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  1. Smyth co will start in class school on a rotation. 1 week in person next virtual. And fall sports could start in oct. That's from a teacher🤷‍♂️
  2. Chappy that young man is a very fine athlete Is he a Sr?
  3. I honestly thought Galax was huge but just small in numbers..But Riverheads is another beast..Well,it's the end of football around here..Was nice to have a Friday outing
  4. Ph really played good except in the first quarter..The numbers game will get them against Riverheads..I wish them luck..The pH player that got hurt had 2 breaks in his ankle..Galax fans were very classy during the injury👍👍..Even thou Richardsons ambulance service dropped the ball..Awful response to a serious injury
  5. Whomever wins will most likely face 1 of the best football teams I've saw in single A besides maybe Giles in the mid 90s or The 96 Ph team.. Riverheads is just cranking out talent....I saw 1 great semi game at Emory looking for another 1
  6. Ask around ..it's a easy question to get answered
  7. Has any of you saw PH play?
  8. If some how Holston pulls a upset and Burton slides past Cheathowie.. It would be Holstons chance to avenge the 2-0 loss to Burton in 2009...Stranger things have happened!!
  9. Tate wanted to come back..but I dunno if he was allowed..He has some attitude problems..This group just never was a team.Awful year
  10. We want the season over but the vhsl wants us to beg for mercy!!
  11. And thus another beat down.. 1 more to go..☹️🤦‍♂️
  12. I'm glad to see a discussion.. I have said time n time again rec ball is Daddy n son ball or $$ rules...Tim is a great guy,Great guys aren't always great head coaches..Palmer at PH had to deal with alot his first years..But look now..9-0 best season since 97... We just need alot of changes at the lower level and the community needs to step up like they have in years past.
  13. I dunno,seems your rewarding teams for just playing..Which is the new norm..Guess I'm finally saying I'm oldskool at 44..lol
  14. We Suck Love Tim but I don't know if he can survive as coach. Glad we can get some fresh blood at QB... Id forfeit the playoffs,we don't deserve to even speak of it
  15. Well,they beat you all!!!🤣🤣🤣
  16. PH by 3 TDs .Zack should be good to go.. Still a W either way..Maybe somebody else can go up the road and at least make a better showing than the last 2 years
  17. As long as Cheathowie doesn't let Jeter ref..🤣🤣🤣🤣
  18. Lol,so many comments about the nasty genre known as "country"..it's as bad as the " vulgar music" referred to by others. I had to chime in Stick..lol..
  19. Haha,your coach is a hot head who throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way..as I've said before..Under pressure they lay a egg
  20. 2nd place might have won but as per norm they added alil extra..Salem is to far this year
  21. Marion 6 2nd place 0 I kinda laughed at those tweets besides who really cares about 1st loser?
  22. Look for Marion to struggle early then by week 4 show signs of life and shock 1 or 2 teams..They will get better,just weather the first few games.
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