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  1. If they happen to make it in the top 4, I would not be surprised if they won every away playoff game in their region. They just have that magic come playoff time. It will be a big shocker if they don’t make the playoffs though, we’re all used to seeing them there.
  2. It’s beginning to look like with this forfeit if Appomattox wins region C, they will most likely be traveling for the semis. I know it’s a big if at this point who will win region C. It could be one of several teams right now. I find it interesting they decided the game would be a forfeit when the FBI were the ones who shut the campus down so the game couldn’t be played on Saturday after it was canceled Friday. It seems totally out of Appo’s hands at that point. This decision certainly helps LB. https://roanoke.com/sports/high-school/football/lord-botetourt-appomattox-county-football-game-ruled-a-forfeit/article_48bb0c20-5c92-11ee-97d1-3b52d5cde6be.html
  3. Bluefield MS has talent. Graham had a couple of dropped passes in the end zone but Bluefield won handily. I’m not sure how many on either team are hold backs but both played pretty well even though Graham lost. It will be interesting the next few years in the Bluefields!
  4. Maybe Tazewell needs to start a petition to fix the offensive issues 😂 https://www.change.org/p/hold-rrhs-football-offensive-coordinator-accountable-for-mismanagement-and-lack-of-respect?recruiter=91632040&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=psf_combo_share_initial&recruited_by_id=dd3bc790-d3e9-11e3-9b4e-47bb9cd5c2f8&share_bandit_exp=initial-37512649-en-US&utm_content=fht-37512649-en-us:8&mibextid=9R9pXO
  5. Oh , the entire Internet knows “the reason” , lol!
  6. I’m guessing he was given the option to tender his resignation rather than be axed. Hopefully, Coach Deel can lead them to a few more wins.
  7. Maybe Ronnie Davis??? Would he even consider it though? I don’t see Snake going back to Richlands regardless if Davis is the coach.
  8. Yep, then Creasy pulls out 3TDs to give them the win!
  9. Not to toot your horn but you’d be a great addition. You’ve got a great football mind.
  10. From an outsider perspective, I think having mostly freshmen & sophomores is probably part of it but I also think Tarter doesn’t have enough help to coach the boys up. I think he’s probably in a frustrating position trying to rebuild a once stellar program which was going down somewhat prior to Mance leaving regardless of what others say. Everyone wants to put all the blame on Tarter & I think it a multitude of things. I’m not sure how the strength & conditioning part of the program is run but that could play into it too. How you fix the direction of the program is above my pay grade!
  11. I wouldn’t play him if I didn’t need to, let him heal is he’s at all banged up; he’s too valuable a player.
  12. All valid observations & I certainly hope they get healthy & improve. The GMen do have depth which helps tremendously just a lot to work on especially offensively. I will say some of them are stepping up like Gabe Lilly after Hughes went out to season ending injury. He impresses me greatly. Chris Edwards did well last night. Roberts kid is coming along at QB. All is not lost just have some things to fix and get healthy.
  13. Well, he is the same superintendent that whined and threatened a lawsuit if the VHSL moved Grayson to 2A. If it comes down to them & Honaker in the playoffs, Honaker will chew them up and spit them out. Then he can post , Marked safe from having to travel to Salem.
  14. Did you watch Graham’s game last night? 😂😂😂
  15. Anybody else see the video clip posted from NFHS footage? What are the chances that was John Paul Justus’s last game as head coach? It was some kind of spectacle. I know we all have our moments but man, that was a bad moment. https://x.com/amcclungtv/status/1705422276940693506?s=46&t=mh4h9IL1AKrgdc16zu6xMA
  16. Marked safe from Giles train horn…what is he 5? That’s pretty childish. A superintendent should have a little more decorum than that.
  17. I wondered if the pooch kicks last week to Graham were intentional which was probably smart or if the kid just couldn’t kick it well. Our kicker didn’t do well on FGs last week so I really have no place to question yours.
  18. Looks like that’s a good possibility
  19. There’s not enough season left for the improvements Graham needs to make. That’s the worst O-Line I think I’ve seen for GMen in some time. I thought they would light it up tonight after the loss last week to y’all. It was truly pitiful. Defense was much better as game went on but offense. Undisciplined as heck! They’re missing leadership on the field in my opinion. It’s going to take a complete turn around for my mind to change on them getting out of the region. Yeah, there’s injuries but still…
  20. Hats off to the Bearcats & especially that QB. He’s going to be a real talent.
  21. Defense looks better this half than 1st half. GMen are struggling. The penalties, geez!
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