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  1. That’s a bummer for the Dawgs. She’s probably concentrating on travel ball. I believe her family moved down that way.
  2. Graham plays Gretna Tuesday at 6:30pm, Altavista Combined School per Graham High School AD.
  3. Is the Compton girl not at Tazewell anymore?
  4. $$$$$$ maybe? If they’d had them back to back maybe Graham/VH could have played at 7:30pm there. At VT they’re playing 4 games & cost is $15 per day. They could have done that.
  5. If Graham gives them 12 points again right off the bat, it’s going to be tough to pull out a win. Graham is capable of winning but not letting the Bearcats have a run like that at the beginning of the game.
  6. What a shocker, right? I’m guessing Virginia High wanted to play at home , don’t blame them & Graham was a no go for that. Maybe they could have done rock, paper, scissors , best two of three…I mean there are worse ways to decide a neutral venue 😂
  7. Wonder why not at a neutral site in SWD? Maybe Richlands like @Ryan4VT mentioned or Lebanon?
  8. I wasn’t sure since VA High won district, they’d get to host but neutral site like Richlands would be great, less driving, lol!
  9. I figured it could go either way. I’m still concerned if Graham gets in foul trouble in any given game. They tend to have some really dumb fouls. I’m guessing game will be at VA High not Gate City?? Anyone know for sure.
  10. I think that’s a given but who will be DC?
  11. The main issue I’ve seen in the few games I saw is that Graham is lacking in basic stuff & tend to have a lot of turnovers due to lack of ability in things like dribbling, passing, etc. So, Jayden Carrico almost outscored Graham herself? Crazy! Is she a Senior?
  12. The real question is does Reece stay or go?
  13. Right 😂😂😂 Can we just get a list serve private message 😂😂😂?
  14. I thought it was a forgone conclusion Edwards was coming to be OC and DC no one knows.
  15. I’m not sure Union beats VA High if they barely got by Lebanon. I know matchups aren’t always transitive but I didn’t expect it to be almost a buzzer beater win for Union tonight.
  16. Ray had a game & 1/2 and I believe Disibbo had 4- 3pointers and was open several other times. It was a good game for the GMen! I worry about them getting in foul trouble though if they’re not careful. I’m a little surprised Baker didn’t bring up a couple of JV players.
  17. Graham rallies to advance over Lebanon to championship game. Daniel Jennings & Markel Ray had solid games. Ray hit a lot in the paint rather than his normal 3 pointers.
  18. Several SWD swimmers having a good showing at state level.
  19. Graham has been on again, off again all season. Disibbio is one of the more consistent players. He definitely needs more playing time. The Fix kid is fun to watch too. Graham can win tomorrow night at the SWD tournament semis, depending on which Graham team shows up.
  20. They were on site this morning working. I can’t speak to the rest of the day. Edit: They were working today so if it was halted, looks like they’re back in business.
  21. Gage was probably the best all around player Graham had and a hard worker. He had some wheels on him too. Good kid, good head on his shoulders! It was shame he was out injured against King William that year. He made up for it for sure the next year! I hope he has a stellar career at ODU & beyond!
  22. Turf complete by August is my understanding and they’re getting a track around I believe. Stadium will come later financed by the community. 🤞🤞🤞🤞 Someone can correct if this is fake news! 😂😂😂😂
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