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  1. Ragsdale High (without the first name) would be a good one. Honors both father and son. Nickname is the "Smoking Celanese." I don't care what the name is. I don't even care if they do or don't consolidate.
  2. Haven't given it much thought. The name changes are only reserved for when VT pisses me off. Probably go with something like, "GrinchVTDavis4321" or "BandanaChristmasDavisVT4321"
  3. You heard it here first. If Giles County High School has Red and Green Uniforms and our nickname is "The Grinches," then I want credit in 50 or 100 years in the history books along with Liam who came up with the idea. And.....I will be dead. I want my family to have royalties, especially if we bust out a Christmas Sled to lead the team onto the field.
  4. I keep seeing WCYB? What is this? Is this television? Is it local television? Watchable online?
  5. James Monroe is a lot better up front than Narrows, but Narrows is more athletic. This game comes down to 2 things 1. Can Narrows OL give the QB and WR's enough time to run their routes? If JM doesn't get pressure, Narrows will have success in the air and in open space once the WR's catch the ball. 2. Can Narrows get enough stops defensively against JM and get their offense off the field? For Narrows to win, they need to get a decent lead early on and force JM to play from behind. Same for JM, if they control the ball and get some early stops against Narrows and the mismatch on the LOS is so overwhelmingly obvious by the mid first quarter, it's a bad sign for Narrows, and JM will win. There's going to be a mismatch on the LOS with JM and Narrows, and Narrows is outmatched, but the question is how big of gap is the mismatch? Can Narrows athletisicm be enough to overcome JM's better lineplay? Calpreps has it 35-31 in favor of J. Monroe.
  6. I know who I will not be rooting for. Both of em. Better get the police over there early.
  7. Green and Columbia Blue can be done. Green Run in Virginia Beach pulls it off, kind of. Green Runs Blue is a touch darker, but it use to be lighter back in the day. Narrows Primary Color is Green and secondary color is yellow (I don't care if they call it "gold," it's not gold, it's freaking yellow). Giles Primary color is Fire Engine Red and secondary color is a Columbia blue type. If Giles gives up it's primary color, then Narrows should have to give up theirs also. Giles County High having Green and a touch of Blue is uncool as we have to give up our Red, but Narrows keeps their Green. For Narrows fans, imagine if Giles County High were Fire Engine Red (our primary color) with a touch of Narrows Yellow and no green? See how that feels? Be different IMO. Do something unique that is ugly or unorthodox. Do Giles Fire Engine Red with Narrows Green. It will be Christmas every late summer/early fall. At the end of the day, do I really care and would I argue about it? Heck no, but it's fun topic on a message board. The folks down towards Petersfreakingtown end of the county need to have some sense and agree to consolidation before us silly fans can worry about school colors.
  8. Well, let me tell you how we are going to win the district......... ha, ha. Tell you how some other team could win the district (we will not).....a tie. Regarding 1 team winning the district, I would guess that 1 team will not win the district outright and there will be a tie versus one team winning the district outright. Just my guess. The teams are that close and I include Fort Chiswell with Galax, Grayson, Wytheville. With those 4 schools, I don't think we are good enough to win more than 2 of those 4, and 2 of those 4 is pushing it. One or two teams in the district will win 3 of those 4 contests and those will be the district winners. Giles will not be one of those teams or team imo.
  9. Liam just never lets down. Another classic masterpiece dude.
  10. 1. Grayson County, even though 4-0, I thought they would be far more dominant against the very weak teams they have played with the roster that Grayson has and what they returned. 2. Union Kind of. Union surprised me IF going by how good they were supposed to be. From the comments on this board in the past 10 or so months, Union was supposed to be good as always, but not State Title good, and Union is state title good. They are in the mix for a state championship in Class 2. Now, after seeing them against Science Hill, it was obvious they were that good, so the surprise part was over at halftime with Science Hill, regardless of the final score. 3. Radford was not supposed to be as good. My first cuz who is very knowledgeable of their program and follows the Bobcats closely (Fairlawncat) told me, and a couple of other Radford fans told me this also, that they wouldn't be nearly as good. They all said they would be good, kind of like Union, but not State title good, and Radford like Union, is one of those teams that can win a state title this year. The problem with them is the monkey on their backs with Glenvar and Appo in the Region. 4. Bluefield- was supposed to be much better. Really surprising me. One thing about Bluefield with their 3 losses though, they just can't win a close game. Forget about the Princeton final score, that game was very close and Bluefield could easily be undefeated. They just are finding ways not to win close games.
  11. They are still winging it. Clarke is small man. The team that beat Union was just better imo than this years Clarke team who apparently has their best team in a while. I watched Clarke on NFHS. They just don't look that good to me. Their line coming off the ball doesn't even look in the same league as Union. Clarkes 4 opponents combined record this year is 2 wins, 8 losses, and 1 tie. They play a team from Maryland in 2 weeks that is 1-2, so Clarke will be likely be 5-0 when Woodstock comes to town.
