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  1. Bigrhsfan


    I don't blame him at all and I think it's great if he is able to spend more time with his kids ! You will never look back in life and say I spent too much time with my kids, but you might look back and regret not spending enough time with them. My daughter is 35 now and time has sure has flown by. At one time I was working 3 jobs to try and make sure my family had the things that I didn't have and wanted to provide, but I wish at times I would have not worried so much about that and spent a little more of my time with them instead of my money. I did realize while she was still fairly young what my mistake was and fixed it and made sure I spent as much time with her as I could, but I still regret the first few years. You can never get those back. Those years while they are young will absolutely fly by ! Please remember this to those of you that still have young ones or are expecting a child !
  2. Well, I guess that answers that question. My wife teaches in Russell Co so I will have to ask her what their policy is when she gets home. Is there a state wide policy or is it a county by county thing ?
  3. Thank the good lord ! So glad to hear that for the sake of the kids and the program as a whole ! But I thought it was policy that you had to be a member of the faculty as a teacher to be able to coach also????? Has that policy changed ?
  4. WOW !! you have got to be kidding me ! This will do a lot of damage to our program if true ! What could have happened to cause him to leave this quickly after getting the job ? If it is because of the questions about whether there will be a season or not, that is up in the air in most places as of right now. This is just sad that it would happen now and put the program in such a bad place........if it is true that he has left.
  5. Bigrhsfan


    It's going to be hard for VT to get back to the place they were under Beamer as far as recruiting that area. Fuente does not seem to be that well liked out there right now and you also have UVA and Maryland making in roads there, along with the other P5 schools recruiting there, like a Penn st. Whether you like, hate or are indifferent to either UVA or Md, both are making in roads to that area. UVA has shown a lot of improvement in their program and are making efforts to better recruit that part of Va. Md's coach M.Locksley has not shown "ANY" coaching chops at all, BUT, he is a beast when it comes to recruiting ! The kids love him and trust him and he is pulling in high 3 star and 4 star and an occasional 5 star kids from all over, but especially the DMV area and some from the tidewater area. There is also Penn St. who has the tradition and history to also pull some talent from there. Franklin knows that area well from when he was a coach at Md. The draw to play in the SEC and B10 are also causing issues.
  6. Yep Ryan, 1 of if not the best BQ around !! Also love their fries !
  7. Bigrhsfan


    Heard the same thing. I think because he has move in a couple of jobs in the past, these type of rumors will probably be heard for a while here. I personally am not going to worry about any of these type of rumors until he actually does leave...........IF and when he does. In the mean time I just hope he does a great job with the program ( which I think he will ) at both winning football games and help develop these young men for their next stage in life after high school !
  8. I am a Hooters wings man myself especially if I'm out on the bike riding down in the Tri-Cities area. I always stop by and get some wings and curly fries and a cold beverage. I like my wings hot, but not 3 mile island hot ! Got those once and between my eyes watering and snot running out my nose I couldn't enjoy them as much as I would have liked ! But I do like my wings more hot than mild.
  9. I think they both will be happy coaching together again. I played ball with and have been good friends with snake and have known Ronnie most of our lives and think a lot of them both. I wish them both the best..........except when our 2 schools play each other.
  10. I like the sound of the staff ! Love seeing so many ex-players make up the staff and it's also good to see Tarter stay and Wess back !
  11. I wouldn't think so IF he goes to Graham to coach. Would sure hate to see Ronnie ( coach Davis ) go. He's a good guy and a good coach and would be a good addition to any coaching staff. I think Brandon will do a very good job in Richlands and I am happy that He and Thad are here now, but I wish that Ronnie could have stayed and had a role in our coaching staff. But Thad has a right to choose whom ever he wants to be his coordinators and coaches and he has had success wherever he's been so far, just as coach Davis has the right to go wherever he feels is best for him ! But I wish coach Davis the best wherever he ends up, just wish him a little more success if he is able to stay here somehow !
  12. Doug has talked about retiring and "IMHO" it will probably be sooner rather than later, but I would be highly surprised if it was this year. But of course, I may be completely wrong here, it sure wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong on here................come to think of it, I've been wrong a lot on here, so just disregard anything thing I have said !
  13. Don't think he is going anywhere for a year or 2
  14. Thanks for the menu ! The prices look good !
  15. we are heading up to Bluefield next week so that will be the place I try ! Sounds great, I love the bone in wings, but don't mind the boneless if they are out, and gotta have the heat, for me the hotter the better.
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