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  1. Imagine how good of a team they would have been if they had combined. Appy3 and Powell Valley back in the early 90s...
  2. I know they have a stud rb that's hard to slow down...
  3. I see starcityfootball is keep y'all updated on the Salem game also so I'll let him....salem needs to slow down Martinsburg running game or they are in trouble.
  4. I do believe I'll go to this game since I'm up here in Christiansburg working
  5. Bud Kilmer....former coach of the West Canaan Coyotes...
  6. The Blues are a better team than there record shows...now that they are putting points on the board they can be a dangerous team for anybody to play....it just took em 2 weeks to get sum points going..i know they scored against Gate City...but if those 2 was to play again this Friday I think it would be a different outcome from the first meeting...
  7. That sounds like something I would say.....sounded like a damn good game.
  8. Blues can't seem to move the ball once they get inside the 20...
  9. It does everbody....i love watching it ran when it's ran right....and those guys know how to run it up there at Giles.
  10. They can't get seem to get in for 6.....they been inside the 20 multiple times and can't seem to punch it in.....
  11. I'm a big Blue Tornado fan...and the ones making excuses for our loss is the same ones that do it ever time we loose.its only a few that does it but it makes us all as a fan base look bad....it was a good competitive game for 3 quarters...the better team one.im not saying they are a lot better than us right now but they are a lil better than us.Union has 3 or 4 running backs that are good and the Blues just can't seem to run the ball...been that way since Devon graduated...but we have always had a QB that could carry the team.we just don't have that this year...or if we do he hasn't got a chance yet...simmons is a great athlete but running the air mance offense is something you can do when you haven't played football since the 8th grade...ive seen it work at sum smaller schools but not in 2a as competitive as 2a is anymore....ya need a QB who has been running the same kinda offense thur jv up to varsity...thats just how I see it....alot will disagree....but till I see results you won't change my mind...
  12. I wish they would go with. Gavin Cox as the QB...let him get some game experience for his Jr and sr seasons.....its hard for a kid to play the QB position iwhen he hasn't touched a football since the 8th grade...
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