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  1. Lets see if this works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9003S2rvlr8
  2. PO1 (Power of One) was the teams "theme" back in 2015. To make a long story somewhat shorter, than was what coach decided on and then not long after the beginning of the year our community had a rash of deaths from students, recently graduated students and so forth. I think about 7 in all and "Power of One' PO1 quickly became the rally cry of our community as they looked to the high school football program (who was really at the beginning of a great run) for some sort of hope and enjoyment to take minds away from the tragedies. The "theme" changed over the next several season but was rooted with PO1 (one year it was PO1 STRONG, PO1 BELIEVE, PO1 FAITH, PO1 JOY. In fact in 2015 when Richands came to here in the playoffs they were up 21-7 I think in the fourth and the crowd broke out in a a PO1 chant as our team began their comeback. I've heard that during a timeout part of coaches "talk" was to listen to the crowd and he reminded the boys that they were playing for this town. Coach Smith has ALWAYS instilled to the boys that the game is bigger than themselves and that they are playing for their teammates and their community. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard him tell the kids to "love and serve others and when they accomplish that then the are the ultimate TEAM". If I can find the news special on PO1 I will try to post it here.
  3. Would be nice to see a game in that stadium! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hate that we aren't out here right now. Missing this big time. Appomattox Raiders field the night before state semi-final game. #wanttoseemysonplay
  5. I know our field with no spring sports is as nice as I have seen it. If we playing in Feb and then move right into soccer that field is going to get pounded.
  6. From what I understand we are one of 14 states that are not allowing our kids to participate in fall sports at the current time, obviously that leaves 36 states who are playing RIGHT NOW. I just hope they don't rob the kids the chance for their senior season. Let the kids play!! My youngest son will be a senior for Appomattox this year and i want to be able to watch him play his last year.
  7. NICE!!!!!! Congrats to him!!!! Grew up outside Nittany Lions territory so I follow them still. Will be rooting for him.
  8. St Draft will be in the mix for sure.
  9. I didn't realize he was just a junior this year. WOW! He should be a force again then and if the new coach implements any kind of passing game at all.... provided they have a decent line.
  10. I think the team from St. Draft will be in the mix. They were talented and won't lose much. Radford should be back with some of their injuries returning but I'm not sure what they lost on the line. Special teams will still be strong. Central Wise made a run with a young team from what I understand. Glenvar?? Maybe someone can share some insight on them. Appomattox if they fill some holes on the line should be in the running. Whats folks thoughts?
  11. Wow, those are some bigger schools to turn down. Wonder if they were PWO offers?
  12. Saw that Marshall signed JJ Davis from Bluefield. Figured some of you guys could speak of him and his strengths running the ball.
  13. Well.... that game fired the drive throughout these playoffs. Not sure we would have got past Graham last year, watched them at states and they were impressive. Graham was loaded and our young team like you said was not matured yet ( they are still working on it).
  14. We did at Radford last year. But for the most part they play smart.
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