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  1. I'm sure they have know about mance leaving for awhile I heard about it a month or so ago just didn't know if it was true.but the Blues need to be finding the right man and hire him..spring football is almost here need a coach gotta get ready for 7 on 7s
  2. So 1 high school in the whole country
  3. Appomattox will be the team to beat.....
  4. I'm sure it's gonna be one of those top notch programs like img.. .does he have the ability to start at a big program like that.i know he is a awesome player...but we're talking about a school were ever position has a 5 star player starting
  5. Maybe he can kick the ball since the Blues will need a new punter and kicker....
  6. I was just told that that a kid that played QB last year had move to Richlands..I think the kid that was the Blues back up QB last year will end up being a good one the next 2 years...he sure was blessed with the size and arm strength from what lil I got to see him last year..
  7. I also heard they was a kid that transferred to Richlands that maybe the Blues starting QB.
  8. Is Adkins from Ridgeview really thinking about transferring to IMG....you think he see the field very much considering all the talent from across the country come to play there.
  9. I think the Blues will be a 7 or 8 win team next year.need some of the younger guys get with the program and hit the weight room..hopefully there will be some skilled players step up sage can't get the ball ever play...cox will be a decent QB but has a chance to be very good by his sr season
  10. Bluefield is beat ...they can't stop winkey
  11. Was just watching Graham and Goochland from last year...Goochland did know what hit em...Graham came out on fire....hope the play like that tomar.
  12. Dang wish I'd know that b4 I subscribed to nfhs....but hopefully I'll get to use it again next week and watch the gmen.
  13. So do we have to pay to watch it on nfhs
  14. What time is kickoff and who ya think will win
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