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  1. Who made it? what's it made of? A or AA or AAA? No Abingdon, Hurley, etc.... looks like the all Richlands/Graham team...lol...which, they had good teams don't get me wrong... but don't call it the SWVA "anything" team...totally bogus.
  2. who made this list? lol....horrible.
  3. Grundy is wrestling in a major tourney this weekend at Reno...95 teams from 12 different states at all different levels....so far Grundy is 13th out of 95 and just a point or so out of the top 10...pretty good so far. Someone else might have more info...I just saw the team scores in one of the parents postings on Facebook.
  4. I think they would let you have water just so they could make you puke it back up lol.
  5. I don't know, but the further back you go the harder it was...a lot of it had to do with the equipment too...our helmets in the 80s were not as good as the 90s...the 90s not as good as now...we didn't know anything about hydration and heat stroke or concussions...tape fixed everything back then...the guys in the 50s had leather helmets and no face masks, I can't even imagine that? You were issued a broken nose with your jersey I guess...artificial turf was just a pipe dream, something most colleges didn't even have. But it was football and we loved it.
  6. From Grundy: Luke Owens, David Scamell, Cary Perkins, both Marcum Brothers, Luke Dales, Albert Childress, Junior Coleman were all exceptional players. Other schools in the area: Ahmad Bradshaw, Devon Johnson, JLA, Viq Hall, Paco Jones, Q. Reed, Mike Compton, and lots more I can't remember off the top of my head lol. Best all around, I'd probably have to go with Bradshaw because he was just fun to watch on all sides of the ball....he was a top RB but he loved to hit as a DB and I saw him level a lot of people, the hit on the kid from Martinsville in the playoffs is still one of the best defensive plays I've ever seen...plus he was a threat on special teams...pretty much able to change the game any time he was on the field.
  7. Perkins didn't show up until 1987 or so...he was a year behind me, grew up playing football with him and JK from 4th grade on...his dad was one of our coaches. Rough bunch though from 1980-1986 in Grundy, they didn't have the best record or even a lot of Wins to show for it, but the kids loved to hit...pretty much all of the schools back then were like that. People really don't know unless you played during that time or coached or went to the games just how violent it was...we all beat the living hell out of each other, literally. It was just a different time and a different game. We were not allowed to hang out on the fence and talk to cheerleaders or people in the crowd, couldn't take your helmet off, water was a reward especially during two-a-days when it was 100+ degrees in the cow pasture we practiced in, most of practice was spent hitting each other not running plays, Monday = gut check, not everyone dressed out on Friday night even the good kids had to earn their jersey each week, if you missed a practice for any reason you didn't dress out that week, you didn't talk back to your coaches you just did what you were told and if you did it wrong god have mercy on your soul, weight room was not in any way an optional place to hang out when you felt like it, if you didn't win the long bus ride home was silent and you could hear a pin drop...things were just different than they are now.
  8. well back then winning the district meant something, and everyone with a heartbeat didn't make the playoffs in any sport...the games were better and more fun to watch...the rivalry between any of those schools was strong...it was just a better time, even with the travel.
  9. quite contrary..indeed.
  10. This is pretty much the greatest post ever on this message board.
  11. Those were the Glory Days of the SWD....and it was brutal!
  12. One last thought, I don't know how many games on all different levels I've seen over the years where one team "didn't have a chance" and won the game...it happens. Just this past year, Cubs down 3-1 and took the World Series, Cavs down 3-1 and took the NBA Championship...Ronda Rousey is all but retired now after being "unbeatable"....Phoebus just went down in flames...Mike Tyson got knocked out by Buster Douglas once upon a time....The heavily favored(-14) Rams "Greatest Show On Turff" lost Super Bowl 36 to the Patriots...all I'm saying is, it happens.
  13. Question now is....does Mance have one more trick up his sleeve? I know everyone is going to say they don't have a chance, but I think if they can keep it a fumble free/turnover free game it will be interesting to see what happens. Richlands has to be a scary "underdog" for any team to face.
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