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  1. 94 Powell Valley at Lebanon.
  2. I will have to agree with you on this point for sure...we are so far behind in so many aspects.
  3. Great facilities + growing area + great pay = I would stay put.
  4. I know that Tennesseans pay a higher sales tax....I prefer my money stay at home and in my community. The point is they (TN) charge tuition and Virginia is giving them a free pass. If I wanted to take care of everyone else, I would vote for Bernie.
  5. I just have one question. Where does the state money come from? Virginia tax payer dollars? So in essence, when I pay my state taxes, my locality is missing out by those funds going to a county to support out of state kids? Yes I know that some of the funding comes from the federal government as well. Gee, it is win, win situation for all of those people who live in TN and pay no state income tax, while Virginians have their taxes increased to cover the cost. It looks like from what I have read, it is about keeping Scott County from consolidating.
  6. You are right...but people have to say things that have nothing to do with the original intent of the post.
  7. I don't think anyone called him an asshole. You need to hold his hand just a little bit longer today? First of all, if you have never suited up and taken the field, you should just keep your jokes and opinions to yourself. I am pretty sure that he never played. I guarantee that you all that sit on here and criticize people have no clue about what they do. Probably heard it from one of your little GC cronies.
  8. Oh we are huh? Maybe you and havok can have a love fest. Why bring it up? What a bunch of clowns.
  9. No you aren't....need a tissue? Just having a little fun?
  10. One that is sick and tired of assclowns like you posting crap. Little keyboard warriors write on here about a guy who no longer coaches at "GC." Oh let me refresh you memory about the guy you are talking about had 49 points at halftime vs. Ridgeview.
  11. I wonder why a "fan" from Ridgeview would even care?
  12. Why don't you apply for the job since you know so much? What a jerk.
  13. That sounds like a good idea.
  14. If it happens this week that means 2 I think that they have 6. 2000,2006,2010, 2016,2017,2018 I also said that if anyone in Region D was able to, it would be Graham. Now we can talk about it being A or AA. Gate City has bounced back and forth. Just curious, where are all of those PV state trophies housed? Are they at Union? Are they at Phil's house? I know that Phil didn't win the first one, so is it at JB's house? Powell Valley no longer exists.
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