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  1. graham doesnt have any 5th year seniors that i can think of and transfers maybe the qb who was at taz but they couldnt come up with enough cash to keep him. all those boys have been playing together since pee wee
  2. gw has picked it up. they have a lot of young talent and a sophomore qb who is athletic and plays tough D. Bad thing for the region is his twin brother is the better of the two but is out with a torn pec
  3. richlands had a crap of transfer kids, hello pot
  4. appo is going to bust everyone so you are fighting for 3rd
  5. yes graham by 21 if not more book it
  6. how many 5th year seniors does Taz have playing? 5 or more is my guess
  7. these are the only trophies taz will ever have a chance to win!!
  8. everyone is playing for second! Appomattox gonna win it all
  9. small victories for a school that has had so few. let them enjoy
  10. this was a hard hitting defensive battle! lumber was being laid all over the field!!!
  11. well, GW lost their starting QB before the season. Ruptured Pec in non throwing arm lifting in December. From what I hear his twin brother is now playing QB and hes always be the RB/Slot so no experience at QB. So maybe a down year at GW
  12. anyone hear of any other games being canceled? \
  13. george wythe and rural retreat canceled! kid positive on RR
  14. anyone know whos starting qb at richlands?
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