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  1. My niece plays for Union so I do know girls basketball will be on NFHS but that's the only sport i know for sure
  2. I'm not counting them out it's just strange how everyone has forgotten about Union
  3. Your exactly right on this one, to pick Tazewell and Richlands over Union and Ridgeview is a stretch. Union has dominated Richlands of late and Tazewell hasn't done anything in years. I'm thinking someone is messing with you, I hope.
  4. Union should be good to go by February seems like half the county cases are in Appalachia and big stone.
  5. I think they'll play as long as the virus doesn't get a lot worse but I'm gonna assume only parents will be allowed in so it's not gonna do me any good.
  6. Every year I get older and the cold hurts a little more
  7. Just don't play central in Feb or March i freeze in Wise and Norton in september
  8. if it's not politics why are you calling it a hoax. Do u not believe all the hospitals begging people to wear masks because the ICU beds are filling up in some cities. Not really sure why were arguing with you anyways because I'm pretty sure your just bored and trying to pick a fight so I'll let you respond next and I'll give you the win 🏆.
  9. It's the only person he could get to agree with him
  10. Lots of people dying from this hoax i guess WW2 was also a hoax. Amazes me people have turned this into a political thing. LISTEN to the doctors.
  11. If they do decide to play football this fall it's probably gonna be parents only if I were guessing. I've only missed 2 Union games since consolidation so I'm gonna try to adopt one of the players lol. Not sure if it's possible but maybe they can put games on the NFHS website and we can watch online.
  12. I'm not gonna argue with you i watch other channels besides foxnews. I'm gonna listen to the experts over Trump telling people to drink clorox.
  13. Everyone wants football but in reality it would take a miracle. If 1 kid gets covid the whole team will get it. Maybe we can all buy the schools some deep sea diving equipment because that's what it's gonna take
  14. I wouldn't think to hard on this one, there's not gonna be any football this fall.
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