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  1. Caues the main people on here only care about union and gmen going to get smacked by Appomattox lol. I'm here to tell you Southwest Virginia has more than 2 teams and a lot of small schools have big time talent. Do I think Holston will win it?!?! Probably not. It's hard for a school with 250 kids to play a Riverheads team that picks from 460 kids. They need to do a realignment for 1A. Just because the smaller teams are not one of the big 2 doesn't mean these kids don't play their hearts out ever Friday night and deserve some recognition. I think we should be showing all of the southwest Virginia kids some love. Holston, Ph, Grundy, Twin Springs and all the other schools that bust their a$$ to make the community proud. It takes more than a handful of teams to make football great in Southwest Virginia. So this is to all the little guys out there. Keep working hard because a lot of us see you and are proud of you!!
  2. Could someone do single A region D? After Ph loss last night how does that shake things up?
  3. I believe Twin Springs can compete with anyone right now. A great combination of speed and a line that can block. D1 will be interesting this year. They played Holston earlier in the year but from what I hear that game was after a covid layoff.
  4. Why is this even a topic? Gc is going to get smashed lol. Next.
  5. The box has been redone so it is one of the better ones that I have been in. Other than the walk up the hill it's not bad. Definitely been in a lot worse.
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