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  1. Congratulations, coach Wells. Have you seen their facilities? I don't see any small colleges, that compare.Two turf football field, inside practice field, two basketball courts, two weight rooms. Also, Curtis Staples former UVA star, head boys basketball coach. They must pay very good. Lakeway Christian Academy, Morristown, TN
  2. Mike Compton, Kelly "Mutt" Buskell, Rob Stanton, Austin Fuller, Brannon Breeding
  3. Who was THS pa annoucer ? He was about excited, as President Biden's press conference.
  4. Will the conditions of the field, help Tazewell or Richlands ?
  5. I believe Mance will be back, at Richlands, next year.
  6. How many points did Blacksburg Bruins score this year ?
  7. uva @ Charlottesville, I was told.
  8. I apologize, to the Graham G Men and Tazewell Bulldogs players and fans,on my previous posts. I am wishing them well, in the play offs. We have too much division, in our country, thanks to our leaders, in Washington and Richmond. Also, region D were not transparent, in their rules, from day one, and changing rules, at the end of season, is wrong. Richlands players and staff did not deserve, the final decision. I did not attend RHS, moved from another state, to work in Tazewell County. I have friends in Bluefield, Tazewell and Richlands. Go GMen, Bulldogs and Blue Tornado !!! Have a bless day !!
  9. Real Sasquatch, the talk on the street. Principals from Richlands, Tazewell and Graham met .Richlands agreed to play Graham, once they were covid free, but the other two voted to count the games. They should have put 3 numbers, in a hat , the odd man out. LOL
  10. Ryan, you speak for all the Richlands fans. I hope the Graham Crackers and Tazewell Puppies get their clocks cleaned, by Union and Wise Central.
  11. You are taking the bait !! You are showing your true colors, how much you know about football . Teh Teh Teh Go Hokies !!
  12. Mallard Creek had much better defensive players, then Graham .
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