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  1. Posted 6 hours ago Pulaski Co. Abingdon George Wythe Floyd Co. Radford Central Ridgeview John Battle Patrick Henry Graham Galax West Wilkes, NC . Grundy @ East Ridge, KY Hurley Twin Valley Chilhowie JI Burton Rye Cove Florida Wisconsin Auburn FSU North Carolina Kansas Virginia Georgia Buffalo Kansas City Minnesota Los Angeles Chargers Cleveland GotW Narrows 42
  2. Galax Radford Graham Ridgeview Gate City John Battle JI Burton Union Grundy George Wythe Tazewell Tennessee Rural Retreat Honaker Patrick Henry Castlewood Rye Cove North Greene, TN Lord Botetourt Penn St. Tennessee Virginia Tech West Virginia UCF Marshall No. 9 Florida No. 1 Clemson 5 Virginia Minnesota Tennessee Seattle Dallas New Orleans Philadelphia G(s)otW Pulaski Co. 45 Chilhowie 38 Quote
  3. Pulaski Co. Abingdon Grayson Co. George Wythe Christiansburg Central Battle Ridgeview Graham Narrows Galax River View, WV Honaker Hurley Twin Valley Patrick Henry Holston Rural Retreat . Bluefield Virginia (Friday) Boise St. (Friday) Virginia Tech Missouri Clemson BYU Texas North Carolina Cleveland Philadelphia Kansas City Los Angeles Chargers New England G(s)otW Union 52 Chilhowie 56 Quote
  4. Yep...call it what you want. I just assume people would have some common knowledge on this board and PH Roanoke is a little different from a one A school.
  5. Yeah that makes so much sense.
  6. dgeview @ Burton (Thursday) missed this one. Northside Abingdon Patrick Co. Rural Retreat Blacksburg Radford Central Richlands Union Lebanon Chilhowie Tazewell Glenvar Grayson Co. Narrows Grundy Tug Valley, WV Patrick Henry Rye Cove @ Jenkins, KY Thomas Walker Northwood Holston West Virginia South Carolina Tennessee App. St. Boston College Marshall Auburn Virginia Oklahoma (Sunday) GotW . Bluefield 38
  7. I never said anything about Jeremy or anyone else. LHL has criticized everyone he just commented on. Period.
  8. I will AS! You are a walking, talking contradiction.
  9. Not so fast. AHS by three scores.
  10. You played for Nick C. Let me refresh my memory, Nick is not from GC. I guess that made him a terrible coach. Coach Frye? Not from GC either. You make it sound like Coach Jones and Coach Daugherty are not capable because they aren't from GC. I guess you were an all state player too? I can answer that....NO. I guess you were an all state baseball player too.... NO You aren't even all district when it comes to your keyboard skills. I guess that they should train you a little better at "the" Eastman.
  11. I find it ironic that Grapeape wanted this thread locked and then continued to comment on it.
  12. AHS has gone back to white.
  13. LHL would have lost his mind had someone else proposed a change. He didn’t like the Adidas jerseys that were royal blue? Go figure.
  14. Sorry...one player doesn't erase a 24-7 score, unless that kid is a D1 type of talent.
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