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  1. When you get my age, food starts moving to the top of the priority list!
  2. If you are hungry and you have time, stop in downtown Galax at The Galax Smokehouse. It is on a corner at one of the main intersections downtown. They have fantastic BBQ and all the fixins. I try to visit there every time I travel to that area. I haven't posted in a few years, so I'm not sure how this will attach. Enjoy the food and Go Bulldogs!
  3. I'm interested to know if Bath County runs the single wing offense. I believe they did in the past, but was curious to know if they still do. I think Giles has the patent on that offensive machine!! Best of luck to the Tigers.
  4. BDog#54

    Ft Chiswell

    I saw them scrimmage at Emory and Henry. They are big up front on both sides of the ball and they have good speed at the skill positions. I think they can go along way this year if they stay focused and healthy.
  5. I saw Fort Chiswell at the scrimmage they had at Emory and Henry College a couple of weeks ago. I thought they were the best team of all the schools that were competing. They have good speed at the skill positions, the Thomas kid is awesome and they were very physical. I haven't seen GW this year so i really can't comment. They have an excellent program so i'm sure their kids will be prepared. Should be a great contest!
  6. i'd pay $2.03 up here in T-Town....haha...Go Dogs!
  7. I must say that was one of my 'worst' memories in 4 years at THS (ha.ha.). I was a freshman that year and was on the sideline when that unfolded. It was an unbelievable play! During those years i believe the Tazewell/Graham rivalry was stronger than the rivalry with Richlands.
  8. Congrats to all athletes, coaches, and fans on another great year. It doesn't get any better than high school football! The heart, desire and community support is truly special. God Bless.
  9. Congrats GW! Hats off to Clintwood as well. Two fine well coached teams.
  10. Saw Giles eariler this year. They have an outstanding offensive line. Also they have tremendous fan/community support. Should be a great atmosphere for any football fan!
  11. BDog#54


    Great effort by whole team! If we can eliminate the turnovers, the wins will start coming. One suggestion to Lebanon athletic dept....you need to do something about that fence that surrounds the field. It is too close to the playing field. One Bulldog ran out of bounds and flipped over the fence! Later a Lebanon player was knocked out of the end zone into the fence and was down for awhile. Someone could be seriously injured with this setup. In the name of safety the fence should be removed.
  12. What a great article! Interesting how the teams that hold to the old values are the ones with continued success.
  13. Saw them on the Unbalanced tour with Sammy in Greensboro many years ago. Hope to see them in Knoxville with Dave. Eddie rules!
  14. Congratulations to Kyle Sheets! The kid really has a motor that doesn't quit. Best of Luck to Bluefield in their coming season. They are getting a good one from the Green and White.
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