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  1. As long as Cheathowie doesn't let Jeter ref..🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Lol,so many comments about the nasty genre known as "country"..it's as bad as the " vulgar music" referred to by others. I had to chime in Stick..lol..
  3. Haha,your coach is a hot head who throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way..as I've said before..Under pressure they lay a egg
  4. 2nd place might have won but as per norm they added alil extra..Salem is to far this year
  5. Marion 6 2nd place 0 I kinda laughed at those tweets besides who really cares about 1st loser?
  6. Look for Marion to struggle early then by week 4 show signs of life and shock 1 or 2 teams..They will get better,just weather the first few games.
  7. Loooong year for the Canes it seems 2-8 seems Generous at this point
  8. Glad we are done playing them..it wasn't even close the past 2 or 3 years
  9. Screwed around and let him go..smh
  10. No,but can be used for fishing bait
  11. You did until Saturday..they choked to death
  12. I admit,didn't see that coming ..Congrats Graham..That's how you represent..Unlike others..I was 50 % right .. Riverheads reminded me of some older Giles teams I've saw..Tall athletic kids..I chuckled when they scored on a pass play(I told ya so)
  13. I think Graham is a good team but Goochland is way better..it's just facts,this area is down compared to previous years.Had chilhowie had this team a few yrs ago they would have been tested more.By the way..Yes,I don't care what these fly by night posters think..
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