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  1. I believe someone said it in the chat box, endless rabbit hole that’s where we’re headed. It won’t end and it’s looking like it was never really about George Floyd. It just gets more ridiculous every day.
  2. Subject was PE & Weightlifting same as Coach Mance had is my understanding.
  3. If they’d given the nod to Davis instead of Wells they wouldn’t have had this issue. I could be wrong but Davis had taught in Tazewell Co. for several years. Didn’t Phillips used to work for schools at one time?
  4. Tazewell County’s target date is July 6 to start. We’re apparently slacking in this neck of the woods getting paperwork submitted. Geez, lol.
  5. Gridiron60


    The way 2020 has gone, nothing would surprise me about anything to be honest.
  6. Which schools in SWVA have got their ducks in a row and start football conditioning on Monday 6/22? I believe it’s a no for Graham, Tazewell, & Richlands.
  7. Sadly, as more time passes, I agree. They’ve made the process to get started even conditioning too cumbersome and complicated so I can only imagine what actually playing would require. On a different note, you might know, Ryan. I heard Wells resigned the AD position at Richlands. I personally, don’t blame him. A head football coach has enough on his plate without AD responsibilities. Well , maybe not this year but normally.
  8. Yes, I know some boys playing travel baseball not sure if it has bearing but some Little Leagues are holding sign ups but others have canceled. I wonder if any high school teams will start anything until July. Who knows how long the process will even take getting approval from the DOE.
  9. How long will it take the VDOE to get back to them? It’s government, they’re not known for efficiency. I know Tazewell County is not starting back on Monday. I’m not sure they even have submitted the paperwork. It’s my understanding each principal had to submit to superintendent, then it’s sent but I could be mistaken.
  10. The virus has like a 99% survival rate...idiots, that’s who comes up with this crap! (My humble opinion, idiots or morons is acceptable too).
  11. After being passed over for the HC position, I don’t say I blame him if he was offered & declined. I’m sure you’re correct that he will be happy coaching at Graham with Snake. Sometimes change is good for the soul.
  12. Like I said I wasn't taking anything away from the others but she was the elite player on the team. They won 1-0 in championship game. That’s the pitcher winning the championship. I agree if Osborne was pitching to the standard she was last year, they would have most likely repeated.
  13. If he's still teaching at Richlands, I don't see why he couldn't coach softball if he wanted. With Mac Osborne graduated, I wouldn't be surprised if he elected to not coach softball. Quit on a high note, Osborne is something special. I'm not taking away from the rest of the team but without her, I doubt Richlands would have ended up in championship three years in a row and win last year. In softball and baseball for that matter, pitching is everything. I'm anxious to see her college play.
  14. I don’t think most coaches normally do a lot of one on one full contact during the summer until practices officially start in August. Someone with more knowledge can correct me if I’m wrong.
  15. Richlands staff approved last night along with Tazewell & Graham. I heard Davis was would be coaching at Graham & not defensive coordinator at Richlands. Guess sometimes rumors are creditable. No Mike Compton, I’m not sure thread or member said he’d be assistant coach but I honestly could not see that happening when he didn’t even apply for head coach.
  16. I was hoping July 1 for conditioning to start & practice in August as usual. I guess we’ll know more when King Ralph addresses school reopening.
  17. I think it’s all contingent on what the governor says & does to be honest. I did hear start might be postponed until after Labor Day or may start virtually. I’m not sure there’s validity to either rumor or mere speculation. I believe Ralphie is supposed to address school reopening tomorrow though.
  18. I’d say some places would be hard pressed to accomplish this. I’d rather have limits on fans attending in person with the option of streaming for others in places where it can be done. A high school football game without fans doesn’t seem right.
  19. Let’s just hope we get to play games. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had football, it would be an abbreviated season with only district games. That’s just me speculating I have no inside information, lol.
  20. I think superintendents and VHSL may be having a meeting today (conference call possibly or Zoom). I’m not sure of the details. Then Governor is supposed to address school reopening Thursday postponed from Tuesday. I’m still hopeful. Basically, the governor has everyone’s hands tied at this point. SWVA could start conditioning right away with whatever restrictions they need to put in place.
  21. https://www.bdtonline.com/news/justice-high-school-sports-summer-training-programs-can-begin-june-8/article_477a72fe-a1da-11ea-b785-cffa18d2d5ff.html#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
  22. Hopefully, June to squash all rumors and get on with it! I really don’t have a dog in the fight as far as coaching staff at Richlands. I’m satisfied with Graham’s. If Davis comes onboard I’m good with that if not, I may have heard wrong. I just hope we have football and they can start up in July. The kids and coaches need it. Heck, as fans we need it! Spring has really sucked as far as sports at all levels.
  23. Care to clarify? Lol I was Davis was going to coach at another county school close to my heart and I heard Compton didn’t apply for head coach so I cannot imagine he’d leave UVA-Wise to be an assistant high school coach but stranger things have happened I guess. Maybe coaching assignments will be approved a June meeting and we can all quit speculating.
  24. I saw where Ohio is allowing practices starting May 26th I believe.
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