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  1. What % of union fans do you think work? 30% or is it less?
  2. I remember when this game used to be the game the opening week of the season. I'm still dumbfounded by how far GC has fallen as a football program.
  3. Union has played Burton 8 times and the average margin of victory is 31 points. Other than the school's being 10 minutes apart, this game looks to be about as useful as the Lee series. In fact, the Generals have played the Bears closer than the Raiders. Should be good for power points, given that Burton should win 7-8 games but in terms of preparing you for anything, it will not.
  4. Did you get these from playing football?
  5. Have you been to the doctor for this? What do they suggest? Is there anyway to calm some of the impact, how serious of a situation is this? Get well!
  6. If you are going to play TW, why go there? Just give them a few grand out of the gate like we have done in the past so that your kids get an extra home game, TW gets their $$$ and everyone is happy. Union playing at TW in football, barring some collapse of our program or them turning into Riverheads, should never happen.
  7. Union playing two Cumberland teams is a joke. If they are lucky enough to beat Graham and win the region, you can forget playing at home in the semifinals. That schedule won't outpoint Appo or whoever comes out of C. I'd rather play someone with a pulse and lose than this, how does this help get ready for the playoffs?
  8. Here's hoping GC basketball goes the way of GC football. 😁
  9. He's no longer the coach, I'm not sure exactly what happened.
  10. Officially dead? Yet, another coaching change. Hard to believe when you look at the talent that was down there in the 80's.
  11. Does a paper have this?
  12. Is this ever going to be released or is the team going to be released day by day on social media by athletes that received awards?
  13. Correct. Hopefully softball and baseball can surprise, track should be good, they always are.
  14. Union had several plays in that game that went for 10-15 yards where if it had been anyone else those plays are 30+ yards or touchdowns. The speed Appomattox had erased any big play potential for Union. As others mentioned, the early fumbles did not help, but there was no way the Bears were winning that game. They showed up a year ahead of schedule, a lot broke right for them, hopefully they build off the experience and are back in the fall with a chance to compete at this level. Weight room work will be key for Union. Appo backs were very physical and generally did not go down on first contact, running through several tackles. The 2020-21 athletic year was the year Union caught everyone by surprise (basketball and football). They won't catch anyone by surprise next year, football has expectations, the volleyball team returns everyone, girl's basketball returns everyone and boy's basketball will be the preseason regional favorite. Be fun to watch to see how these kids respond.
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