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    They are from year to year from my understanding. Also remember with D1 ball you can't offer partial scholarships, they are either full of nothing. Clemson I know has the kicker on a full ride and the punter on a full ride. The punter will be a freshman this upcoming year and was offered a full ride in HS from the Tigers.
  2. BoBob


    And a lot of teams are giving scholarships to the guy getting them the football. Kicker and punters can't help yea if they dont get the snap. Without a doubt a kicker can be a weapon. If a offense has to start off at their 25 every time or worse yet you get a kid who can hang it up on the kickoff and drop it around the 10-5 yards line so the coverage in there when they catch it. No offense wants to start off inside their 10 each time after a team scores.
  3. BoBob


    Don't like Specialists or don't think he was doing well. Arkansas offered full ride as well it appears.
  4. I see that Jordan Stout was offered a full ride deal with Penn State. Leg like his deserves to be paid for.
  5. Well deserved.
  6. And Appo then returned the KO for a TD which gave Radford the ball back directly so I don't think you can say they didn't get a possession. And the second one with the kickoff they recovered was in the last minutes or so and they scored with 11 seconds on the clock. I'd say the yardage was pretty much right.
  7. Sorry to hear of loss. Prayers.
  8. No idea about the fake kicks. Guess just to get in your head and to try to set you up for one that wasn't fake. I read somewhere that they had given up several long returns for TDs (one per game) so they went to that kinda kick off. I know I saw it in their hudl film from the scout games they send out. I really just think they were scared to really kick off to us. We've return quite a few this year and had some long returns that didn't make it all the way. Heck we almost returned the one right before the half. Got it to the 20 but there was no more time on the clock.
  9. And they kicked off from our side of the 50 after that touchdown. And I'll add that they booted that one deep in the end zone. Squib kick would have been perfect there. I just think they were that afraid of our kickoff team.
  10. It was well earned!!!! NO DOUBT!!!!! How many have the west won in a row now.
  11. WOW! Tongue and cheek right off the bat! RE LEE came to play and they were a great team. Two great teams met and battled with Appomattox having to fight back most all of the game. Javon Scruggs (#1 QB) is a PLAYER. Every time Lee took momentum he did something to swing it back to our favor. I was super proud of our kids, especially some of out back ups! #4 Drew Mann went out on the first offensive series and then #54 Daniel Baldwin never came out after half time (maybe even before the half). Both of those guys are starting Dog and Middle Linebacker on defense and T.E. and left tackle on Off. For Appomattox to overcome those two major losses and still battle back to win was amazing. Plus, RE LEE scored on one of the most bazaar plays that I have ever seen. Punter shanks the punt so bad that it never crosses the LOS and rolls to their side of the field. I thought it rolled OB but I guess it didn't. They pick it up as our guys caught up in the excitement of the big stop and then this punt and......the kid runs it for a TD. 44-1 over the past three years (and that "one" lost in the 3A finals yesterday). Don't hate on them for that success. All dynasties start somewhere and Appomattox along with Coach Smith and company are on their roll. Will they win it next year..........people didn't think they would win it this year.
  12. I guess I've seen them call and official over but never go to mid field and stop the game. I questioned in film how they got away with that "shift". It;s clearly meant to draw a team off sides. Anyway. I did like the Horn. Thought it added to a great environment.
  13. Horn was fine. In fact as I sat here in Appomattox the other day I heard the train whistle and it put a smile on my face. Done talking about the mythical holding call. It was in mid field but the play was coming out way so the visitors sidelines had a great view on 82's inside shoulder and how 2 was pushing that shoulder area. He had enough leverage to not allow 82 to get turned. Don't trust my word I understand that, but I had guys from Ridge View, Gate City and another SWVA school sitting right beside me .... IE .....they had the same view I did and NONE of them were complaining about a holding call! I will also say that these same guys erupted when 82 broke his long TD run. They were pulling for Union but non of them said a word about a "holding call". They did question how a coach can walk clear to mid field to argue a illegal procedure call and stop the game for 60-120 seconds and THEN call a timeout. Kinda funny that they shanked the punt right after that (although I feel for the kid).
  14. Wondering what side of the field you guys viewed this from at the game. Play happened pretty much right in front of me (about 10 yards beyond me) so I had a great view of it. It looked as our guy had his hands on 82's shoulders and pushing on his shoulder (right shoulder) pushing him past the play. If it had happened on your side of the field I would have not questioned you at all knowing you had a better view but I had a great view of it. Looked clean to me for what that is worth.
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