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  1. Abingdon George Wythe Galax Gate City Tazewell Patrick Henry Ridgeview Rural Retreat @ Bland Floyd Co. Giles Eastside River View, WV Twin Valley JI Burton @ Twin Springs Thomas Walker Lebanon @ Chilhowie Woodrow Wilson, WV @ Bluefield Linsly, WV @ Princeton Cincinnati Tennessee Virginia Tech Alabama Marshall Penn St. Virginia 3 BYU Miami Pittsburgh New Orleans Seattle Kansas City G(s)otW Graham (Thursday) 49 Virginia @ Central Quote
  2. I don't think anyone would leave that pay scale in Kingsport for the one in Russell County.
  3. Abingdon Radford Graham Holston Union Marion Tazewell Virginia Bland Galax George Wythe Floyd County Narrows Hurley Thomas Walker Lebanon Twin Springs Princeton Virginia Ohio St. Pittsburgh Virginia Tech Iowa West Virginia Marshall Miami Michigan Buffalo Tennessee Kansas City Green Bay Los Angeles Rams GotW Central 53
  4. Pulaski @ Tennessee, TN Christiansburg Carroll County Radford Central Virginia Lee Graham George Wythe Galax Narrows River View, WV @ Grundy Honaker Thomas Walker Twin Valley JI Burton Northwood Holston Patrick Henry Rural Retreat UNC Wisconsin Alabama Iowa Marshall West Virginia Texas Clemson Virginia Notre Dame GotW Richlands @ Union Quote
  5. Pulaski Abingdon Carroll County Radford Central Richlands Union Ridgeview Marion Virginia Bland County Glenvar Rural Retreat Giles Alleghany, NC Patrick Henry Honaker Rye Cove @ Hurley North Greene, TN Thomas Walker Twin Springs Holston Lincoln County Nebraska UCLA GotW Bluefield 65 Quote
  6. https://wcyb.com/sports/friday-night-huddle/virginia-high-names-derrick-patterson-as-head-football-coach
  7. I tend to agree with Plywood King on this one.
  8. I was at the game in 2019 between the two. In my opinion, had Galax not thrown the interception before the half for the TD, the game would and could have ended differently. Riverheads had no answer for the ground game of Galax with the Brown kid carrying the rock.
  9. Who let the Appo fans in the gate in the first place?
  10. I am definitely not one of those fans. I would like to see Lee become competitive again and I do think it is a shame when kids can't stay and help be a part of the solution to a problem. Can't always run to the greener pastures all of the time. It takes a lot of pride and hard work to fix something that is broken. It will take TN time, that I do know.
  11. I personally believe it is going to be tough for anyone to walk in and fix it right away. The people are going to have to be patient and supportive of the new guy. I am not sure anyone in Lee County wants to hear that.
  12. I have friends that are from Lee County. I have heard that (those unhappy people) are the problem in Lee County.
  13. I am thinking that the schools do not get the revenue for those games. Pretty sure that the VHSL gets the cash.
  14. F me. I think Junkyard should be quarantined for not having enough wins. Just kidding. Thanks for putting this on as usual Ryan.
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