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  1. Always seemed like a Mullins played for clintwood it was always a Mabe at Appalachia
  2. Yeah it was rough I didn't get home till 12:00
  3. Seemed like you guys had a decent crowd for a Thursday night.
  4. Yeah that was a very good clintwood team
  5. The year clintwood beat you guys you all had them beat and special teams cost you the game.
  6. I went to the half state and state game cwood had a kid Austin Turner If I remember right
  7. Think I seen Galax vs clintwood in state or half state game but maybe it was g wythe.
  8. Was that an upset not too familiar with those teams
  9. Eastside must've had some kids out vs Union because they looked like they've turned it around last 2 weeks
  10. Everyone back except QB I guess
  11. Rematch might not happen lots of good teams left who might have a say in that one
  12. Not if they can't stop the QB from running. I know everyone else talks about Bradshaw but the QB impressed me the most. I thought he was tackled 2 or 3 times and quit watching and then somehow he comes running to the other side of the field
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