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  1. Tomlin Ewen twining sed up match box width Waternoggins. Red blobs scary if my ears.
  2. Gram Crakkers 42 Da Waiderz 19 Bud u canz no eye dookthecook is all Waiderz dis week.
  3. Ewen finerst Pappsi Joziah DooktheCook. Honer kid at da grate Eer Collage.
  4. Frum ewen frognosticators… geedub. 31 grandy 13
  5. Frum meye vantigge pt. Gram crackers ;’42. Waiters 20
  6. Da berdz da werd. jus ak em. hee telly u sew
  7. Tuffness ov scedgule wud kill green water teem . 1 mo ask. Y one winger’s play awesomeess scedgule pared two green water crew cuts ? me and Unk vern fite n holler over dis.
  8. Leah Count playaz portald two ewen!
  9. Tomy boyz will playn inny one! Lee sceert!
  10. itz spelld Dook. Me agwee me agwee. Unc Vern luveth 7 men bawl . hee wunts green wadder unit to play dare. 7 man bawl it iz.
  11. Theopulus sez name b da bluffin city tadpoles
  12. Cuz n. Theoplus p Dook the Cook. Unk Vern ninth Sun. Hee jus sinned news clip two mee Dook the cook. Saluted the firmation ov the one wing anna green waters . Dis is hot offn presser.
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