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  1. Well,if it's even played. We were exposed to Rona lastweek..I'll leave it at that😡 Either way Central by 3 TDS
  2. I've seen it all down there..Their coach is a real class act🙄🙄
  3. All I want is to see Marion win..Wonder how many flags will fly...In Chilhowie it's always Marion vs the team and Refs..wait that's anybody who plays there.
  4. That's putting it nicely😁..
  5. Try staying a Marion fan. All the bs in that lil town now along with ppl leaving. It's a shell of itself.. I moved on down the road and Washington co VA and Bristol is like another completely different part of the state. Marion just won't adapt and it's showing
  6. Well,the NC job didn't last long. Makes ya wonder if Joey got out while the getting was good at Marion. We won't field a decent team for awhile . No kids and the staff just aren't experienced enough. Plywood knows the Crazy nights we use to have on Fridays. Even before the China virus hit things were going down at Marion
  7. Smyth co will start in class school on a rotation. 1 week in person next virtual. And fall sports could start in oct. That's from a teacher🤷‍♂️
  8. Chappy that young man is a very fine athlete Is he a Sr?
  9. I honestly thought Galax was huge but just small in numbers..But Riverheads is another beast..Well,it's the end of football around here..Was nice to have a Friday outing
  10. Ph really played good except in the first quarter..The numbers game will get them against Riverheads..I wish them luck..The pH player that got hurt had 2 breaks in his ankle..Galax fans were very classy during the injury👍👍..Even thou Richardsons ambulance service dropped the ball..Awful response to a serious injury
  11. Whomever wins will most likely face 1 of the best football teams I've saw in single A besides maybe Giles in the mid 90s or The 96 Ph team.. Riverheads is just cranking out talent....I saw 1 great semi game at Emory looking for another 1
  12. Ask around ..it's a easy question to get answered
  13. Has any of you saw PH play?
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