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  1. I didn't realize that the new coach had to have any approval from the assistants in what he wanted to do with the program. Had that been the case, the guys who were there should have applied for the job. Coach Wheeler might have wanted to see what had been successful before and asked the assistants what they were "comfortable" with, but in the end, they didn't apply for the job. I totally agree with Bearsfan88.
  2. VA should follow TN's lead on this. They played their private school state championships yesterday. They have A, AA, and AAA for them.
  3. Holston and Galax have very good defenses. Of course all of the Giles fans are going to say it, since they dropped from AA to A in order to get back to "winning." I will leave all of the trash talked about Abingdon to all of the trash collectors that visit the board. The bottom line is that the Falcons are still playing and everyone else is at home.
  4. Be careful what you wish for.... 1. Phil had two NFL tailbacks. Not one but TWO! Granted he was smart enough to give them the football. 2. He also had several and I mean several D 1 athletes on those teams. Is anyone saying he wasn't a good coach? No I am not. 3. Just curious about what Phil's records were before he got to Powell Valley? Go ahead and check that stat. Plus, PV had a state title under their belt with James B. The groundwork had already been established.
  5. Holston and PH are on playing on Friday.
  6. You may want to read what I said...Obviously that is too hard for you to comprehend.
  7. I doubt that they would get smoked by 3 of the 4.
  8. I agree...I think it is way too far fetched with small schools having to face schools with double the enrollment. The people making these decisions should go and watch a practice at a small single A school. Keep a balance with hard numbers is the most logical thing in my opinion, but when does logic apply in our world today.
  9. I was just curious. How many students does Giles have? Didn't they have to get "approved" to play in Single A?
  10. Well there are those times when really good teams struggle from time to time but find a way to get it done. Let's not act like Giles is the Giles of old.
  11. Let me get this straight....I am just trying to figure out what all was meant by the earlier post. 1. VHS is now a juggernaut? Patterson did weather a miserable start at Holston and had some success. Congrats to him and VHS. I will say that took a lot of perseverance on his part. I will also say this, they do have some DUDES on that team; however, they did give up 93 points in two games. I am just saying that they have a very favorable schedule. I am not sure they are the second best team in Region 2D or the fifth best team in 2D. You shouldn't count out Union, Ridgeview, and Wise Central. Graham is different. I guess anyone is beatable on any given night. 2. What does no disrespect to Akers mean? That makes absolutely no sense at all with what you said. They lost the region D player of the year and the WCYB player of the year and they have the best record at Holston they have had since 1983 or 1984? Are you saying that his coaching has nothing to do with it? I believe that they only are giving up 7 points a game. I actually saw them play earlier and they would be giving up less than that without subbing in the second half. I will say this about Akers... everyone on here listens to the All Great and Knowing Wizards of Gate City, you know they invented football down there... Look at Fort now compared to where they were a few months ago. You can bash every coach on this board over something, but at the end of the day, the coach doesn't block, the coach doesn't tackle, and the coach sure doesn't fumble the football. 3. Giles barely beat a mediocre Grayson team. 4. Giles beat a miserable Blacksburg team. 5. In other words, don't crown Giles just yet because they did give up 21 to a winless Fort team.
  12. Abingdon Radford Central Lee Virginia Galax Giles Grayson County Parry McCluer Grundy Twin Valley Lebanon Texas 7 Ole Miss Tennessee Baylor Marshall Louisville Georgia Iowa Notre Dame Tampa Bay New England Las Vegas Arizona Kansas City G(s)otW Union 35 Tazewell 42 Bluefield 60 Patrick Henry 42
  13. Pulaski Carroll County Radford Gate City Lee Ridgeview Virginia High Union Tazewell Castlewood Ft. Chiswell Holston Chilhowie Twin Springs Eastside Patrick Henry Princeton Virginia Arkansas Tennessee Notre Dame Alabama West Virginia Oklahoma St. Clemson Marshall Detroit Dallas Baltimore Green Bay Tampa Bay GotW Abingdon 49
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