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  1. better move to a republican ran state if you wanna play sports again
  2. ill be damned!!! pfizer says today their vaccine is 90% effective and will be ready by end of november!! Ole biden did it!!! "insert sarcasm" funny how it comes out a week late ahahaha
  3. Biden is gonna cure it his first day in office so we should be good in the spring!
  4. curious about George Wythe, they lost a lot
  5. va parents need to do the same
  6. i have also talked to the vhsl. they have no interest in following the science or data. this is a political game to them and they throw out blanket statements. they all need to go. not sure if they are appointed or voted into those positions.
  7. https://footballscoop.com/news/over-1000-high-school-football-games-already-played-zero-reports-of-community-covid-spread/
  8. https://footballscoop.com/news/over-1000-high-school-football-games-already-played-zero-reports-of-community-covid-spread/
  9. wheeling central is a private school that recruits and plays powerful ohio schools then comes to wv to pound the single A's on way to the past 25 state titles lol. not really a single A school.might even beat parkersburg
  10. Has anyone heard if Bland is having a football team this year?
  11. oh you can die from that in 50-60' i have alot of patients who do. covid is here forever just like cancer, flu, hiv, TB and others. either learn to live with it and understand people will die yearly or we hide and stay home till you die. me if forced to stay home all the time you all already dead. Im here for a good time not a long time. but thats just me.
  12. 6% have died only of covid and 94% had 2.6 commodities. so roughly only 9000 have died of true covid
  13. any word on galax or george wythe?
  14. are you serious? kept them scoreless for 4 years?? holy cow.
  15. who will make the playoffs in each region? GO..... tired of political BS lets play prognosticator
  16. what data?? well that tells me all i need to know. this doesn't kill kids, 0 kids have died in the state of VA under the age of 18 and only 56 died nation wide, compare this to other diseases. median age of people passing from covid is 78 and guess what happens to be the life expectancy in America? you guessed it 78. kids should be in school this has become politicized and here we are. but don't worry after Nov 4 it will all disappear. all the deaths well when the smoke clears and they actually find out who died of covid and who died with it the numbers will look alot different.
  17. it should have been. never should have locked down, will go down as one of the bigger blunders in history
  18. Haun is a waste!! how did he get the position he holds?? fear mongering about normal doesn't exist anymore!! guess he doesn't follow the science or the data.
  19. see this is the problem. vhsl is just pawns on their own and have the freedom to do what they want they are just chicken sh..... to make big boy decisions. state has no authority over schools. Northam even said as much.
  20. my kids test positive for antibodies. didn't have 1 symptom
  21. this isnt even at epidemic levels more less a pandemic but news just keep pounding pandemic, it was at one time but those levels are gone. its the death rate not cases before yell lol
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