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  1. Always seemed like a Mullins played for clintwood it was always a Mabe at Appalachia
  2. Yeah it was rough I didn't get home till 12:00
  3. Seemed like you guys had a decent crowd for a Thursday night.
  4. Yeah that was a very good clintwood team
  5. The year clintwood beat you guys you all had them beat and special teams cost you the game.
  6. I went to the half state and state game cwood had a kid Austin Turner If I remember right
  7. Think I seen Galax vs clintwood in state or half state game but maybe it was g wythe.
  8. Was that an upset not too familiar with those teams
  9. Eastside must've had some kids out vs Union because they looked like they've turned it around last 2 weeks
  10. Everyone back except QB I guess
  11. Rematch might not happen lots of good teams left who might have a say in that one
  12. Not if they can't stop the QB from running. I know everyone else talks about Bradshaw but the QB impressed me the most. I thought he was tackled 2 or 3 times and quit watching and then somehow he comes running to the other side of the field
  13. Not that it matters we lost but I would've been shocked if we hadn't made it to 200.
  14. Yeah wasn't close not sure where he got his numbers from
  15. We lost but I think we might've made it to 200
  16. I think we'll be seeing each other again and hopefully at Mitchell. Not sure why we play good there maybe the turf. If Union has home field maybe we can play at uva-wise
  17. Him cramping towards the end might've been reason for the punt. Union had 3 or 4 cramping I guess due to not playing 4 quarters and chasing QB everywhere
  18. Gonna have nightmares about Graham's QB kid ran all over the place
  19. I was the other bus moron but never said anything about Graham being bad
  20. And I never once said that about Graham ever guys an idiot. Go back and find one post where I've talked about Graham like that
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