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  1. Lee is probably a top 5 team in SWVA. I don't see them losing but 2 or 3 more.
  2. Who is the starting 5 for Union? Barter is a Soph
  3. All of these guys gave us a great season here in SWVA. GBO
  4. Think I'll wait til summer to make this call. A lot of unhappy parents with talented kids at Central, Union, and Burton.
  5. M7 and Cumberland is already out. Coalfield Progress.com
  6. Two non-rushed fg!!! Lol wrong game.
  7. Here we go again first it was Chil/PH will be in the Reg D ChampionshIp. People forget we've played/scimmaged GW this year. We know they have a mobile Qb. Did you not come down? Hell Yeah Go GW!!!
  8. Question. Last time Chilhowie offense been shutout?
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