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  1. What brought Mumme to NE Tennessee? Anyone know? Hes not from NE TN to my knowledge? His wife maybe? His last gig was coaching in the XFL. His son Matt is QB coach and associate Head Coach for the Colorado State Rams.
  2. Mumme could still be in D1 as HC at age 72 if he wanted. He's relaxing and I'm willing to bet, doesn't want the drama at the college level anymore. It was Hal Mumme and Mike Leach, while Leach was his assistant at the time, that are still credited with creating the air raid offense.
  3. I couldn't believe this when I read it, but it's legit. He's coming for 2024 as an assistant. I've never seen Sullliavan East, but I imagine they like to throw it, and if they don't throw it much, they are certainly about to throw it......alot. https://heraldcourier.com/sports/high-school/high-school-football-coaching-innovator-mumme-to-serve-on-sullivan-east-coaching-staff/article_4a927ec0-3fea-11ef-8ad0-47e401f3dd5b.html
  4. Nice, lol. Got to hand it to the homies in Bluefield,VA. "Creativity" is legitimately solid. The locker rooms could be known as "public changing facilities" with operating hours of....... Thursday through Tuesday closed, but open Wednesday 1pm to 2pm
  5. Another factor (I would guess) that could drive Graham's stadium build is Mitchell Stadium. Any funky business or rent increases by the owners of Mitchell would be picking a bad time to do so. Put a field in place like Graham did, and 1 screw up by Mitchell's ownership and "We break ground, concrete is now in thr mixer." The teacher at Graham told me it's beyond this point now and it wouldn't matter what Mitchell/Bluefield, WV, did as the stadium will be built. I just think if Mitchell/WV did anything that could be interpreted as a "wrong" to the folks on the Virginia side it would push the few in resistance to building it to quickly come on board.
  6. I talked to one of the teachers at Graham High today who I've known for decades. He said it's a bit ugly right now in Bluefield with a couple of high powered folks in town putting up a fight against building the stadium. He said it will get done, but by the time the resistance is overcome including getting funding, he said 3 to 5 years.
  7. In all fairness UnionGuy2017, I haven't read anyone predicting a fall off or demise (at least not that I've read, but I could have missed it) but losing a player like Huff likely not makes you quite as strong compared to having Huff on the field. Same for Graham with the loss of Jennings. The GMen reload in talent and like Union, there's always going to be a baller to step in that is talented, but the likelihood of Jennings replacement being as good, (a 3 or 4 star recruit) is unlikely and it hurts. Doesn't mean the team will be "bad," but it likely does mean the team is better with a Huff or Jennings.
  8. Riggs baby, play em at Riggs!
  9. Isn't Union's line mostly back? "All starts up front,' is Never and overstated verbage. If your OL and DL is better than 90 percent of other teams OL/DLs, you will be a problem for opponents.
  10. Yep. Point Pleasant had some really good teams a while back and seems to have fallen off a bit. Can't remember if they are AAA with the new classifications for WV football
  11. The Tigers in my opinion have likely crossed the hump and can now be considered an incredible HS Football Program In My Opinion, but I think they need to historically prove it. (I think they will by the way) but they've not had 3 really great football teams in a row for as long as my memory serves me and they did lose 2 Major D1 kids to graduation. I love their coach personally and as a coach. Great person, great guy, great coach.
  12. Hard to say man. As for my top 12, I'm obviously joking about Giles at 1. The rest is legit opinion. I do think the 3 at the top are interchangeably close in Princeton, Graham, Union, but pure guess and pure speculating based on how good we think they should be based on what they lost, return and how good they were last year. The obvious and probably most important factor is Seeing the 2024 teams play when picking a top 12 and in July, not possible yet.......but still fun.
  13. It was tough. I wrestled back and forth who would be first such as Princeton, Union, Graham, Radford, maybe even George Wythe. So, here's mine and totally objective and fair here.... 1. Giles. 2. Graham. 3. Union 4. Princeton. 5. Radford. 6. G. Wythe 7. Bluefield. 8. Galax. 9. Ridgeview 10. Tazewell. 11. G. City. 12. Honaker Honorable Mention. Rye Cove, Richlands, James Monroe, Fort C
  14. Honaker is about to have a defensive culture change. Don't know how good Honaker's defense will be, but I know this.....they are going to hit pretty good and throw some licks on opponents. Can't remember if Wicks hit was on Stuarts Draft, Poquoson, Buckingham or somebody like that, but still the hardest I've ever seen at the High School level. Dude would hit hard and he exemplified the old phrase from "Friday," you got knocked the..........
  15. This website was a cool one back in the days of the internet beginning. I got my scores while in graduate school at Texas from the Old LPD report. I guess a portion of it is still viewable and if I recall correctly (don't quote me on this) the owner became terminally ill with brain cancer and it went offline around the turn of the century/1999ish. They would have team pics, news reports tied in, rosters, etc. Check this out below...... https://pvvikings1.tripod.com/lpdreport.htm
  16. Wow! I am well read on Power's and the Soviets. Amazing story and a few books on it. Had no idea he grew up there. From what memory serves, of all those old LPD teams, from 1970 until consolidation, Pound was arguably the least successful in football. Maybe Coeburn struggled more?
  17. Any town or school with the name Pound already generates a certain level of respect. Wildcats ain't a bad nickname, but if Pound would have had the foreseeable knowledge to select the nickname, "Hammerfists" to go along with the school name of Pound, then we are talking 100 years into the future legendary-still talked about status. There is just no way to top "The Pound Hammerfists."
  18. What kind of crappy tournament says you got to throw the ball every play! I'm going to come up with my own 7 on 7 and the rules are, you got to tote the rock via ground every play and if you do pass it, 2 backs have to touch the ball before you do.....but only 1 pass per contest!
  19. Issue for us is....preparing for the pass. Our Defense isn't going to see a spread O or many wide sets from the offense in practice. Couple that with this offensive age being more and more pass happy, and it Partially.....Partially explains why when seemingly one WR for the opponent goes out for a pass, our defensive backfield resembles an electrical circuit doused with water. Add 2 or 3 more opponent WRs running a pass route and our Defensive backfield resembles anarchy.
  20. Well, I'm perfectly OK with that. No skin off my back.
  21. Well I wrote sooner or later. It can lean more to later. Unless we have a population boom which means 1 or 2 corporations come in somewhere, then mathematically, there's no way. I give it 4 to 6 years, so for me....2029ish
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