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  1. Yeah, I miss march madness, NASCAR, college lacrosse, and MLB. Been a big Orioles fan since I was old enough to be a fan, but they haven't been much for the last couple of years and may not be for a while as long as Angelos is the owner. Hoping football returns this fall. That should mean that maybe this virus is on it's downward spiral.
  2. Well, we had a good run ! I will always be grateful for all the fun we as Blue Tornado fans have had over the last 20 years. A lot of programs have never come close to the kind of success Richlands has had under Coach Mance ! I have a feeling that some of the fans I heard complaining about his coaching ( it was a small minority ) will find out that you better be careful what you wish for, sometimes wishes come true. Thank you Coach Mance for all you have done for our little town............you will be missed, but I wish you and Ann all the best in your new journey ! Also a big thanks to all the other coaches on his staff over the years for all their hard work !
  3. well hell, this was just getting good and I was going to pop more popcorn and when I come back all is goody goody again.......quick, somebody say something about the horn again before my popcorn gets cold !
  4. Congrats to Central for their win last night, they were the better team and made the plays they needed too to win the game and I wish them the best going forward !
  5. Just what I was going to say Ryan, We have been in the playoffs enough to know that you don't take any game for granted and never look beyond the game ahead of you. I can promise you that Mance and staff are thinking of this game only right now, will they scout the other games......of course like every team will be doing, but they only have Wise on their minds this week, and so does every Richlands fan I know !!
  6. Got my finger in a ice bath right now !
  7. I am of course a Richlands fan and played back in the 70's and have been hit similar and made similar type of hits, and we would have been praised for that back then, but now with the new rules you get flagged and tossed for those type of hits. I understand why and I think you need those rules to protect the kids, but in my opinion, like several have stated already, he should have been flagged and gave a 15 yard personal foul and maybe even warned by the refs to not make another high hit again or he will be tossed, but he should not have been tossed that time. I understand the refs doing so because it happens so fast and the hit was high and looks violent and they want to error on the side of safety, but the kids only have so many games to play in and you hate to see one taken, but the refs have to make a call without the benefit of a replay. I understand why they did what they did, but just think it should have been a 15 yard personal foul and the kid stays in the game.
  8. Congrats to the Gmen on a good win for them, good luck the rest of the season............unless we meet again in the playoffs.
  9. When you get to my age you get banged up eating dinner, and taking a shower is considered a contact sport !
  10. So, does the winner or the looser get the trophy ????
  11. Only take the stuff about the Big R seriously........lol Man, that Mance cream must be some goooood stuff !
  12. Works that way at my house.......or should I say ....my wife's house....lol
  13. This is the same thing I have heard from good sources Ryan. He loves Richlands but may think about some other opportunities that may or may not come his way. I don't think he knows 100% what his future plans are going to be. I think if the RIGHT opportunity ( whatever he & Ann thinks that would be ) comes along I think he would give it some serious thought of leaving. But I guess we will all find out when he decides to let us know. I hope he stays for as long as he wants to coach here..........He deserves and has earned it ! He has taken Richlands football to a consistent higher level than what it ever was before him Just my opinion though.
  14. Prayers your way V-Cats ! Wishing you all the best health !
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