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  1. That’s ridiculous but not surprising with the superintendent in charge , lol.
  2. On a different note sort of Auburn related, I heard Bland County was appointing a football coach & going to give it a go this season. Former coach, Hayes, is helping at Graham next season. I believe Reed guy that was helping with football at Auburn and was HC at Bland prior to that is back in Bland County working & doing weight lifting. I heard Harris Hart might be taking over football again. I hope they can get enough to play & finish out the season.
  3. I agree. Blake is a more rounded player. Ray is talented but kind of lost me when he pulled that stunt in Tazewell game.
  4. I’d say add the Trivette girl from Richlands to the mix also providing she stays at Richlands.
  5. I’m betting it’s the Gate City or Central coach but it would be rich if it were Rife. I wish the M7 would have banded together & voted for him 😂😂😂😂.
  6. Wait, I thought the plan was for Rife to do community service for assaulting a shirt by coaching one more year 😂😂😂😂.
  7. He addresses the elephant in the room,,,well, in 2A basketball. VHSL’s move, the question is, “Does VHSL even speak to the issue much less do something about it?”
  8. I was thinking when they consolidated too. Jerry Scott who covers their sports for local paper would probably know for sure.
  9. They are definitely crème de la crème in girls basketball in Virginia.
  10. 62-40 Final Lancaster Undefeated Class 1A Champions
  11. If you’re there or watching on NFHS, post them here.
  12. Has anyone heard if Bland will try to field a team again? I would presume the two players that moved from Bland Co. to Bluefield, VA to play at Graham will stay put.
  13. If I’m not mistaken, Quesenberry is a Fort Chiswell graduate. Hopefully, he learned a few things while assisting at Pulaski and will stay long enough to build the program, offer consistency, and has success at the helm for the Pioneers. Those poor boys have been through the wringer with coaching changes. I hope Quesenberry rights the ship so to speak.
  14. Virginia High is improved but they’ll be losing some key components this year. They may have talent to replace those players and it’s no big deal. Their QB was an athlete. I’m curious to see if they have someone of his capabilities to take over. Even if they do as you said VH is no Bluefield. Coach up, play up… team’s success goes up; playing down consistently won’t improve a team’s true success and hurts come playoff time when the caliber of opponent increases dramatically compared to playing lesser teams during the regular season. I’m not a fan of padding a regular season record by playing less talented teams if other options are available.
  15. With McCamis not being 100%, I really thought Gate City might win by several baskets. That young lady has the heart of a champion!
  16. McCamis is a true “Warrior” leading her team tonight playing injured…just incredible. Despite my earlier musings about girls’ basketball being down, these two teams brought it tonight. Very exciting game! Good luck Lady Warriors! Bring that title back to SWVA!
  17. He must be a piece of work to act this way not just this game but all season. Should have been escorted out when he moved behind the bench & was running his mouth. I take that back, should have been escorted out several games ago. What a tool to file a complaint for having his shirt grabbed! Should Rife have done that, no but if this 💩 has been going on all season, I guess he just hit his breaking point. All the Lowe loyalists upset with the school board for dismissing Lowe misdirected their anger at Tom Rife and undermined the coach & team all season.
  18. The “victim” ummmmmm…. stepdad who went behind the bench acting a fool initiated the complaint per the letter released by the Richlands Police Department. They investigated & served Coach Rife with papers for assault & battery.
  19. Bluefield Daily Telegraph opinion piece. I guess they don’t want the story to die or they just like to continue to stir the 💩! https://www.bdtonline.com/opinion/coach-behaving-badly-richlands-players-paid-consequences-for-rife-s-actions/article_ab2b3b7e-ba2f-11ed-a20a-d38d1f9a46b8.html
  20. She's apparently deleted it. Of course, there are screen shots on another post where a lady who shared it said the lady that posted it was an "attorney" like that gives her more credibility. Maybe the "attorney" realized her "backstory" was filled with misinformation. Screenshots are forever though...half those people blabbing about Rife could probably be sued for defamation or slander with some of their comments but I ain't an attorney so what do I know 😂😂😂😂.
  21. McCamis is tougher than a lot of men I know. Hope her ankle has healed by semis. Floyd made a great comeback though & almost pulled it off. Really good game.
  22. But..but…”the lady who posted it is an attorney” , are you saying attorneys spread misinformation to suit their agenda? Surely you jest? 😂😂😂
  23. With the “victim” banned from school property, there may be some takers unless the Lowe fan club continues to undermine the program and next coach. You gotta really love coaching & kids to want to step into that manure pile. I don’t know Trivette’s parents but I couldn’t blame them if they transfer her out. She definitely a big time talent and will only get better.
  24. I was told Southwest. Maybe he transferred out to a D1 program? Tim Hayes does the #localsinsports on Twitter, maybe go back through his feed from a few years back. I mean if a Richlands boy was being scouted by the NBA surely Tim was on that breaking news.
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