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  1. This game will have a good chance to get chippy also. Whenever these 3 schools play each other, there is always a VERY good chance that the game will get chippy !
  2. Well, I guess it can't be said the blues duck anybody and play a bunch of cupcakes.....lol
  3. I know when my wife ( at the time ) and I decided to have our first child back in the early 80's that if we had a son ( had a beautiful girl ) that I would not push him to play football, and in fact, try to nudge him toward a more none contact sport ( if he decided to play sports ) because of what I have had to deal with, which has gotten worse as I get older. ( now 61 turn 62 in July ). But if he really wanted to play, then of course I would help him any way I could. I started playing football when I was 7 in Maryland and continued through high school at Richlands. I transferred here back in the mid 70's. My parents were from Richlands and moved to Aberdeen Md in 58 after they got married for work but would get homesick every time we came back to visit family, anyway I digress, I also played baseball and had a couple of small injuries, but most of my issues have come from the sport I absolutely love........football. I have had 3 knee surgeries, 1 ACL, 1 MCL and 1 to remove the meniscus from my right knee, I am now told that I will have to have a total knee replacement on my left knee. I recently had a total shoulder replacement done to my right shoulder ( done by Dr Hommel in Bristol - highly recommend him ) because of 2 shoulder separations and 1 dislocation on my right shoulder, and I suffer from migraines and vision issues that the Dr's at UVA say are more than likely from the concussions I "probably" had from football. I say probably because back in the days I played, ( and I am sure a lot of you old guys on here know about this } they were simply called "getting your bell rung " and you were very often told to "suck it up and get back in there" which is what I wanted to do. I don't blame my coaches because they did not have the info back then of course that they have now. Now let me say this, I still would not change my years of playing football ! I learned so much about life and how to push myself and made some fantastic friends because of football and still have a love for the sport, but I do understand why some parents do not want their kids playing and maybe nudge them in a different direction or to flag football. I also think that maybe flag football for the younger kids is a good idea. One of my knee injuries and I of my shoulder separations were during youth football. I just would not want my son ( if I had one) to have to deal with the pain and surgeries and other issues that I have to deal with, and will probably have to deal with for the rest of my life. But I guess each parent has to make that decision for them selves. But you know, saying all of that..........if I had do it over again, as I sit here and think about this, I think I would still want to play ! God I loved being on that field with my teammates ! Sorry about the long post just wanted to give my perspective.
  4. I am so very proud of those young men, coach Tater and the rest of the staff for the way they have handled this unfortunate situation ! I hope we can now find a more long term coach & staff for these young men ! They do deserve better ! I don't blame coach Wells for taking a move that will help him do what has always been his goal, I just hate the way it all went down for these wonderful young men !
  5. Yeah, this has got to be a really tough situation for coach Tarter and the other coaches, but especially for the kids on the team ! I don't know how the kids can focus on the game like they might normally would with the crazy going on around them that is not of their making. Coach Tarter is a good man and hopefully he can rally the kids so they can have a good competitive game today, but it will be tough. I wish the best for coach Wells moving on but it all just sucks for the kids, who will now have another new coach and new system to learn before next season. I just hope they will find us a new coach that truly wants to coach at Richlands for the long haul !
  6. I have been on this site for many years, I don't post as much as I use too because of health issues I have, but still follow as much as possible. I played for and love my blues but nobody speaks for all Richlands fans and I know Ryan wasn't trying to speak for all of us. I usually agree with most of what Ryan and other Richlands fans post here...............but not always, like any fan base we all have our own opinions. While I do agree with Ryan on the point of changing the rules late in the season, I do think we had our chance to get in either way by beating Tazewell at Ernie, but we didn't and now we have to live with that. I do hate it for our players and staff. I think Coach Well's and his staff have done a fantastic job of getting the team better through out the season and especially under all of these extremely difficult times. Trying to install his system in such a difficult year had to be tough, but he got the blues better every game and I think the blues future under coach Well's and his staff looks bright. It really sucks for everyone under these trying times, but this year is like no other and I think every one is trying to do the best they can under the circumstances. I do wish the blues could have went on to the playoffs, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen, but I do hope and pray that anyone that tested positive for Graham has the quickest & full recovery and wish the best for Tazewell and Graham ( if they are able ) in the playoffs ! JMHO
  7. Congrats to Bluefield ! Really like those uniforms, and this honor is well deserved by them ! So much sustained success ! I love it when we have beaten them ( which hasn't happen very often ) because of the resect I have for their program !
  8. I know this is a little late but I wanted to congratulate the Bulldogs also ! I played for the blues and love the blues, but my daughter was a cheerleader for the dogs in the early 2000's so I do pull for the dogs ..........except for when they play my blues, but they won a well deserved victory and wish them the best the rest of the season !
  9. Good job Ryan ! Enjoyed that !
  10. Much respect for coach Smith ! I will keep him, his family, and his players in my prayers, and also the fans and people of Appomattox ! Will pray for a quick and full recovery !
  11. Congrats to Coach Mance on his 2nd win and I hope he has continued success..........he deserves it !
  12. Been there and done that and I think I still have a Flavor Aid T-shirt somewhere. Bought it with the money we saved buying Flavor Aid.
  13. Absolutely gotta hear this ! Had a rough trip over to Big Creek one year back in the 70's I had a custom Van back in 77 through 79 and it had a beautiful paint job, but after a trip to watch the blues play Big Creek it wasn't as pretty. Someone had keyed the whole driver side and broke both side mirrors off ! Glad we never played them again
  14. Bigrhsfan


    Yes, he is still the coach. he's just not going to be the AD or a teacher...........but he is still the coach Sorry Westisthebest, don't know how you got on my post....lol, I was answering footballfanatic.........I guess it's these old eyes and fingers....lol
  15. Bigrhsfan


    I don't blame him at all and I think it's great if he is able to spend more time with his kids ! You will never look back in life and say I spent too much time with my kids, but you might look back and regret not spending enough time with them. My daughter is 35 now and time has sure has flown by. At one time I was working 3 jobs to try and make sure my family had the things that I didn't have and wanted to provide, but I wish at times I would have not worried so much about that and spent a little more of my time with them instead of my money. I did realize while she was still fairly young what my mistake was and fixed it and made sure I spent as much time with her as I could, but I still regret the first few years. You can never get those back. Those years while they are young will absolutely fly by ! Please remember this to those of you that still have young ones or are expecting a child !
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