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  1. Where is the next 7 on 7 the Blues will be in and what time
  2. Don't sleep on Webb from richlands either he is gonna be very talented this year...he is still young but he has put sum muscle on for sure...he been holding his own at those camps.
  3. Does Lester throw the ball pretty good..i know a lot of kids doesn't do the best by becoming the QB there Sr season...i know he is dangerous with the ball in his hands just wondering if he can throws the ball well...he will do well where ever he lines up.he is that dangerous.
  4. full-timei wish Richlands would bring back the old helmets that had Blues wrote on the side....nside....not sure when they used them but I seen a picture with that helmet.
  5. When and where is the next 7 on 7 the Blues will be in...
  6. How did the qbs look for the Blues....which one looked the best as of now....and how did the receivers look.
  7. Anyway to stream the richlands soft ball game or listen to it today.
  8. What time is the 7 on 7 tomar...whos gonna be there...and if anybody on here plans on going record a drive or 2 from both qbs..or go live on Facebook just let me know who's page to check out if ya do go live...im in Ohio working so y'all are my only hope to get to see a lil of it
  9. I hope we have a good running game this year also.been forever since we had a good back
  10. Graham will be good I'd say
  11. I don't know the kid but when 7 on 7s roll around he will feel the hunger for football and be out there...id bout bet on it..
  12. Has Bluefield ever had this many D-1 prospects on a team all at once...they look to be loaded...i know social media has helped a lot so I wouldn't be surprised if they have had this much talent at once as good as they have been over the years...only if social media was around back in the day.
  13. August can't get hear fast enough.....Radford and Goochland will be there at the end again next year they was playing some very young guys and the QB and rb spots...appomattox was kinda young to so they will be tough....looking forward to see how the Blues will look....
  14. I don't think Bluefield could have beat Graham if they played week 10 ....The g -men grew up a lot from week 1 to the end...
  15. Dislocated shoulder is what I heard.
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