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  1. Galax scores 34-27 , now Radford’s turn. Galax intercepted, Maroon Tide wins.
  2. Overtime In Radford , this has turned into a barn burner. OT Carroll & GW
  3. I’m watching Galax/Radford tonight in NFHS. No offense to the Maroon Tide but Galax ain’t a Union. I’m not saying it’s a cakewalk for Graham. It won’t be but I guarantee they’ll be some adjustments and defense will show improvement over this week. We had some that didn’t want any part of Union & the D staff needs to toughen those boys up, lol. I’m not naming names or numbers.
  4. Lots of teams getting smoked tonight…
  5. Abingdon 42 Richlands 0 Final
  6. Abingdon forced to punt for the first time , running clock
  7. Abingdon 42 Richlands 0
  8. I’m not sure if Richlands has even had a first down, maybe one.
  9. Abingdon 28 Richlands 0 10:34 left in 2Q
  10. Looks like there’s going to be some blowouts tonight.
  11. Abingdon 21 Richlands 0 Almost end of 1st
  12. Looks like a long night in store for Narrows.
  13. Gridiron60

    GW vs CC

    I can see this one going either way. Carroll County had a really good showing against Galax. GW has had some close ones.
  14. I agree with you, Tony is a great coach with an excellent support staff, is Graham undisciplined at times, yes. Poor clock management that last possession of 1st half last night, yes. Leave points on the board sometimes, yes. In the grand scheme of things , most programs have those issues from time to time. You can have all the talent in the world but a bad coach doesn’t have that kind of record and doubtful a truly bad coach wins state championship. His coaching style may not appeal to some but I’d put him & his staff up against any other staff in SWVA. He’s got quality people working with him. I’m by no means a Palmer “fanatic” but I think Graham has definitely benefited with him at the helm. He is a genuinely nice guy/class act & our boys love him.
  15. As a fan , I’d have to say a big no to that concept. Band, cheerleaders… all add to the atmosphere. Truthfully, Union’s fans were louder than our band when we were calling cadence. 😂😂😂😂 I wish Graham’s fans were as exuberant. Thank goodness we at least have the student section & band to make some noise.
  16. I’d say some a bunch of us are going to have nightmares about Lomax especially the night before the next Graham/Union game if we meet again this season.
  17. No offense but this was not Graham’s finest hour but I’m glad for the win and our boys coming through at the right time. We’ve got work to do but they pulled off the win. Great job holding Union in check that last possession. Congratulations, Coach Palmer & staff and boys!
  18. Bad juju are those yellow uniforms. 😂😂😂
  19. You nailed it sort of, lol. Truthfully, Lomax was the stud on the field tonight. That kid is a flat out athlete! He needs to be called the Punisher! He punished our defense all night long. He just keeps going and he ain’t a bit lazy! I’m just glad our D held when it counted. Hats off to Union, played a heck of a game.
  20. Can’t disagree! He’s a machine!
  21. Yep! I can’t argue to the contrary.
  22. Yeah the one & only time they’ve worn them was in the spring against Union. (To my knowledge that is the only time until now)
  23. Yellow shouldn’t be an issue for any broadcasters tonight. I hate those jerseys. 😂😂😂 I’m sure their are some who love them.
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