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  1. Horns are legal in WV until the team breaks the huddle Then its a unsportsmanlike flag on the team fans Bands can play during a live ball in WV
  2. http://www.wvssac.org/football/?wk=4&classes=ALL&a=rankings As many of you already know I do the rankings on WVTAILGATECENTRAL and normally TGC is finished by 11pm on Saturday and has always matched the WVSSAC Link to TGC Rankings http://www.wvtailgatecentral.com/hs/fb2019/showstandings.php
  3. Riverview 36 Montcalm 6
  4. Montcalm at Ft Chiswell on 10/18 www.wvssac.org/schedule/?team=0080&sport=Football&endpoint=schedules&program=Senior&class=all&cache=
  5. Call Tug Valley WV They need a 11/1 or 11/8 game or Could open up a 10/11 date by moving a game
  6. Any word on when it might be released this year
  7. I have so far: BATH COUNTY BATH COUNTY 08/30 09/06 09/13 09/20 (A) Pendleton County, WV 09/27 10/04 10/11 10/18 (H) Craig County 10/25 11/01 11/08 COVINGTON 08/30 09/06 09/13 09/20 09/27 10/04 (A) James Monroe, WV 10/11 10/18 10/25 11/01 (H) Craig County 11/08 TWIN VALLEY 08/30 (H) Grundy 09/06 (A) Montcalm, WV 09/13 09/20 09/27 (A) Craig County 10/04 10/11 10/18 (H) Riverview, WV 10/25 11/01 11/08 (H) Hurley MASSANUTTEN ACADEMY 08/30 09/06 (A) Hancock, MD 09/13 09/20 09/27 10/04 10/11 10/18 10/25 11/01 (A) Clay Battelle, WV 11/08
  8. Got the answer on Loudoun Valley vs Parkview It was ruled a no contest by the VHSL Lori at VHSL answered my email late Friday afternoon
  9. Question Loudon Valley was suppose to play Parkview this week 9/21 Loudon Valley never found a replacement game Does Loudon Valley get a forfeit win from Parkview If so in WV AAA Ratings Martinsburg would get a bonus point which could be a huge point at the end of the year
  10. WV home team gets the gate unless in the contract a % is given to the guest team WV playoffs 1st round both teams spit 20% of the gate so about 10% each, WVSSAC gets 80% after the expenses WV playoffs 2nd round both teams split 15% of gate or about 7.5% each, WVSSAC gets 85% after the expenses WV playoffs semifinals both teams split 10% of gate or about 5% each, WVSSAC gets 90% after the expenses WV Championship both teams split 5% of gate or about 2.5% each, WVSSAC gets 95% after expenses Anyone else see a problem, Bigger the Game Less the Schools make
  11. VA schedules are posted https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k2PryaprIBiP8aYYz4m5UQ4JFWp_RoTw/view
  12. Anyone heard when the VHSL will be posting the 2018 Football Schedules on their site
  13. Grundy Hurley Narrows Richlands Twin Valley
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