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  1. We were super fast with good size and speed in spots where teams usually don’t have speed.
  2. Didn’t know there was a possibility of a running clock in the first half.
  3. Because of lack luster internet I can't stream games so I don't have the luxury of seeing the games. If Appomattox is healthy they will be a tough out for anyone but that is not to say it won't happen. IF we can make it through Region C I think it could be a great semi final match up. Just hope we don't have to go to BSG AGAIN!! LOL! But there is a lot of hurdles between now and then,.
  4. Seeing 21-21 on ScoreStream! Wish I had the internet to watch it.
  5. That shouldn’t be. please update this page.
  6. Thanks man!!!! That is the route I was figuring on heading. Site won't allow me to "like" anymore today.....anyway, appreciate all the responses.
  7. Lots of votes for this place. Appreciate it guys!
  8. So as a Appomattox Raider I haven't made the trip to Bluefield yet but that is about to change. My son will be playing against Bluefield College (he's at Georgetown College in KY) on Saturday the 25th. Game time is 2:30 that afternoon so we are planning to get there around 11:30 to catch some lunch before the game. We have a couple cars loads of Raider fans coming down so I'm looking for some suggestions of a good local place not too far from the stadium. I think I saw where you can buy tickets at the gates from the game. If you know differently please tell me. LOL Looking forward to seeing the stadium I've heard about from the Graham folks.
  9. Not so sure about that. Appomattox can be a handful for most any team WHEN they are at full strength. Not sure if that will happen right now. If they can't get Lawing back thats a big hit for them. Backup is a good athlete and a better passer in my opinion but you don't just take the 2A player of the year and replace him especially as good as he is on defense. If we can get back to full strength it should be a great game between us and Region C folks and even better if we get the chance to face Region D.
  10. I was surprised when I saw they beat yall as bad as they did.
  11. I'm with ya. I liked the added excitement of playing someone new.
  12. Thats a long ride for sure.
  13. No time for someone who tries to intentionally tries to hurt another player.
  14. I thought we were the lower seed in 2017 (overall power points). The close game we won. I’ve been wrong more than once in my life though.
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