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  1. Irishman

    Mance news

    Doesn't Richlands have a Booster Club ? All the schools I have been associated with, have one .
  2. Irishman

    Mance news

    I heard MIke Compton will be the head coach, next year.
  3. Irishman

    Mance news

    Giles 1A, next year ?
  4. The following former Richlands players , were letter winners, at Virginia Tech: Billy Cranwell QB..1957 Dickie Cranwell K..1964 Gerald Bobbitte RB, LB ..1962 Chad King DB...1992 Rob Stanton TE..2010 Austin Fuller WR..2010
  5. A few years ago friend of mine from Richlands, Dr. Dave Stanton shared this story with me. Coach Ernie Hicks worked as a part time salesman for his company, Virginian Metals, who built dump truck bodies. Ernie sold stadium seats to the area high schools. Wood/metal bleachers were fabricated at his Richlands shop and assembled on school site, by his employees. Big Creek was one of many schools he mentioned. Coach Hicks sold many, since he was so well know by other coaches and his impeccable reputation. He earned the name The Master of The Clinch.
  6. Hokiebird7, who got their a__ kicked in the Salem vs Blacksburg game ?
  7. Hokiebird7 is on the left.
  8. IMO, the 2005 defense was the best I had seen in my 60+ years of watching Richlands football.
  9. Thanks Ryan, I missed your previous post.
  10. Who did Richlands play yesterday ?
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