  12. WTH is going on up there. How many people does Graham have hurt?
  13. It's absolutely not a blowout (in my own mind) if Giles is on the losing end. If Giles is the 27 point winner, then it absolutely is blowout. I'm objective and neutral, like Switzerland.
  14. Especially because the entire East is down. Poqouson, King William, Riverheads, Draft, Clarke, Central...no way imo these are beating Union or Graham (if they get healthy). That leaves Union to focus on winning D, and imo, the state title is Region D vs Region C. Just my opinion.... not only is the East down, it's the worst I've ever seen it and that's not hyperbole, but only an opinion, but I'm telling ya man, the East in Class 2 is DOWN. Odds are, the East won't be this down again for 2 years in a row. Appo is actually pretty young. This is Union's year to win it. Not saying the next two can't also be their year because they might be, but there won't be a year like 2023 where the East just seems to have little chance of beating the West in the title game. Odds are, there will be much more resistance in 2024 and 25 from the East. Two teams stand in Union and Grahams way to a state title imo. Those teams are Graham/Union against each other in the region, and the region C winner whoever that team turns out to be. If Union wins 8 quarters (Graham game 2) and the Region C winner, they win a state title. The above are purely my opinions and a guess. They aren't facts. Just giving my take from watching em all on NFHS this year and compared to previous years.
  15. Graham by 26 to 28 pts. Don't know if I would call 27 points a "blow out" but it's a convincing dominating win. Graham 39-40, VA High 13-14ish. Just my opinion.
  16. Union goes 9-1 they host absolutely if its between Union and Appo in the semis. I'm saying if Union has a slip against GC or RV and Union wins Region D, having 2 losses on the season, they would have a strong chance of having to travel to a 7-2 Appo. If Graham slips against Pulaski and Graham wins D finishing with 2 losses, same for them. Radford of course appears to be not going less than 9-1. Good chance to finish 10-0. If Radford finishes 9-1, I don't know if a 9-1 Union outpoints them. What I'm saying is, if Union or Graham slips and finishes with 2 regular season losses, and Appo beats Radford, it's still a very good chance a 7-2 Appo would outpoint an 8-2 Union or Graham. Appo plays Gretna next in their 4th game. When Gretnas current record is counted with Appos other 3 opponents already played, their combined record is 12-2. With the other 5 remaining opponents left on Appos schedule after Gretna, those teams combined record right now is 13-5 and none of them has a losing record right now and 3 of those 5 have winning records. For whatever reason, teams like Nelson County, Chatham, Buckingham, Altavista, and Dan River are scratching out wins and giving Appo major rider points. Of course, Rustburg is vicious this year and Heritage is Heritage, so Appo is going to benefit from those two all year. Neither of those two will go less than 7-3, and both could go 9-1.
  17. If you are Appo, you benefit not making it up. I am Not saying this is why they are not making it up. I am just saying they would likely lose to LB and you are better finishing 7 and 2 with a divisor of 9 than you are 7-3 with a divisor of 10. It's actually a huge deal if Appo wins at Radford in the region playoffs. They might outpoint an 8-2 Union or 8-2 Graham, even at 7-2 with a divisor of 9. It will be close. Whether you are Graham or Union or possibly Ridgeview, you don't want 2 losses in the regular season. Union vs Gate City Union vs Ridgeview Graham vs Pulaski County. Those 3 games have major implications for whichever one of the 3 (Union, Graham, RV heavy favs for 1 of them to win Region D) playing in game 14 in the semi's on the road or at home.
  18. I think it's the two that have been the frontrunners year in and year out for many years. Galax and George Wythe. We've seen comparable scores in the past where a score looks favorable for Giles compared to Galax or George Wythe only for them to beat us straight up when we meet them.
  19. They are all winnable. Unfortunately, they are all losable, so that usually ends somewhere in the middle. Being in the middle isn't winning the district. I don't bet, but if I did, I would bet big money on "the field" winning the district over Giles.
  20. What I'm beginning to think. Honaker is slightly better than all of those in the west, but can be beat as Rye Cove was very close. Flip a coin with Giles, Narrows, Galax, Wytheville, Grayson, Patrick Henry, Rye Cove, Holston, maybe Grundy even in the west. All of these teams outside of Honaker can probably beat each other any given week. Region C and D will come down to the last man standing, who has the least injuries come playoff time and who turns it over less, because the teams are that close.
  21. Might be closer than many think. Union should go with a big dose of Chandler and his size/the OLs strength against GC undersized front 4.
  22. Come on bro, don't be silly. They don't have 47 coaches. Stop with the hyperbole. The only have 37.
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