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  1. Some of you have asked me how Coach Smith is doing. Over on VAPREPS under the 2A boards you can watch an interview he did last week. If anyone knows how to link it here, feel free and thanks!
  2. Place the same 3 teams twice! We are getting screwed!
  3. Sure wish our district would allow visiting families. They wont even allow the parents of the seniors from the visiting team in to watch!!!
  4. Just our of curiosity, were the visiting teams allowed to have fans or parents of any kind.
  5. Just out of curiosity, were any Ridgeview fans allowed into the game?
  6. You are exactly right!!! I wouldn't say that it wasn't noticed, just ignored or even worse "justified away".
  7. Which is probably a result of the fact they had very little incentive to keep their grades up with no sports in the fall. Lots of kids they only reason they try to keep their grades up is to play sports. Remove that "reward" and some will barely do anything to help themselves.
  8. While this is probably true in some cases I also know that there are some kids who simply don't want to "commit" to the program the way a winning program requires. Their are parents that let their kids quit things when they get tough, don't teach them that when you start something -you finish it. Sitting at at home in front of the video game is much easier than being held accountable for workouts and conditioning. See it every day in the schools systems.
  9. Is that for your away games as well? At very least they should allow senior parents to away games. That cant be but a handful.
  10. That can be a huge hurdle for a lot of teams. You got to believe you can win or more importantly, refuse to lose!
  11. What's everyone's thoughts on who makes it? Out of the east I'm not too familiar with teams but I know Buckingham should be loaded and Draft should be good again, Region D I'm hearing Wise should be good but I know you can't count Graham out of the running (they should be talented) Region C Appomattox should be fine if they can fill some spots along the line. Radford, and Glenvar I think should be right in it as well.
  12. So, just to confirm that is a possibility of 4 playoff games if you reach the championship game? Am I reading that right?
  13. Would have been state championship week...... Heres hoping the boys still get their season starting in Feb.
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