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  1. If SWVA can only produce teams as good Chilwars in 1A , they will continue to get spanked in the finals ! You would think after getting blown out in 17 , and coming back loaded in 18 the coaches would have had them ready ? They came back after sweeping a bunch of nobodies , and get blistered again ! It looked to me like they averaged about 20 lbs. heavier and just as slow as before . 20 lbs of flab . I think they must have a diet of mashed potatoes and gravy ! Wonder who will be in line next season to get spanked from SW ? Not Chil. I bet . VHSL feels sorry for you guys and makes sure SW has a team in Salem . Remember , second place is really the first LOSER !!!!
  2. Bearcat bobble , If I'm not mistaken Riverheads was 2A in 2011 , and who beat who,s a$$ then . lol
  3. I predicted a 35 - 10 score . I am slipping a little . Congrats to the Warriors , keep your head up. Riverheads is a freek on nature and you can be proud of your effort . Good luck and God Bless .
  4. Riverheads is 50% better than last year . The kids grew up just like the Warriors . Last year they had a tenth grader run all over them in the Champ game . They are stronger and faster then before. Should be a much closer game this year . 35 14 Riverheads
  5. lol If you only new ! 1A Alabama will be in Salem on Saturday . Warriors better be ready .
  6. This board is way tooooooo quite . Different from last year . Nerves ? lol
  7. Looks like they have home field advantage again . Lets see who complains about that ! lol
  8. Coach took his team totally out of focus last year . When dealing with young kids like yourself , they just don't understand !
  9. Will the coach of the Warriors take his team on a trip around the world then back thru Va Tech so they can loose all focus on the game this time or did he grow up as well ? Last year was a joke ! To much on young kids plates . jmo
  10. Better bring a box of tissues to the game , you and your buddies will need them ! lol
  11. Galax was not good yesterday ! A lot of people don't know the meaning of a good team . They will be educated on Saturday . 35-10
  12. Galax is not very good ! If you think the Warriors can play the same way against Riverheads , you are wrong ! Riverheads will put 35 on them and let them score against their second or third team .
  13. The Warriors were not tested by the horrific Maroon Tide team ! They will see a much different team on Saturday . Things that worked will likely fail against Riverheads .jmo
  14. I heard this so called transfer has been playing a while ? Anyone that knows their roster would know ! May just be rumorville !
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