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  1. well the secretary of education came out today stating schools should be open full time and no part time schedule. she is actually looking at the science and how it affects the kids and not cnn.
  2. kids getting it means what? asymptomatic better chance of getting hit by lightening. no evidence kids pass it to adults so what are we doing here. its less deadly than the flu to kids.
  3. so is thad out as coach?
  4. not my governor, maybe if we say its a protest they will not stop it
  5. no way we dont play! I would love to know how many of the 56000 cases that have recovered, cant find that info anywhere. hmmm wonder why??? almost 70% of all deaths have been in nursing homes 40 more today. they have brain washed Americans to believing it is more deadly than really is. well for the older, much older population it is.
  6. i don't understand why its going this way. Kids are 99% asymptomatic and 0 kids under 18 have died from this in Va. they are the least vulnerable and it isnt even close. so not sure why the season is in doubt.
  7. VHSL will have alot of explaining to do if there is no fall sports. Reason why is how can kids play all the travel ball tourneys for basketball and baseball that have started recently and then say sorry we are not gonna play fall sports. Im sure there will be alot of push back if this happens.
  8. who comes up with this rules? 10 feet??? what outside, only have to be 6 feet inside. hahahhaha morons
  9. they didnt play gw i just talked my buddy there, fort didnt have a jv
  10. who did their jv play? did they play GW jv? i know two kids moved from graham down to GW and were freshman last year who are pretty talented. may be a good game this year but who knows. its all on paper at this point
  11. he may have been dc in name, allen that is but dixon ran eveything
  12. https://t.co/3Tghk56WE4?amp=1 read this, the WHO STATED asymptomatic patients don't spread as easy as they thought
  13. good for him, heard it was pretty bad! benefits of being young
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