loss to Burton in 2009...Stranger things have happened!!
  9. Tate wanted to come back..but I dunno if he was allowed..He has some attitude problems..This group just never was a team.Awful year
  10. We want the season over but the vhsl wants us to beg for mercy!!
  11. And thus another beat down.. 1 more to go..☹️🤦‍♂️
  12. I'm glad to see a discussion.. I have said time n time again rec ball is Daddy n son ball or $$ rules...Tim is a great guy,Great guys aren't always great head coaches..Palmer at PH had to deal with alot his first years..But look now..9-0 best season since 97... We just need alot of changes at the lower level and the community needs to step up like they have in years past.
  13. I dunno,seems your rewarding teams for just playing..Which is the new norm..Guess I'm finally saying I'm oldskool at 44..lol
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