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  1. .....lol.....that would do it for me........free food, especially burgers and shakes and I'm there !
  2. Kinda sounds like you guys might have had the same crew we had when we played Poquoson for the state a few years back......
  3. Congrats to Graham on their win yesterday ! Way to rep yourselves, your fanbase and our area ! I want to wish you guys good luck and hope you bring home another state championship !
  4. I've been blessed to watch and even play football in high school with some guys who went on to play on Sundays, and to this day the one player that could take over in all 3 facets of the game was Ahmad Bradshaw. He could take a handoff and break a big run for a TD, receive a punt or kickoff and run it back, and on D deliver a big hit or intercept a pass and score on that ! He was truely a MAN amoung boys out there ! Good luck Graham !!
  5. I kinda feel this way about it. I liken it to being brothers...........well, maybe stepbrothers........in that I can say things about you and we can beat up on each other, but we stand together when it comes to the rest of the state. I know that some on both sides may feel different, I will always pull for the Tazewell teams when we are out of it, and if there are no Tazewell Co. teams left then I will be pulling for region D teams. Besides that, I played ball with D.Palmer in high school and I'm still good friends with him so I wish him the best ! I will be a Graham fan this week and the next and hope they bring the championship back to Tazewell Co !
  6. Grew up a Baltimore Colt fan. Our family had season tickets until the move, but the Chiefs were always my 2nd favorite team. Back when Len Dawson, Ed Podolak and Willie Lanier. And now my daughter practices law in Kansas City and has season tickets. They are a fun team to watch, but need to get better on D. GREAT place to tail gate !!
  7. Wow Ryan, hadn't heard about that ! God Bless her family and friends ! This sounds like the year I graduated from Richlands wayyyyy back in 77. We lost several kids that year also, 3 of them were really close friends of mine. I so hate this so much for our community.
  8. This^^^^^ I would love to see nothing more than for Richlands to upset them, but being realistic, Graham has a lot of speed and the D has been playing lights out for the past several games. When you have an athlete at QB that is as good as Cam on a high school team, he can just about carry a team when the D is playing like they are. I think we have a punchers chance and we do have a fantastic coach and staff, but Graham has been playing some great football this year..........but anything can happen !
  9. I wasn't there, but from what I read on the gamescore thread I would say........coaching !
  10. Thanks 2000wave, if I don't get to try it this trip, I will make sure to try it next time. We come down here several times a year, so always like tring out new places !
  11. This ^^^^^ Wanted to like your post but I used all mine up.
  12. Proud of the Blues ! Mance can coach, that's for sure ! Had them ready. Congrats on your season Ridgeview ! Hope this becomes a year in and year out game !
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