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  1. I'm fine with them joining. I just wish for football you could NOT play some teams in your district. I know everything goes in cycles but it sure hasn't helped Appomattox the past few years winning most of their regular season games by 40-50+ points. I loved playing Lord Botetouet (sp?) this year and Heritage is always a tough game that we need to play. In 2016 we played highly ranked teams in class 3 and 4. WE still played our district teams (infact Dan River was real good that year, Union just barley got by them on a last minute big pass to Mitchell) but come playoff time we were ready for the harder competition.
  2. Liberty (Bedford): Liberty requests to move from Seminole District to the Dogwood District. According to this they plan to join the Dogwood.
  3. Kudo's to LCA for requesting to stay in class 3. Didn't see that one coming but it is only fair for sure. Hard to believe that Riverheads is appealing to drop back to class 1. I agree that is classless.
  4. Heard they were denied due to Excessive noise. LOL Sorry, had to bring that up.
  5. LCA moving to class 2 is crazy! Love what the school stands for but see too many high level players transferring and have watched talented kids kids "reclassify" in 8th grade to gain an extra year of high school athletics upon attending. Raw deal for class 2.
  6. LCA throws interception. game over 22-14 LCA loses
  7. TD run for LCA but called back on hold.
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