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  1. Posted yesterday at 02:12 PM Pulaski Tennessee, TN Lord Botetourt Radford Union Patrick Henry Ridgeview Graham Grayson County Bluefield Riverheads Virginia Giles George Wythe Tug Valley Rye Cove Claiborne C Chilhowie Holston Virginia Tech (Thursday) Syracuse Clemson Tennessee Appalachian State Texas A&M Tennessee Philadelphia Arizona Tampa Bay Denver GotW Grundy 61
  2. Richlands George Wythe Virginia Gate City Tazewell Lee Bluefield Rural Retreat Floyd County Giles Grundy Honaker Hurley JI Burton Rye Cove Lebanon Virginia Tech West Virginia Virginia BYU Auburn Appalachian State Marshall Tennessee Miami Detroit Pittsburgh Baltimore Las Vegas Green Bay G(s)otW Radford 52 Graham 56
  3. Posted 13 hours ago Bluefield Abingdon Galax Princeton Radford Ridgeview Holston Union Graham Marion Tazewell Rye Cove George Wythe Rural Retreat Narrows Hurley Castlewood Lebanon Twin Springs Alabama Arkansas Notre Dame Texas A&M Tennessee Virginia West Virginia Florida Boston College BYU Cincinnati Cleveland Green Bay Kansas City LA Chargers Dallas GotW Patrick Henry 56
  4. The only point that I will make will be in reference to the Nordic countries. The population of all of those countries mentioned above have a combined population smaller than that of California. That is excluding the illegal immigrants. It is much different in helping with the needs of a small population in comparison to that of the United States. The point about the political parties was theorized by George Washington long ago.
  5. TN High Christiansburg Carroll County Bluefield Radford Marion Virginia Lee Ridgeview Union Graham Narrows George Wythe Galax Honaker Hurley Twin Valley Chilhowie Rye Cove Patrick Henry Rural Retreat GotW Holston 46
  6. The VHSL should be more heavy handed. This society we live in is all about letting people have their way.
  7. Northside Abingdon Patrick County Princeton Radford Central Gate City Union Ridgeview Chilhowie Craig County Rural Retreat Glenvar Blacksburg Grayson Narrows Lebanon Hurley North Greene, TN Cumberland Gap, TN Twin Springs Holston G(s)otW Graham 77 Virginia 70 Patrick Henry 48
  8. I believe that Twin Springs will be in a jamboree with Lebanon and Rye Cove. Battle, Wise Central, Burton, and PH will be in Norton.
  9. https://heraldcourier.com/sports/abingdon-boys-capture-vhsl-class-3-track-title/article_dfd4f65a-e481-11ec-97e3-d3dbd2eb53eb.html https://heraldcourier.com/sports/patrick-henry-boys-dominate-in-class-1-track-meet/article_7c9a6150-e482-11ec-96a1-afce4fa868f4.html
  10. I didn't realize that the new coach had to have any approval from the assistants in what he wanted to do with the program. Had that been the case, the guys who were there should have applied for the job. Coach Wheeler might have wanted to see what had been successful before and asked the assistants what they were "comfortable" with, but in the end, they didn't apply for the job. I totally agree with Bearsfan88.
  11. VA should follow TN's lead on this. They played their private school state championships yesterday. They have A, AA, and AAA for them.
  12. Holston and Galax have very good defenses. Of course all of the Giles fans are going to say it, since they dropped from AA to A in order to get back to "winning." I will leave all of the trash talked about Abingdon to all of the trash collectors that visit the board. The bottom line is that the Falcons are still playing and everyone else is at home.
  13. Be careful what you wish for.... 1. Phil had two NFL tailbacks. Not one but TWO! Granted he was smart enough to give them the football. 2. He also had several and I mean several D 1 athletes on those teams. Is anyone saying he wasn't a good coach? No I am not. 3. Just curious about what Phil's records were before he got to Powell Valley? Go ahead and check that stat. Plus, PV had a state title under their belt with James B. The groundwork had already been established.
  14. Holston and PH are on playing on Friday.
  15. You may want to read what I said...Obviously that is too hard for you to comprehend.
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